Karma and the Long Term

The Selfish Agenda

While karmic acts may initially help us satisfy a selfish agenda and achieve short-term success, in the long-term those same acts will bring us to a far different conclusion. In the end, karmic success dissipates, just as it dissipated for Richard Nixon, and we are left unprotected and exposed with no alternative but to face the long-term consequences of our actions. When the long-term reversal of fortune occurs, an endless nightmare often replaces a relatively short period of prosperity, and a deep depression may displace our former sense of invincibility.

The Law of Consequences

Ultimately, the Law of Consequences forces us to learn a hard lesson. We get away with nothing. There is always a price to pay for creating negative karma, and we never know when, or how, that bill will be presented to us. We control what we do, but we do not control what will happen to us as a result of what we have done. The Law of Consequences always has the last word and in that regard, it is far more powerful than we are. The invisible world of energy and principle rules much of what happens in the visible world. The wise course of action is to serve our highest interests, rather than scheming and plotting in the service of our greed.