The Power of Choice

Revelation and Redemption

It takes a very bright and powerful light to penetrate deeply enough into our system to reveal these lost, long forgotten, and troubled fragments of our experience. These pieces must be revealed before they can be redeemed. The revelation of our hidden toxicity requires the descent of a higher spiritual light into the depths of our subconscious. That light will reveal what has long been hidden.

The redemption of our hidden wounds requires the ascent of these toxic emotions into the light of consciousness, where they can be faced, felt, and cleared. Only then is the past redeemed and our system cleared of its encumbrances. If we do not heal our wounds, they will continue bleeding, robbing us of our power to be whole. Our wounds block our evolution. They place shadows of fear across our minds. They are the unseen chains that bind us to old agonies and prevent us from moving forward into a better and more fulfilling life. The most powerful and direct way to access these wounds is to focus the higher light of the spirit on the subconscious with laser-like precision and drive these experiences from the darkness in which they reside.

The Power of Choice

Everything that we have not yet worked out of our system must be worked out eventually, either in this life or a future one. The longer we delay that task, the more we prolong our unhappiness. The only power we have over our buried toxicity is the power of choosing when to face it. The sooner we choose to face our unresolved trauma, the easier it is to resolve the emotional blocks that hold us back. When toxic energy is close to the surface, it is easy to find and bring to our conscious mind. But if we postpone our confrontation with the toxic events that are lodged in our system, we unwittingly provide those events with the opportunity to burrow even more deeply into our body. If we don’t seize the opportunity to clear toxic material from our system as soon as we can, that toxicity will seize its opportunity to run as far as it can from our conscious mind. Our toxicity seeks to conceal what we need to reveal in order to regain our balance and accelerate our evolution. By hiding what should be exposed the negative ego maintains its control over our psyche.

If our toxicity remains concealed, our personal power will remain bound up with what has wounded us, and continues to wound us still. When our wounds control us, we have little power. We become more powerless and unhappy with each new wound. Because we lack access to our real power, the focus of our future won’t be found in fulfilling our destiny, but rather in repeating our drudgery. The legacy of failing to act is a lifetime of failure.

Soul Power


Mother Teresa with Princess Diana

Building the Link to the Soul

Since life  is always a struggle of one sort or another it is imperative to build the link to our soul. We must fight against the stupidity, intolerance, prejudice, and hatred that are so entrenched in the world. We must also fight the negative qualities that are firmly entrenched within our own nature and constantly seeking to undermine us. Our greatest ally in the battles of life is the hidden power of our soul. When we overcome our negative ego and its urge to exert control over all that it can, we are unstoppable. When we have built the link to our soul, we stand in the true light of our being.

Moses, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa all had the very real advantage of that soul link. They knew who they were; they knew what their true purpose was, and they had the support of a higher power in fulfilling that purpose. In their work and in their lives they demonstrated what can be accomplished when we find our real self,  discover our true purpose, and stand firmly in the light of the soul.

No one individual can lead the world out of its present morass. The world is too large, the problems we face too complex. But together we can stand up, and joined by a clear and loving purpose, we can heal ourselves and help the world move forward to a better future for all.

Gandhi and Self-discipline

The story of Mahatma Gandhi and his campaign to free India from the yoke of British colonialism is a case in the development of soul power. When Gandhi returned to India from his sojourn in South Africa, he traveled by train around the Indian subcontinent and witnessed firsthand the great suffering caused by the widespread poverty of the Indian people. His initial plan was to help India overcome her impoverishment. As he moved forward to implement constructive economic change he soon realized that British rule was a main impediment to the economic aspirations of the Indian people. In time, his campaign for economic freedom became a movement for political freedom from British rule. Freeing India from the yoke of British rule became his life purpose. In order to reach that goal, Gandhi realized that he had to conquer his shadow and find his center so that the light of his soul might shine through. Self-discipline was among the important qualities that Gandhi cultivated in himself to reach his goal of soul linkage.

In the long years of the struggle for Indian independence, Gandhi never wavered in his determination to reach his goal and stand firmly in his soul. He maintained his poise, rarely lost his self-control, and disciplined himself not to react to challenging events in a negative manner. Instead he would respond as positively and forthrightly as he could. He never sacrificed his commitment to the truth, compromised his principles or went against the intuition that sprang from his soul. The final result of Gandhi’s quest was inspiring and miraculous. He defeated a great empire peacefully, without violence. His only weapons were the truth in his soul and the strength of his character.

Through the years of struggle Gandhi had deliberately forged a very deep soul connection. He possessed inner peace, strength, and great clarity, qualities that helped him to understand who he was and what he was about. He clearly had a mission that required great strength and courage on the one hand, and little ego on the other. These attributes were amplified by the unconditional love that flowed through him. His love for all people, combined with his deep soul connection, created an opening in his energy system that magnetically pulled Divine love down from above, and distributed that energy to everyone within his sphere of influence. Wherever Gandhi went, whether to a prison or a podium, Divine love went with him. He had direct access to a higher authority and Divine support for his mission. That is what happens when you live in alignment with your soul. With that support, Gandhi fulfilled his mission.

The Higher Power

Seeking a Higher PowerAspiration and the Higher Power

Our aspiration to grow is the key to bringing down the higher power that will accelerate our evolution and help us discover who we really are. Aspiration is a magnetic power and a potent force that used correctly will increase our inner light and access to the higher power. When our aspiration for the truth is sincere, it attracts to us what we need to grow. We can’t grow unless we are nurtured by the spiritual energy of a higher power. When a sincere and loving call goes up, the higher power to heal one’s inner wounds and restore peace in the world comes flowing back down. In the spiritual world, like attracts like. Christ instructed his followers how to use universal law. “Knock and it shall be opened,” he exhorted. “Ask and ye shall receive.” When we turn to God with a pure heart and a clear mind, God turns to us. That is the power of aspiration. It connects us to the higher power.

The gulf of Confusion

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Until we embrace our paradoxes and do the therapeutic inner work necessary to resolve our personal inconsistencies, our consciousness will retain its dark and toxic secrets, and the collective consciousness will remain permeated with lethal influences. The gulf of sorrow and confusion that consumes so much of the energy and consciousness in the world will remain intact. If we do not aspire upwards toward the higher power, God cannot intervene in our affairs. If we do not choose to grow, God will leave us to our fate. We are the levers of change. We either reach for our destiny, call down the higher power and rise in the light, or we contract in the darkness of our anguish and fall to the fate we have created collectively.
We are the only ones who can bring down the forces from above to change the world. The ability to be a conduit of the higher power is a particularly human gift and a profound responsibility. If we don’t take on this high work, who will? This is our planet; its well-being is in our hands. These are our lives; our futures and those of our children are at stake. The time to change the way things are is now, not later.