Sean’s Amazing Story

Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo

Sean’s Hidden Slave Past

Several years ago when my office was in Austin, Texas, I had a client named Sean whom I only saw once. Sean came because his girlfriend had paid for his session in advance and he hated to waste money. Otherwise, he would never have come. He was quite clear on that point.
When Sean’s session began, I placed one hand under the base of his spine and my other hand under the base of his skull. As the energy coming through my hands flooded Sean’s central nervous system, his eyes opened wide, and he stared at a fixed point on the ceiling. After a long moment of intense concentration, he closed his eyes. He sighed, his face turned ashen gray, and he began to shake his head slowly from side to side. After a few moments, he began shaking all over. Several more minutes passed, and he began to sob. He sobbed for a long time, his sobs becoming deeper and more anguished as he became immersed in his repressed and unconscious toxicity. Finally the sobbing stopped, and Sean’s body began to vibrate from the top of his head right down to the soles of his feet. He vibrated intensely for several minutes then suddenly became ice cold.

It was the middle of summer, but I had to put two heavy blankets over him. The blankets did little good. The cold was coming out of him, ancient, dead energies that had been frozen in his soul a long time ago. He needed to “thaw out” before those old energies would be cleared completely from his system. The freezing and the shaking continued. After a while longer, he came back to normal consciousness and opened his eyes. He was gray, exhausted, and still quite cold. I gave him more time to get his bearings and then asked him what he had experienced.
He said that when he opened his eyes shortly after the session began, he saw a stream of white light flowing from his forehead, culminating in a white cross on the ceiling. The cross was there for only a moment. When it disappeared, he closed his eyes again. No sooner had he closed his eyes than he found himself in another lifetime that was quite foreign to him and to which he could not relate.

Sean had seen himself as a slave in ancient Egypt, one of thousands pulling stones slowly across the desert. He was in a long line of slaves pulling a thick rope attached to a large stone. There were many overseers keeping the slaves organized and working at full capacity. If a slave appeared to weaken or give less than his full effort, an overseer would pull him out of the line and whip him, often quite severely. Many slaves were whipped to death.

As Sean watched the scenes unfolding in his mind’s eye, an angry overseer pulled a woman out of her place in the line of slaves just ahead of him. He whipped her until her blood stained the sand around her feet. She collapsed and soon died. Sean distinctly remembered showing no emotion at the time of her death. He knew that if he were to show emotion, he would bring the overseer down on him, and he would suffer a similar fate. So he bottled whatever emotion he felt at the death of this woman and continued to pull the rock along the sand with the other slaves in his contingent as if nothing had happened.

Now that he had released the emotion frozen in his soul more than twenty-five hundred years ago, he knew without a doubt that the dead woman had been his wife. The fact that his grief was more than two thousand years late was not important now. The only thing that mattered was that he was finally able to feel his ancient wounding and free himself from it’s dominance in his life.

Sean’s Unconscious Governing Beliefs

The legacy of that ancient experience had been a heavy karmic anchor in Sean’s subconscious and had chained him to failure and obscurity in his present life. That karmic anchor contained two unconscious beliefs that controlled his life. The first unconscious belief was the notion that if you loved someone they would die, as his wife had died in ancient Egypt. The second unconscious belief was the notion that it was dangerous to be seen by those in power in the light of day. If you stayed out of sight you would avoid punishment and survive. In alignment with his unconscious governing beliefs, yet without any conscious knowledge of those beliefs, Sean found employment as a bartender, working in the shadows of a darkened bar, and indulged in a series of one-night stands that were meaningless, devoid of love, and went nowhere. In terms of his unconscious governing beliefs, Sean was successful. He wasn’t seen and he stayed alive. He didn’t love anyone, and no one died. Of course, his success at staying alive and having no emotional connection with anyone held no conscious satisfaction for him so he took recreational drugs daily to mask his pain. While he had no conscious awareness about his predicament, he was the prisoner of unconscious governing beliefs more than two millennia old.

Within a few months of releasing the trauma and grief of that lifetime, Sean’s life totally changed. He was freed from living under the spell of his unconscious governing beliefs. He got a sales job with a prestigious high-tech company, gave up drugs and meaningless sex, and be- came engaged to a wonderful girl he cared for deeply. By clearing one ancient lifetime from his system about which he had had absolutely no awareness, Sean was able to elevate his life in a very fast, yet natural way and gain his freedom from the past.

The only irony was that the girl he fell in love with and was engaged to was not the girl who had payed for his session.

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The Angel of Death

angel of death

Angel of Death

The Angel of Death Appears

The angel of death is a theme in all religions and cultures. I recently returned from Austin  where I met with an old friend and brilliant doctor of oriental medicine, Dr. Alan Berman. Over  a very long lunch Dr Alan shared a story about the angel of death with me that is sure to captivate you. A client of his, a young mother, had a father who was dying. One day, she visited him and brought her seven year old son with her. Her father seemed to be failing fast. On the way home from their visit, her son, who was sitting in the backseat, had a conversation with an invisible friend.

“Who are you talking to?” asked the mother.

The young boy gave the name of the person he was talking with as if it were completely normal to talk with someone who wasn’t there.

“What’s he like?” said the mother, not wanting to inhibit her son.

“He’s twelve,” answered her son. ” And he has red hair.”

“What’s he talking about?” inquired the mother.

“He’s telling me about Grandpa,” said her son. “He said I shouldn’t be sad.”

“Oh,” said his mother, forcing back her tears.

The woman’s father died shortly thereafter. After the funeral, the woman spoke with her Rabbi. During their conversation she told him about her son’s imaginary conversation. The Rabbi seemed unnerved by what she said and looked strangely at her.

“Is everything alright?” asked the woman.

“I don’t know. In the Jewish tradition the angel of death is thought to be a boy of twelve or thirteen with red hair,” said the Rabbi. “The name of your son’s invisible friend is the name of the angel of death from the old stories. Until now, I always thought the story of the angel of death was just a myth. Now, I must rethink my conclusion. There is more here than meets the eye.”

The Other World

There’s another world around us that we don’t see. The angel of death lives in that world. That world is alive and full of strange comings and goings. It isn’t physical, but energetic. We are, in fact, energy beings encased in the flesh. Our body weighs us down and makes us less perceptive than our energetic potential suggests. The other world is full of energy beings, or souls like the angel of death, who are not entombed in physical bodies but are free (for now) of the limitations of the flesh. They come and go as they please.

The Perils of the Advanced Soul

There are rare individuals who can access that world and converse with it, like the young boy spoke with the angel of death. A young child is more open than a teenager or an adult who has been shutdown by the educational system, religion, peer pressure, and the media. People that are open to the unseen world are thought by psychiatrists to have a mental disorder or character flaw. Imagine if they spoke to a court appointed psychiatrist about their experiences with the angel of death. They’d be committed immediately. Their contemporaries think they’re weird. They almost have no chance to lead a normal life, unless they keep their knowledge and abilities to themselves. This subject was beautifully portrayed in the movie Powder. If you haven’t seen it, do so. It’s a powerful statement of the struggles the advanced souls among us have in this world. Humanity, unfortunately, is largely ignorant of its potential and destroys those who have actualized that potential. Humanity as a whole is tragically shutdown. People destroy what they can’t understand. They see what an advanced soul offers as a threat, not a gift. That is the destructive nature of jealousy. The angel of death speaks to a young boy who is still open while the rest of the world experiences a living death and calls it a normal life.

The world is a harsh place full of cold, negative people who have little heart and less insight into the soul of someone more advanced than they are. There are many advanced souls who come to earth to help awaken humanity and are destroyed for their troubles.

The Quest for Self-Actualization

Fortunately, we live in a time when there is a growing quest for self-actualization, but there are many traps and false programs that people fall into along the way. It is easy to get lost and lose hope. There are many false teachers and fake prophets looking to pick you off and pick your pocket. I hope that you are among those at work in that quest and I further hope that the path you are on is bringing you true insight, strength, and compassion.

The Poet Rumi

The famous 14th century Afghan poet Rumi had this to say on the subject of knowing that other world where the angel of death lives. The angel of death does not come to kill, he comes to liberate the soul from the flesh. That is why he is an angel. He is not to feared, but respected. Listen to the words of Rumi.

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool, shun him. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child, teach him. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep, wake him. But he who knows, and knows that he knows, is a wise man, follow him.

I wish you a true path and a wise leader.






The Death Pulse

Forty Eight Hours

I’m in Austin Tx for a few days. I lived here in the 1980’s and have many dear friends from that era in my life. Over the weekend I had a long lunch with Dr. Alan Berman, a brilliant doctor who has been very involved in Chinese medicine for many years. He told me an interesting story about one of the many pulses a trained acupuncturist and herbalist can read on the inside of a patient’s wrist. This particular pulse is called the death pulse and it only appears forty-eight hours before a person dies. His teacher  told him this story. The teacher had a patient who came in to see him on a monthly basis to maintain his health. This patient was a successful businessman who was very healthy and blessed with great vitality. When this patient came to his doctor, the doctor read the businessman’s pulses. On this occasion there was a pulse that the doctor had never seen with this particular patient – the death pulse.


The doctor asked his patient how he was feeling. The patient answered that he was feeling great. The doctor then asked the man if was planning to travel soon. The businessman answered that he was flying to Okinawa the next day. The doctor continued with his treatment. The next day the businessman left for Okinawa. The plane crashed and the businessman died in the wreckage. What we can postulate from this story  is that the coming crash was in the businessman’s energy field at least 24 hours before the crash, and probably much longer than that. How else can we account for the presence of the death pulse? It had never been there before in any of the businessman’s prior consultations with the  doctor.

Enlightened Knowledge

Another thing we can postulate  is that the businessman knew he was about to die on a deep, subtle layer of his soul, but that his conscious mind was unable to access the information. It is said that an enlightened being knows the hour of his death. The story of the death pulse suggests that we all know the hour of our death but since we are not as conscious as an enlightened being we are not in touch with the information or able to access that information.       I