Selfishness and Service

Selfishness and the Negative Ego

Selfishness is the product of one’s separation from his soul. The separate self has no connection to anything greater and more encompassing than itself. It sees itself as alone in a hostile world. It has no real capacity for love. If it gives, it will only do so to make it easier to get what it wants. It only serves to make itself look good. It is not interested in doing good works. It is ruled by fear, greed and desire and pursues its own agenda relentlessly.

The negative ego cannot comprehend the motives of those who have been drawn to serve others and is suspicious of those who do. Its only interest is its self-interest. It cannot conceive of altruism nor consider any action in which it will receive less than it gives. It does not know what the healthy ego is learning or what the surrendered ego has mastered. Through service, we contribute to the well-being of other people, and in so doing, we consolidate our relationship to our soul and deepen our own sense of unity.

Service and the Surrendered Ego

While service may be used by the negative ego to achieve its agenda, it is essentially a technique for transforming the healthy ego into the surrendered ego. By serving others unselfishly we pull down the Divine energies into our lives. It is the Divine energy working within our system that eventually fuses our soul with our ego. When that fusion takes place, the healthy ego dies, and the surrendered ego is born.
Those we serve may not reward us for our good deeds or even acknowledge them, but that is not the point. By serving others, we serve our highest interests, open our psyches wider to the Divine light, and quicken our growth. Inner growth is the whole point of service and is its real reward.

Stretching the Ego

The Relative Nature of Identity

Without conscious access to our soul, all perceptions and conceptions of our identity are relative and changeable. Our perceptions of identity are related to the roles we play in life, rather than to the core self that stands behind those roles. The difference between one’s role, and one’s core self can best be understood by observing an accomplished actor working at his craft. A skilled actor is able to submerge his own identity in the roles he plays, but when the show is over and the shooting done, the actor reemerges as the person he really is. His real world and sense of self are very different from the world and role of the character he has left behind. The difference between the accomplished actor and the rest of us is that while the actor can step out of his character and leave the role he plays behind him, most of us cannot step out of ourselves and put our roles behind us. Our roles define us, and we have great difficulty separating what we do from who we are.

It isn’t easy to discover our true identity and establish a life based on a strong soul connection. If it was, everyone would do it. True identity belongs to the realm of those who are whole, strong and clear. True identity does not reside in the province where the fragmented, weak and confused reside. True identity takes work, effort and discipline.

It is not enough to declare, decide or affirm that you are something you are not. Too many who think they are spiritually superior, and have attained a higher level of consciousness, are simply deluded and looking for the easy way to self-realization. The truth about the easy way is that there is no easy way. Plato said the unexamined life is not worth living.  There is no self-realization without self-reflection. If you can’t face yourself, you will never succeed. So many  people do yoga to assuage their pain. The secret of self-realization and true identity is not to assuage your pain or do a series of postures to feel better. That is all temporary. The secret of self-realization is to face yourself and confront your shadow. When you expel the darkness from the core of your being where it hides, you make the necessary space for the divine to enter your life. Until that occurs you are treading water, not moving in the right direction. When you finally expel your darkness and allow the divine energy to enter your core, the change it brings is not temporary, but permanent. When that happens, you are on your right path.

Stretching the Ego

As we open to unconditional love and stretch our ego toward our soul, our sense of identity begins to shift slowly from what we do to who we are. While what we do is relative and can always change or be taken away from us, while who we are is permanent and can never be lost.

The Four Principles of Ego Development laugh together

The foundation of the Negative Ego

The negative ego is based on four fundamental factors. These factors are:

  1.  Unprocessed toxicity.
  2.  Self-hatred and the victim mentality.
  3.  An innate sense of fear and powerlessness, which often translates into the need to dominate one’s relationships with other people.
  4. An unwavering intention to keep the soul isolated from the conscious mind and ego.

The Foundation of the Healthy Ego

The healthy ego, on the other hand, is happy to grant the soul access to the psyche. It is not interested in distancing itself from the soul, but in closing the gap with the spirit. The healthy ego is also built on four factors, but these factors are very different from those comprising the negative ego. The four factors that contribute to a healthy ego are:

  1.  Cleared toxicity.
  2.  Self-respect and a healthy boundary system.
  3.  The ability to love other people, appreciate and acknowledge them for who they are.
  4.  A strong commitment to unite the soul with the conscious mind and ego.

Self Respect

A healthy ego starts with a clear subconscious. There is no inner victim, no self-hatred, and no tendency toward self-destruction in the healthy ego. Instead, the healthy ego is continually building and expanding its self- respect. Self-respect grows with the ability to reach out and create healthy relationships based on affection and mutual respect. Self-respect is reinforced when we stand up for ourselves. Self-respect flourishes when we are able to give and receive love. Sharing the energy of unconditional love expands and strengthens us. People with a healthy ego instinctively understand that when they wholeheartedly acknowledge another per- son’s talents, gifts, and contributions, they are indirectly acknowledging their own sense of self.
The ability to wholeheartedly support and recognize someone else is only possible when our system has been drained of its toxicity. If we are free of envy, jealousy, pettiness, and vindictiveness, we won’t feel threatened by someone else’s success or see that person’s good fortune as our personal loss. However, until we clear the toxic emotion from our system and learn to set effective boundaries, we will find ourselves caught in a closed system where the tendency will be to do exactly that.

Resetting The Emotional Clock

C.O - © Carl Westergren

Resetting Barbara’s Emotional Clock

The rapid vibrating of Barbara’s body was her system’s method of resetting her emotional clock and accelerating the energies in her emotional body so that they might catch up to her chronological age. When her body stopped vibrating, one part of her would no longer be in its mid- sixties, while the other part of her stayed stuck in shame at age six. Now her chronological age and her emotional life would be synchronized at the same level of maturity.

Venturing Outside the Box

As a child, she always had to be vigilant and on guard, constantly looking over her shoulder for the criticism that was sure to come her way if she dared to step out of the box into which her circumstances had forced her. She had had no choice but to be what someone else had wanted her to be. Now the compulsion to please, and the fear, shame, need, and rage that had been stuck in her body since early childhood were cleared from her system. She had ventured outside the box of her childhood conditioning and would never be the same again.

The “endure to survive” theme that had dominated her childhood and sabotaged her adult years would no longer control her. She was no longer firmly entrenched on the path of most resistance. Barbara’s healing experience taught her that change could happen at any age and that it was indeed possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

Signs of Transformation

The first outward sign of Barbara’s growth occurred in an interaction with an old friend. For many years, she had considered this particular woman her best friend. Yet this woman consistently irritated and upset her. Until now, Barbara had never really examined the source of that irritation. She had just thought that her feelings were due to a hidden flaw within herself, rather than to a problem with her friend. Instead of being able to look objectively at her friendship, she had internalized her feelings and blamed herself. The shame that her mother had instilled in her as a child had created low self-esteem and led her to blame herself whenever anything went wrong. Now that she was clearer and more confident in herself, she realized that the irritation she experienced whenever she was with this woman occurred because her friend routinely used her and treated her dismissively.

The next time her friend called and said something that upset her, Barbara told her exactly how she felt about being treated in this manner. The woman then became very nasty, berating Barbara and treating her even more contemptuously. Barbara was not about to put up with that kind of treatment ever again. She told the woman that their friendship was over and hung up the phone. When she told me about it a few days later she was still feeling very proud of herself and couldn’t believe that she felt no remorse.

“Why should you?” I asked her. “All you did was tell her the truth.”

“I know,” she said, “but the old Barbara would have felt terrible and scared and done everything under the sun to put it back together. Now I couldn’t care less. I feel terrifically empowered. I never knew I could feel so good about myself.”

“Think about what happened with this woman,” I continued. “There’s more here than meets the eye. This was a very significant moment in your growth. Your friend was very much like your mother. They shared the same essential characteristic. By standing up to her you also symbolically stood up to your mother. Congratulations are in order. You just broke the unconscious governing belief that had ruled your life.”

The same need to stand up for herself began to occur in all of Barbara’s important relationships. A few weeks after telling her former friend the truth, her sons called. They wanted her to come over and watch the Super Bowl with them and their wives and bring some food with her. She told them that she hated sports and wasn’t about to be used for free food. If they wanted to see her, it would have to be something she liked to do, and they could supply the food. After all, they were now grown men.
Their reaction surprised her. She expected them to be very upset, but they were not upset at all. They fully agreed with her position and apologized for their behavior. Since that conversation, their relationship is on an entirely different plane. They now have a mother they respect and are proud of. They even cook her dinner.

When Loss is an Advantage

For Barbara, the lesson in standing up for herself was clear and simple. She lost those people who were not her real friends, made new ones to replace them who were much more positive than the old ones, and gained the respect of those that really mattered to her. In terms of her growth, her losses were really gains. She lost what didn’t matter and was no longer relevant to her growth. By rejecting negative people she affirmed her own self-worth, increased her personal power, and protected her core self.

The Healing Cycle: From Grief to Relief


Barbara’s Story

Barbara is a former client from Florida. She is a charming, sophisticated, and intelligent woman in her mid-sixties. Several years ago, Barbara’s husband passed away. At the time of his death, she had been married to him for nearly forty years. When she called to arrange a series of telephone consultations, she was certain that she had completed her grieving over her husband’s death and that it was no longer an issue in her life.

Hidden Residual Grief

When Barbara had her first consultation over the phone some weeks later, I could see that the energy from his death still lingered in her chest and heart. Accordingly, I directed her attention to her chest area and asked her to make guttural sounds as if they were coming out of her heart. When she started to make these non-verbal sounds, I directed the healing energy pouring out of my hands over the phone into her chest. After a few minutes of making half-hearted grunts and sighs and getting nowhere, she wanted to stop. She complained that making these sounds just wasn’t lady-like, and didn’t feel right.

Feeling Uncomfortable

“Barbara,” I said gently, “there’s no one here but you and me, and it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. It really is. You don’t have to be a lady in this context, just someone who wants to heal her life and stop her pain. No one feels very comfortable when they’re stirring up their toxicity anyway. For the first time you’re stepping out of the box you’ve been trapped in your whole life. Give yourself a chance to succeed. You’ll like how success feels, I promise.”

“Okay,” she said cautiously. “I’ll give it another shot. But how long do I have to make the sounds for?” She was still obviously in resistance.

From Resistance to Ignition

“Until a wall inside you breaks,” I replied, “and the toxic material that has been sealed off behind that barricade pours out of you. Then you won’t have to force the sounds anymore. You won’t have to make yourself grunt, sigh, and scream. You’ll just erupt. Your unconscious material will rise to meet your conscious mind. In all real healing, the subconscious mind and the conscious mind temporarily become one. When that happens, your conscious mind will be unable to censor and repress your unconscious pain. As the conscious mind and the unconscious material become joined, the pain will just pour out of you until it no longer exists. When the two become one, your toxicity will be ignited. After you complete that specific layer, your conscious and unconscious will separate and return to their normal stations. Only you will be freer, more balanced, and filled with more light.”

“That last part is what I’m after. How long will it take before that happens?”

“No one really knows. Hopefully, not long. But it certainly isn’t going to happen while we’re talking and you’re not making the sounds I have asked you to make. Do you think you can go forward now?”

A Necessary Eruption

“Yes,” she answered resolutely. We were lucky that first day. The blockage in her heart proved to be very mobile, and it broke easily. Within a matter of minutes the pain rose out of her chest and into her throat. As the toxic energy burst out of its hiding place, the painful emotion it contained flooded her conscious mind. She was no longer in control of herself. What needed to come out of her was stronger than her capacity to control it. She broke down and cried uncontrollably for the rest of the session.
At the end of the session, Barbara noted that this was awfully hard work. She was hoping to feel better, not worse, as she did now. I told her not to worry about how she felt. That was temporary and would pass. The important thing for her to focus on was what had just happened. The toxicity had surfaced, broken, and poured out of her system. Many layers of grief had been cleared in an hour. That was most impressive.

Processing Grief

“Processing grief is always hard work,” I said. “Nothing about it is easy. No one wants to feel the pain it brings up, and besides, the energy of grief itself is very heavy. That’s why processing the psychic weight of grief is exhausting. For the next few days you can expect to feel a bit low and tired. The healing energy I channeled into your body is extremely potent and will continue to work on you for several more days. Don’t be surprised if you cry and clear more toxic emotion between sessions. That’s normal in this work. You’ll feel better in a few days.”

Her next appointment was a week later. When she called in she reported that she had indeed felt depressed and tired, and had cried for a few days after our first session. I asked her how she felt today. She replied that for the last two days she had been feeling really good and much, much lighter, but now she was afraid to do another session because she didn’t want to feel bad again.
I said that I didn’t blame her for feeling that way.

“No one likes feeling low,” I continued, “but the thing to remember is that every time you go through a cleansing experience, and work your way through un- conscious toxic emotion, you will tend to feel a bit depleted. Feeling that way is a sign that real healing has taken place. When you recover you will feel lighter, freer, and more energized than before. That’s just how the healing process goes. Every layer you peel away opens the way to more inner light, connects you more to your real self, and restores you to more of your personal power. You go through a little to gain a lot. You suffer some sadness and exhaustion that is short-lived, but you gain a happiness and clarity that will be long-lived. As you move forward, your highs will become higher, and your lows will also become higher.”

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The Soul and Group Consciousness


The Soul, The Negative Ego, and Group Consciousness

Unlike the negative ego, the soul is not interested in exploiting other people for individual gain. Its agenda is not limited to the desires of the personality. It does not want to shine by shaming someone else. Its true interest lies in uplifting everyone so that we all might benefit. The soul’s strategy is strongly focused on establishing group consciousness. Its game plan is straightforward. If we play together, we win together. If we heal together, we can change the world.

The Soul’s Plan

We cooperate with our soul’s plan when we clear our karma and open the necessary space in our system for the soul to come forward and shine in our life. The soul is the door to unconditional love. Whenever unconditional love is present, everyone feels whole, uplifted, and em- powered, the equal of everyone else in the group. Love is inclusive. Love makes winners of us all. Love changes the world.

The Negative Ego’s Plan

The negative ego’s game plan is quite different. Its strategies are divisive and center on this timeworn theme: If I win, you lose, and if you lose, then I get to feel better, bigger, and more important than you. The negative ego’s game is devoid of unconditional love. It is full of hostil- ity and exploitative maneuvers whose sole intention is to fulfill its desires, often shaming and humiliating other people for its own gains. The negative ego wants to dominate everyone and be at the top of the heap. It mistakenly thinks it can substitute “being on top” for being whole and fulfilled. What the negative ego fails to recognize is that being on top does not automatically make you whole, happy, or fulfilled. What you were before you got to the top of the heap, you will be after you get there. Power, wealth, and notoriety are not the antidote for having an empty core.

The Soul and the Long-term

The soul knows that it has had previous incarnations and may well have future ones. It knows that we come here, time and time again, until we learn the lessons that we must and transform the toxic energies we carry in our body into a clear and vibrant light. The soul’s concern is for the long-term: Will what we do in this lifetime advance our long- term growth or hinder it?

Helping other people helps our growth. Kindness, forgiveness, and a generous spirit count. These qualities accelerate our growth and help us transmute whatever rage, resentment, and hatred we may experience within ourselves or encounter from others. Being stuck in negative emotion separates us from our soul, encumbers our progress, and holds us back.

The Negative Ego and the Short-term

Unlike the soul, the negative ego’s concern is for the short-term, this lifetime. It has a short-term focus because that’s all it thinks it has, one lifetime to get what it craves and then the grave. It wants to get everything it can in almost any way it can. It is ruled by desire and greed. It functions in ignorance of the Law of Consequence and has little, if any, consideration for the long-term repercussions of its actions. If death is the end of everything, thinks the negative ego, then what possible further consequences could there be for what I have done?

Ignorance however, is not a shield and will not protect the negative ego from the long-term consequences of its actions. Sooner or later those consequences will come home to roost. We never outwit or outrun the Law of Consequences.

Unlike the spirit which lives in clarity and peace, the negative ego lives in constant worry. Because it feels separate and alone, fear is never far away. It is the first emotion the negative ego feels when it faces the unknown. The spirit, on the other hand, has a conscious realization of its own eternal continuity. It is centered in the Divine light. The real challenge of life is to find that center.

Bill Gates, Monsanto and the GM debacle

GMO Investor

Gates Monsanto Investment in GMO Seeds

Bill Gates recently invested approximately twenty seven million dollars in Monsanto stock. Gates feels GMO seeds and crops are the only way to feed the world’s burgeoning population. He wants to see GMO seeds and crops planted throughout Africa, where Monsanto is making a big push. GMO crops are already grown on wildlife and nature refuges in the U.S.

GMO Crops and Sterility

Gates is no fool. I’m sure he’s studied the research and knows that in mice fed GMO crops infant mortality rose hugely in the second generation. By the third generation the males’ testicles had shrunk and they had become sterile. If you want to control the world population feed them GMO foods. If the experimental findings with mice translate to the human population, in the second generation many babies will be stillborn. By the third generation most males will be infertile. GMO foods will reduce the world’s population significantly. Here we have another case of double speak by the PTB. Instead of feeding and sustaining the world’s population GMO foods will reduce the population. By forcing farmers to grow GM foods and consumers to eat GMO foods the PTB will control the world’s food supply and reap huge profits while reducing the world’s population. A perfect double play for the PTB.

GMO and agent orange

Agent Orange

Agent Orange and GM crops

In more GM news, Agent Orange is making a comeback. Originally used in the Vietnam War to defoliate the countryside it also poisoned countless American soldiers and Vietnamese citizens. Now Dow Agroscience has applied to the Dept of Agriculture to spray Agent Orange on GMO corn. Now you will have the opportunity to eat a toxic food topped off with highly toxic pesticide. Lovely!!

Government and Corporate Collusion

Meanwhile the carousel of Monsanto officials inhabiting important government positions keeps on spinning as it has for many years. If you’ve ever doubted government and corporation collusion google Monsanto officials in government. Unless I’m mistaken, that kind of collusion between powerful corporations and government is known as fascism. Monsanto is a prime example of how a corporation uses the federal government to further its goals and policies, in this case the proliferation of GMO crops. Those GMO policies benefit Monsanto, not the citizens of the United States whom the federal government is sworn to protect. Monsanto will grow richer and more powerful in its quest to control the world’s food supply. Americans and everyone else will grow sicker.


The Feminine Mistake: Part 3

Gender Role Reversal

With the rise of feminism there has been a steady increase in gender role reversal. Feminism has masculinized women and feminized men. I have several young and beautiful woman friends. They are feminine (as opposed to being feminists) and want to remain that way. They all struggle terribly when it comes to attracting a worthy partner. It’s not that they are shunned and ignored. Quite the reverse. Men approach them all the time. Unfortunately, these “men” attempt to qualify these rare and wonderful women for their income potential or try to get them into bed right away. If my friends aren’t making enough money to satisfy these faux men who want to live off of women they are dumped immediately. If my friends won’t sleep with them they move on and find women who will. These men have no insight into the rare qualities of the women they have rejected. They are blind and foolish. Morons of the highest order. They don’t deserve women of this caliber.


Today’s liberated feminist women are often promiscuous. They want to be like men. Promiscuity, however, comes with a price that is either high or exorbitant. Either way it’s not worth paying. The most obvious consequence of a promiscuous lifestyle are STD’s. Easy to acquire, often impossible to cure. From Herpes to AIDS, it’s not a pretty picture. There are other consequences of promiscuity that are more subtle but no less insidious. A woman takes on the energy and frequency of every partner she has ever slept with. The more sex partners she has the more discordant energies and frequencies she takes on.  Those frequencies do not have a short term shelf life, they are life long toxins. Too many frequencies in your psyche that are not your own lead to emotional instability and psychological disorders.


One of the most important things a woman has to offer a life partner is her virtue. Promiscuity is the opposite of virtue and the downfall of stable, enduring relationships. For those few women who have managed to maintain their femininity and virtue while many of their peers have adopted feminist values and a promiscuous lifestyle, finding a suitable partner is a daunting task. Since so many women have devalued their virtue and embraced a promiscuous lifestyle men no longer have to make a commitment to them in order to have sex. When something is devalued it never lasts. Empty sex with many partners is a poor replacement for emotional fulfillment and lasting happiness.
The Heterosexual Contract

There is an implied heterosexual contract that has guided successful relationships for thousands of years. A woman gives up her power for a man’s love. A man gives his love in exchange for a woman’s power. When that contract works as it should the man will protect, provide, care for and love his wife. The woman will nurture the children, care for her man and sacrifice for the well being of her family. They will be loyal and faithful to each other. The woman’s sacrifices lead her children and husband to love her more. She is indispensable to their lives: to their health, well being and success. The heterosexual contract is based on mutual trust and respect. There is little of that now in our world.

 Healthy Feminine Energy

A society and a nation is only as strong and healthy as the health of the feminine energy in that society. Healthy feminine energy is the basis of the family. It is the guiding and nurturing force in the lives of the young. It is the basis of healthy partnership. It is often the foundation of a man’s success. Healthy feminine energy is loving, nurturing, insightful, unifying and healing. In today’s society that too is sorely lacking. Tragically, it has never been more needed. Feminism is not the answer. It’s a part of the problem.

What do you think. Can we bring back and restore healthy feminine energy before it is too late?