The Karmic Highway

The Fool and the Karmic Highway

The foolish person ignores the correlation between action and consequence. Instead, he proceeds down the karmic highway where most other people, also ignorant of spiritual law, join him. The karmic highway is a perpetual traffic jam, full of angry people jostling for position. No one goes very fast on that highway, but everyone tries to do so nevertheless.

Going Nowhere

The wise person watches life unfolding on the karmic highway and wonders why so many people are in such a determined rush to go nowhere. They certainly aren’t at peace or very happy, yet despite their unhappiness, they refuse to change. The wise person knows that when we create more negative karma, we generate more schisms between our soul and our ego. These schisms take us farther away from our true nature. The farther we travel from our true nature, the harder it is to return and the longer it will take us to do so.

Separation From Our True Nature

Since the act of creating negative karma separates us from our true nature, it also destroys our capacity to be in the present moment. As a result, when we choose the way of karma over the path of service, three things happen and none of them are very good. We endanger our connection to our true nature. We lose our coherence with the present moment, and we deplete what credits may still remain in our spiritual bank account. Going down the karmic highway puts at risk everything we may have achieved in the right way. The outcome of going down the karmic highway at best is life inertia. At worst it leads to dissolution and self-destruction.