Soul Activation Part 3: Your Hidden Power

A Flawed Instruction Set

Virtually everyone has a flawed instruction set that controls their subconscious and creates much of what they experience in their personal reality. The subconscious is a massive reality creating machine. It is both immensely powerful and extremely subtle. It’s always generating our experience, yet we proceed through life generally unaware of how much it controls our reality, our relationships, our abundance or lack thereof, and our quality of life.

How The Subconscious Works

Will power alone is not enough to clear and correct the negative effects of a flawed instruction set that has been deeply imprinted in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not discriminate. It has no filter to cancel out negative experience so that it won’t be repeated. It does not separate truth from falsehood, the good from the bad or the harmful from the helpful. It accepts everything as true. And therein lies the rub. If you don’t understand the power of your subconscious, or the way in which it works, it is exceedingly difficult to correct a flawed instruction set. A flawed instruction set is a series of false beliefs that have been imprinted in your subconscious mind. You believe these false beliefs to be true because that is what you experienced in your early childhood reality. These beliefs control your reality. Your subconscious mind is always generating experiences and bringing people into your life who conform to those false beliefs.

Toxic Shame

For instance, I have a client who had a mother that never showed her love, or nurtured her in any way. This was a multi-generational problem in her family of origin. Her grandmother had done the same thing to her mother. They would both sit around the kitchen table smoking and not communicating with each other. The only emotion they showed each other was anger. This is typical of people who suffer from toxic shame. Toxic shame means you feel worthless and unfixable. People with toxic shame syndrome have strong defense systems because they are afraid of feeling the hopelessness and powerlessness that lies at the core of their shame. Instead of facing their shame and clearing it, they choose to hide and repress it. Whatever we repress runs us. Whatever we repress is stronger than we are. Toxic shame is a false belief that the subconscious will perpetuate indefinitely until we summon the courage to face it, expose it, feel it, express it and expel it from our mind. Until we do we are never free of its effect on our life. False beliefs and flawed instruction sets cast a long, dark shadow over our future.

My client married a man much like her mother. He never loved her, supported her emotionally, or was there in any way for her. They had a daughter who was very bright and beautiful. The daughter treated her mother, my client, just as my client’s mother had treated her. The daughter was cold, unloving, self-righteous and judgmental. In the most important relationships of her life the spectre of her mother was always present, attracting the same relationship to her in the guise of husband and daughter. My client was not only rejected by her mother but also by her husband, and in the cruelest twist of fate, by her own daughter. Her subconscious belief in her own toxic shame insured that her relationship with her mother would be repeated in the most important relationships in her life.

The Solution

What’s the solution to this dilemma that affects virtually everyone on the planet? First, you’ve got to find the false beliefs that comprise your flawed instruction set. Sometimes, this is fairly simple and straightforward, as in the example above. Just connect the dots. Often times, it is more hidden and difficult to find because those beliefs originate in a past lifetime and are buried in a deep strata of the soul. This was the case in the example of Jack that I wrote about in my last newsletter. If you didn’t have a chance to read that newsletter you will find it in the blog section of my website . It is titled Soul Activation: Part 2.

A Special Offer

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Soul Activation Part 2: The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to create the reality you would like to experience. Like anything else it must be used correctly if you are to have success. Here are some simple suggestions to use it effectively.

  • You must create your affirmation/goal as if you have it right now in this present moment. Here’s a simple example. “I have the perfect partner in my life. She/he is the perfect complement to me.” Don’t say, ”I will have the perfect partner in my life by the end of the year.” What you state in the future will always be in the future. It will never be in your life. All things always manifest in this present moment, no matter how long it may seem to take.
  • You must imbue your affirmation/goal with feeling. The lower three chakras concern emotion. The top three chakras concern thought and intellect. The heart chakra has to do with feeling. When you create and say your affirmation you must feel it in your heart. Feel how it feels to have it. Feel how happy and joyous you are to have it. Feel how it turns on the love light in your heart. Feel that you DESERVE it. That’s key. If there is some part of you that feels you don’t deserve it you will never manifest it.
  • Do your best to clear false beliefs from your subconscious that might short circuit or undermine your ability to have what you want in life. Virtually everyone has a flawed instruction set of beliefs that control the subconscious and limit his/her reality.

When I lived in Austin Tx I had a client named Katy. Katy had a boyfriend named Jack she purchased a session for. Jack was a bartender. He did drugs and cheated on Katy. In one session, she wanted me to cure Jack of all his bad habits.

One session? Are you kidding me? She should have just dropped him. But Katy loved Jack. And when love controls the emotions, common sense is the first casualty.

When Jack came for his appointment he told me in no uncertain terms that he thought what I did was BS.

“So why are you here if you feel that way?” I said.

“Because I don’t like to waste money,” Jack said.

“Then let’s get started,” I said. “I don’t want to waste Katy’s money or my time. Hopefully, some good things will happen for you today.”

Jack lay down on my healing table. I put one hand under the base of his spine and my other hand under the base of his skull. This configuration allows me to run energy through my client’s nervous system and see what is going on in their body. It also quickly relaxes my client.

After a minute Jack’s face turned an ashen gray. He kept shaking his head and moaning. Another moment passed and he started sobbing. He sobbed for the rest of our hour together. During the session he became freezing cold. His whole body vibrated. His teeth clattered, he was so cold. It was the middle of the hot Texas summer, but it didn’t matter. Jack just got colder and colder. I put a woolen blanket over him but it had little effect. The cold was coming from inside him. It represented ancient sadness and depression that had been frozen in his soul millennia ago and was now was thawing out. When the session ended Jack was totally out of it. It took him quite a while to recover. When he could finally talk I asked him what he had experienced.

He said that within seconds of placing my hands on opposite ends of his spine he had found himself in ancient Egypt. He was a slave in a long line of slaves pulling huge rocks across the desert floor. An overseer unexpectedly pulled a woman in front of him out of the line and whipped her to death. At the time Jack could show no emotion. If he did, he too would have been whipped to death. That woman was his wife. He had never been able to grieve for her till now. It had taken thousands of years and many lifetimes to unlock that grief. It was time. That grief was his undoing. It contained several false governing beliefs that severely limited his reality.

A Flawed Instruction Set

Those beliefs were:

  • If you love someone they will be killed. Don’t allow yourself to get close to anyone.
  • Don’t be seen because you might be singled out and killed. It’s much safer to work in a dark bar where you’re not a target.
  • Do drugs to hide the pain of loss and not having what you want in life.

I never saw Jack again. A few months later a friend of Kyle’s and Jack’s came in for a session. She asked me if I had heard what had happened to Jack and Kyle. I told her that I had heard nothing. “Well,” she said. “Shortly after working with you, Jack quit his bartending job. He got a new job in sales with IBM and is doing great. He gave up drugs and met a great girl he’s now engaged to.”

“What about Kyle?” I asked.

“She’s doing the best she can.”

Ironically, Kyle got everything she wanted for Jake in his session except Jake. He found someone else.

This case demonstrates the power of negative beliefs on the subconscious and their ongoing disastrous effect on your life. These negative, governing beliefs are immortal. They will control your life for lifetimes until they are confronted and cleared. Once they are cleared the law of attraction will work effortlessly to elevate your life.

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Soul Activation: Part 1

Soul Activation

One of the main goals of the control matrix is soul suppression. The Powers That Be do not want you to realize how powerful you really are or to experience your connection to the God force. Toward that end they use media, education, the news, music and movies, the food you eat and the medications you take to program your subconscious to believe that you are less than you are. If you don’t believe this is true just look around you. People are dumbed down from food with little to no nutritional value, too much TV, a bad educational system and pharmaceutical drugs. Seventy percent of Americans are now obese and seventy percent of Americans now take at least one prescription drug. There are more single mothers in their twenties than married women in their twenties. Random killings and mass murders are now the norm, not the exception. America is full of fear. People are scared of the future and worried about what awful thing might happen today, and if not today, tomorrow.

When you’re caught up in fear you can’t expand your mind, reach for the stars, unleash your intuition or create the reality you want to experience. When you’re caught up in fear your power and clarity shrivel up and desert you. Sound judgment evades you. Fear makes you feel less than you are. Feeling less than is the goal of the control matrix and is a major reason why our country and the world have become increasingly unstable. This is NOT accidental. It’s part of a malicious and secret agenda to weaken America, destabilize society, destroy the family, wipe out the middle class and control the world. Seven days before John F. Kennedy was assassinated he said this: “There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot.” Kennedy was murdered for daring to try to save America. That diabolical plot he dared to speak of continues to this day.

So now we ask, given all that is happening in our world, and despite all the efforts of the corporate elite to terrorize us, what can we do to elevate our lives and restore our country to its greatness? At first glance, the task appears hopeless. It is typical to feel powerless in the face of an overwhelming force that has been organized to intimidate us, fill us with fear and make us feel much less than we really are. They control the military, the police and the government. We only have ourselves.

The first thing to realize is that the situation is not hopeless and we are not powerless. That’s the illusion they’re trying desperately to sell us. Don’t buy into the lies they spin to undermine us. The first thing to do is get centered, grounded and clear. Here’s a simple exercise that will do that.


Four inches below the navel there’s an acupuncture point called tantien, the cauldron. Place your index finger just under your navel. Tantien is located where your little finger touches your abdomen. Breathing with your diaphragm, breathe in and out from this point. Try to keep your mind focused on this point. Every time you find your mind wandering bring it back to this point. Inhale then exhale. Count each exhale up to the tenth repitition. Then start the series over again. At about the nine minute mark you will experience a shift in your nervous system. This shift will leave you incredibly peaceful, energized and clear. When this happens you will no longer have to work at the exercise. It will become easy and natural. In fact, it will feel like it is doing you and you will want to continue in this mode indefinitely. Do it for up to fifteen minutes.

Now focus on your heart. See it as a radiant center of golden light. Fill your body and mind with golden light. Now send a beam of gold light from the center of your forehead to those you love deeply. When you are done, send gold light to all those who have hurt you and who you have not forgiven or released from your life. Forgive them. Release them. Let them go. Holding on to them hurts you, not them. Forgiveness is about freedom, strength and new opportunities. Holding on to grievances is about self -undoing and remaining stuck in darkness. You can’t move forward while you are holding on to past hurts. It takes strength to forgive and let go. Bur when you do you will have more strength and power than you could imagine. You will be free to create a better life.

To be continued in Soul Activation Part 2: Secrets of the Law of Attraction

How to Make a Difference

Forms of Service

Assuming that we wish to elevate our lives, increase the positive energy in our spiritual account, and do what we can to safeguard our future, what then is the best way to serve? If we wish to serve and elevate our lives, the first thing we should do is begin at the beginning. We don’t have to change our job, enter the priesthood, take a vow of poverty, dedicate our life to helping the poor, or lead a nation to freedom. We don’t have to be a saint or a superman.

In fact, we don’t have to do, or be, anyone special. We just need to adjust our attitude. The first change we need to make is subtle and simple. We should try to be helpful to those around us, at home, at work, and wherever we go. Remember the golden rule, and do unto others, as we would have them do unto us.

If we do that conscientiously every day, our realm of service will grow because our opening to unconditional love will grow through the service we render. If we give others love and kindness, we eventually become love and kindness. If we accept others for who they are, we begin to accept ourselves for who we really are. The good news about service is this: we become what we give.
As we open to unconditional love through service, we may find ourselves led to serve in other ways. If we listen to our inner self, we will always be led to the form of service that is in harmony with our nature and satisfies our own needs for growth. If it feels right internally in either our heart or our solar plexus, it will be the right thing for us to do. If it feels wrong, if we get a feeling of discomfort or a sense of danger or the distinct impression that we should stay away, then we should. In order to follow our intuitive promptings, it is important to learn to trust our inner feelings.

Karma and the Long Term

The Selfish Agenda

While karmic acts may initially help us satisfy a selfish agenda and achieve short-term success, in the long-term those same acts will bring us to a far different conclusion. In the end, karmic success dissipates, just as it dissipated for Richard Nixon, and we are left unprotected and exposed with no alternative but to face the long-term consequences of our actions. When the long-term reversal of fortune occurs, an endless nightmare often replaces a relatively short period of prosperity, and a deep depression may displace our former sense of invincibility.

The Law of Consequences

Ultimately, the Law of Consequences forces us to learn a hard lesson. We get away with nothing. There is always a price to pay for creating negative karma, and we never know when, or how, that bill will be presented to us. We control what we do, but we do not control what will happen to us as a result of what we have done. The Law of Consequences always has the last word and in that regard, it is far more powerful than we are. The invisible world of energy and principle rules much of what happens in the visible world. The wise course of action is to serve our highest interests, rather than scheming and plotting in the service of our greed.

The Karmic Highway

The Fool and the Karmic Highway

The foolish person ignores the correlation between action and consequence. Instead, he proceeds down the karmic highway where most other people, also ignorant of spiritual law, join him. The karmic highway is a perpetual traffic jam, full of angry people jostling for position. No one goes very fast on that highway, but everyone tries to do so nevertheless.

Going Nowhere

The wise person watches life unfolding on the karmic highway and wonders why so many people are in such a determined rush to go nowhere. They certainly aren’t at peace or very happy, yet despite their unhappiness, they refuse to change. The wise person knows that when we create more negative karma, we generate more schisms between our soul and our ego. These schisms take us farther away from our true nature. The farther we travel from our true nature, the harder it is to return and the longer it will take us to do so.

Separation From Our True Nature

Since the act of creating negative karma separates us from our true nature, it also destroys our capacity to be in the present moment. As a result, when we choose the way of karma over the path of service, three things happen and none of them are very good. We endanger our connection to our true nature. We lose our coherence with the present moment, and we deplete what credits may still remain in our spiritual bank account. Going down the karmic highway puts at risk everything we may have achieved in the right way. The outcome of going down the karmic highway at best is life inertia. At worst it leads to dissolution and self-destruction.

Three Karmic Principles

The First Principle of Karma

Richard Nixon’s fall from grace reveals three important principles of the Law of Consequence. The first principle is that the energy we amass in our spiritual bankbook over our lifetime is more powerful than any position of power we might hold. Nothing will shield us from our karma when the time has come to pay for our actions.

The Second Principle of Karma

The second principle is that the Law of Consequences is infinitely patient. It manifests when the timing is right for it to produce the necessary effect in the life of the person who created the karma. Its intent is to shock the person who has brought that negative karma on himself into changing his ways. In the process of actualizing an individual’s negative karma, the Law of Consequences will often deprive that person of what he desires and values most.

The Third Principle

The third principle of the Law of Consequences is implied in the two previous ones. What happens in the invisible world of energy determines what will happen in the manifested world of experience. What we do in the here and now creates a mass of energy that determines what life will later do to us. Nothing happens in a vacuum or without consequences. Our past and present actions are connected to our future experiences. Those causative actions have consequences that will reverberate in our lives long after they have been forgotten.
The only control we can exercise over the future is limited by what we have done in the past and by what we choose to do now. The wise person understands the working of the Law of Consequences and chooses to live his life as constructively as possible. By acting unselfishly with honor, compassion, strength, and integrity, the wise person helps others, contributes to the well-being of the world, and guards the future.

The Power of Service

Service and The Present Moment

When our service is clean, we connect with other people in a deep way. That connection creates a sense of unity and purpose that shifts us out of self-concern and into the present moment, where anxiety, need, and attachment do not exist. When we set our own concerns aside, we create the present moment. We experience the present moment when we are integrated and the two poles of our nature, soul and substance, are in balance. When we are in the present moment, we feel whole and fulfilled, creative, energetic, and alive. The present moment is a psychological state. It always exists, but it disappears when we are preoccupied with self-concern, worry and stress. If we don’t find the present moment we won’t find our true identity.

Service as an Investment in Our Future

While service is a key to the present moment and to discovering our true identity, it is also an investment in our future. Service creates positive momentum in our life, our contributions to others becoming credits in our “spiritual bank account.” Those credits mean that life will reward us for our good works at a moment of its choosing and in a time when we might need it most.
The principle behind the idea of a “spiritual bank account” is that when we put out positive energy into the world in the form of good works, we will draw good energy back to us when we need it most. According to the Law of Consequences like attracts like. Negative karma will draw negative conditions and experiences to us. Conversely, positive karma will draw positive and uplifting experiences to us.

Karmic Actions

Negative karma guarantees that we will not evolve further until we resolve the problems our actions have created for us. Negative karma robs our life of positive momentum. The more negative karma in our spiritual bankbook, the less good will that we have to draw from, and the less protected we will be in the future. When we need help, there will be no help. Life will not support us because we supported no one unless it served our own selfish agenda.

Selfishness and Service

Selfishness and the Negative Ego

Selfishness is the product of one’s separation from his soul. The separate self has no connection to anything greater and more encompassing than itself. It sees itself as alone in a hostile world. It has no real capacity for love. If it gives, it will only do so to make it easier to get what it wants. It only serves to make itself look good. It is not interested in doing good works. It is ruled by fear, greed and desire and pursues its own agenda relentlessly.

The negative ego cannot comprehend the motives of those who have been drawn to serve others and is suspicious of those who do. Its only interest is its self-interest. It cannot conceive of altruism nor consider any action in which it will receive less than it gives. It does not know what the healthy ego is learning or what the surrendered ego has mastered. Through service, we contribute to the well-being of other people, and in so doing, we consolidate our relationship to our soul and deepen our own sense of unity.

Service and the Surrendered Ego

While service may be used by the negative ego to achieve its agenda, it is essentially a technique for transforming the healthy ego into the surrendered ego. By serving others unselfishly we pull down the Divine energies into our lives. It is the Divine energy working within our system that eventually fuses our soul with our ego. When that fusion takes place, the healthy ego dies, and the surrendered ego is born.
Those we serve may not reward us for our good deeds or even acknowledge them, but that is not the point. By serving others, we serve our highest interests, open our psyches wider to the Divine light, and quicken our growth. Inner growth is the whole point of service and is its real reward.

Health and the Liberation Matrix

The Foundation of Health

The foundation of health is the food we put into our bodies. The Control Matrix wants you to eat industrialized, processed food that has negligible nutritional content and is loaded with toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. The typical American diet leads to serious health problems and degenerative diseases. It often ends with a slow, painful death but not before the medical/big pharma complex has extracted every last dollar from your pocket. The chemicals intentionally added to the processed food in the typical American diet not only poison you over time but make you more susceptible to mind control. In fact, most Americans are mind controlled and don’t even know it. This is not an enchanted country. It is an entranced nation.

It’s important to take control of your health by researching diet and nutrition. There are many great resources on the web dedicated to health. I hope you are, or will be, taking advantage of them. Here are some recommendations to keep your body strong and healthy.

  1. If you don’t know your blood type you can purchase a kit on that will allow you to ascertain which type you are.
  2. Get a copy of Eat Right for Your Blood Type and eat accordingly. This is a fascinating and important book. Follow its recommendations and watch your health improve.
  3. Most vitamins have GMO ingredients. Any label that lists maltodextrin or ascorbic acid as ingredients is GMO. MegaFoods has the only certified GMO free production facility in the country. Their products are GMO free. I also like the Bioage line of algae. These are among the most nutritionally dense products on the market. They contain all the vitamins and minerals you need. They also clear radiation from your system and strengthen your immune system. I use formula F2.
  4. Don’t drink tap water. It is loaded with poisons. Get a water distiller or a reverse osmosis system. I have owned a Water Wise distiller for years. It’s an excellent product. They are having a summer sale right now at. If you can’t afford one of the products see if your local healthfood store has a reverse osmosis dispensing machine. Bring your own containers and you can get the water for 25-35 cents a gallon.
  5. Eat organic sulphur. This is a phenomenal product. Sulphur clears virtually all toxins from the body and increases oxygen to the cells by 20%. After taking it for just two weeks a torn muscle in my shoulder healed that had bothered me for many years. Sulphur restores and enhances a woman’s beauty and makes men more handsome. In my case, women have been throwing themselves at me. I have so many women, I don’t know where to begin. O.K., I’ve got to be honest. That’s a bit of a stretch, but a guy can dream, right? If you want to purchase sulphur, I have an impeccable source that sells high grade organic sulphur at an incredibly low price. Since I haven’t asked if it’s ok to put the contact information in this newsletter, just email me if you would like to purchase sulphur and I will send you the info.

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