How to Make a Difference

Forms of Service

Assuming that we wish to elevate our lives, increase the positive energy in our spiritual account, and do what we can to safeguard our future, what then is the best way to serve? If we wish to serve and elevate our lives, the first thing we should do is begin at the beginning. We don’t have to change our job, enter the priesthood, take a vow of poverty, dedicate our life to helping the poor, or lead a nation to freedom. We don’t have to be a saint or a superman.

In fact, we don’t have to do, or be, anyone special. We just need to adjust our attitude. The first change we need to make is subtle and simple. We should try to be helpful to those around us, at home, at work, and wherever we go. Remember the golden rule, and do unto others, as we would have them do unto us.

If we do that conscientiously every day, our realm of service will grow because our opening to unconditional love will grow through the service we render. If we give others love and kindness, we eventually become love and kindness. If we accept others for who they are, we begin to accept ourselves for who we really are. The good news about service is this: we become what we give.
As we open to unconditional love through service, we may find ourselves led to serve in other ways. If we listen to our inner self, we will always be led to the form of service that is in harmony with our nature and satisfies our own needs for growth. If it feels right internally in either our heart or our solar plexus, it will be the right thing for us to do. If it feels wrong, if we get a feeling of discomfort or a sense of danger or the distinct impression that we should stay away, then we should. In order to follow our intuitive promptings, it is important to learn to trust our inner feelings.