Healing the Soul: The Real Art of Letting Go

Some years before the Los Angeles training, I gave a seminar in Virginia on Soul Healing. Among the people in attendance that afternoon was a woman sitting near the front of the room who seemed very uncomfortable in her own skin. As I looked more closely at her from a clairvoyant perspective, I saw that the traumatic events of her last lifetime were visible in her aura. She had died horribly in the Holocaust, burned to death in the furnaces of a concentration camp. This woman was in great need of soul healing.

I began the Soul Healing seminar and talked for a while, but my attention kept being drawn to her. I could see that her unconscious toxicity was ready to “pop” and that her inner being had led her to my soul healing seminar so that she could clear those buried events from her system. I could further see that the manner of her death in her last lifetime had cast a long shadow of fear and terror over her present life and that she knew none of this consciously. Finally, I couldn’t bear her pain anymore. I felt that part of my assignment that day was to free her from her unconscious toxicity through soul healing. So I did the only thing I could think to do. I asked her if she would come up front and lie down on the healing table next to me so I could demonstrate how the soul healing process worked.

She looked all around her, terrified of being singled out and separated from her friends. “Why me?” she asked.
“Because you’re ready for soul healing, and I think you’ll be a very good subject.”

“I don’t feel ready.”

“That’s to be expected. People who are ready are in touch with their fear. Your high level of anxiety just means you’re really ready for soul healing.”

“Well, I’m not so sure of that.”

“I understand. Nobody is ever very sure of anything when they are really ready to let go and undergo soul healing. It sort of feels like the rug is being pulled out from under you and everything in your life is suddenly being turned upside down. But all we’re going to do here is find what you’re ready to let go of and then discharge it. So if you can be a bit brave and take a risk, everything will be fine.”


“I’ll tell you what. If you feel very uncomfortable at any point in the soul healing process, we’ll stop.”



Having a way out convinced her to give soul healing a try. She came up and hesitantly got on the table. I put one hand under the base of her spine, and my other hand under the base of her skull. The energy immediately started flowing out of me into her central nervous system. As I watched the energy flow into her, it surrounded her body with bands of green, blue, gold, and white energy. I could see that the audience was feeling the energy as well. Their restlessness faded away. They became quiet, peaceful, and alert. Within two to three minutes I could tell that Karen was very relaxed. Her eyes closed; her breathing became slow and even. I now moved my hands to her abdomen and her left side where the toxic energy of that terrible death was stored. As I shifted my hands, the soul healing energy flowing from my hands also shifted. It was now a bright, fiery red. Within seconds of the energy shifting, Karen opened her eyes and stared at me in shock.

“It’s Okay,” I said softly, so only she could hear. “Some old stuff from your last life is ready to pop. This is what happens in soul healing. Just make a little sound and it will come pouring out of you.”

“What stuff?” she asked, terrified. I had no chance to respond. With those two words her repressed material came flooding out. She started to cry. Her body shook. She waved her arms and legs frantically, wailed and screamed. After twenty minutes of intense release, her physical movements stopped. Her body became quiet as her system filled with peace. As she shifted from one state of consciousness to another, from a state of cathartic healing to a state of deep peace, the energy going into her changed once more from bright red to pink, lavender, and gold.

I looked out at the audience. The faces in front of me registered fear and terror. “I bet you’re all afraid of getting on the table now.”

They all nodded nervously.

“Soul healing looks pretty dangerous and painful, huh?”

They all nodded again. By this time Karen was back from her experience and had opened her eyes. “Karen, could you tell the people in the audience how you feel?”

“I feel really great. I have never felt as light and peaceful as I feel now.”

“Was it scary and painful to go through that soul healing release?”

“Not at all. I thought it would be, but it wasn’t. Instead, all I could feel was a great sense of relief. I know it probably didn’t look like that, but that is how it felt. It was funny too because once it started happening, I didn’t have any control over it. It just sort of gushed out of me.”

“Did you see any visions or have any insights during the soul healing experience?”

“I just felt like I was being burned alive.”

“Were you afraid?”

“I experienced a brief moment of absolute terror in the beginning, just before that feeling surfaced, but once the feeling of being burned alive surfaced, the sense of terror faded away.”

“Are you still afraid?”

“No. That’s what’s amazing. The fear is completely gone. I feel much lighter than I ever have. What did you see that made you call me up here?”

“I saw that you had been burned to death in your last lifetime, as you correctly felt you had. It was during the Holocaust, and you were incinerated in a concentration camp. That experience was very close to the surface of your being and was ready to be cleared. That’s why I wanted you up here for soul healing. Frankly, it was driving me a bit crazy, and I knew I had to clear it for you before we could go on with the soul healing seminar. I believe you were here today to clear it. How do you react when you see World War Two movies or read about the Holocaust?”

“I’ve never been able to watch anything to do with World War Two or even think about the Holocaust. The thought of it has always tied me up in fear and made me nauseous. Now I know why.”

“It’s always helpful to connect the dots and know why. It’s even better to be free of what has held you back.”

Every time we clear a toxic event from our psyche trough soul healing, we wrest more control and territory away from the negative ego. Each time we clear a toxic event, we expand our light, deepen our inner peace, bring our soul and conscious mind closer to each other, and lead our whole system closer to integration. Facing what we fear and going through some discomfort during the soul healing process is a small price to pay for the freedom to evolve without internal resistance and the joy of becoming the person we were always meant to be.

A Surprising Tale of Resistance and Letting Go

energy healing

Michigan State University

On Thursday following the energy healing workshop at Michigan State University I held an evening seminar/talk at an East Lansing church. The med student who had had such a tremendous experience at the energy healing workshop was in attendance. During the Q&A part of the evening she brought up a difficult family situation she was embroiled in.

Her grandmother had recently died and left her house to her. She wanted to sell it to pay for her medical school tuition. Bu there was a big fly in the ointment. Her mother, an alcoholic, was living in the house and refusing to leave. Try as she might, the young woman couldn’t get her mother to budge.

She was at her wits end. What could she do to get mother to move out? If she couldn’t sell the house she would have to drop out of med school. The stakes were high. Her future was on the line. Anxiety and anger were etched on her face and evident in her closed fists.

“Let go,” I said.

“Let go?” she replied incredulously.

“Let go,” I repeated.

“I can’t let go,” she retorted. “My whole future is riding on this. You don’t understand.”

“I understand. Now let go.”

She burst into tears. A few minutes later, she wiped her face and sighed, “O.K. I let go.”

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Numb I guess. Defeated. Hopeless.”

“You’re not defeated. You’re released. Are you still feeling angry at your mother?”


“So everything’s changed.”

“I guess so,” she admitted.

I looked over at the clock. It was 9:45 pm. I took a few more questions and ended the seminar a little after 10 p.m.

I was departing the next day. On the way to the airport I received a call from her.  “You’ll never guess what happened last night,” she said. “When I got home there was a message on my answering machine from my mother. She’s moving out of the house! The time stamp on the message was 9:45pm.”

“The exact time you let go.”

“Yeah,” she said. “That was the most amazing part.”

“When you let go of your resistance you stop blocking yourself and the situation can move toward harmony and resolution. Anger is a form of resistance. If you don’t let go of your resistance, the situation will escalate and worsen. When there’s nothing more to be done, let go. Drop your demands. Dump your negative emotions. Then harmony will be able to prevail. Good luck with school.”

“Thanks for the most amazing week of my life. The energy healing changed everything.”

“You’re welcome. Now go be a great doctor.”





Healing Stories – Past Life Healing

past life healing

WW 2 German Soldiers

I received a phone call one afternoon from MK, the wife of the Whole Foods CEO.

“Alan,” she said, “I’ve just been diagnosed with cervical cancer.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“I need to make an appointment to see you. I know you’ll heal me.”

“You know I’ll give it 150 percent, MK,” I told her. “But I can’t guarantee results.”

When MK came in to my office a few days later I had her lay down on my table. I began by placing one hand under the base of her spine and the other under the base of her skull. The energy began flowing out of my hands immediately. MK became  very relaxed. As she relaxed the energy coming out of my hands turned a bright red. Meanwhile, MK’s face turned gray and her whole body became agitated. Soon she began shaking her head back and forth and moaning, “I can’t see! I can’t see!”

The energy pouring out of me grew hotter. MK grew more agitated, her legs forcefully kicking the table. A moment passed, then she started screaming in German, a language she does not  know. It was Helmut this and Helmut that. This went on for approximately forty-five minutes. All that time, she continued screaming in German, kicking the table and twisting her body.

At this point  the energy flowing through me changed from a bright red to a soft gold. A moment later, MK stopped screaming and kicking. She became very peaceful, her breath rising and falling slowly. Soon it was time to end the session. I withdrew my hands and waited for her to come back to normal consciousness.

When she did the first thing she said was,”Why did you stop? I was out of my body floating in golden light. I have never felt so light, peaceful and safe.”

“It was time,” I said. “You completed what you needed to release. Do you remember what you were screaming about in German?”

“It was my last life,” sighed MK. “It was World War 2. I was married to a German general. When he came back after the war ended he said he had hated killing the Jews he was ordered to shoot. When he said that I confessed to him what I did during the war.”

“What was that?”

“I used my status as a General’s wife to get Jews out of the country. When I told him that he went crazy. He beat me up,  raped me,  ripped out my eyes and left me to die. That’s how my life ended.”

“How do you feel now?”

“Wonderful. Much lighter. I had no idea I was carrying that nightmare inside me. You healed me.”

“We won’t know for sure until you go back to the Dr. and get tested.”

MK called me back two weeks later to tell me that her cervical cancer was gone.

There is often a direct connection between what happened in another lifetime and what happens in this one. Past life trauma often manifests in illness, dysfunctional relationships and limiting circumstances. If we do not bring up to consciousness the trauma hidden in the depths or our soul, those hidden events will continue to control us, limit us and affect our health until we do. The past controls the present and the future until we face and release it. In Mk’s case, her repressed rage at what had happened to her  caused her cancer. Thankfully, MK faced her painful past, relived the trauma, released her rage and went free. The cancer never returned.



Energy Healing – My Friend Bob

healing energyI first met Bob when he came to a healing energy workshop in Austin that I was producing for my mentor, Eleanor Moore. He was sitting at the back of the main sanctuary of the Unity Church in Austin after the day long workshop had ended. As I walked by him he waved his arm and motioned me over. I went over  and he said somewhat hesitantly that he needed energy healing and wanted to work with me on a regular basis. That’s how our long friendship began.

Bob had grown up in a highly dysfunctional family in Hawaii. When he was ten, his mother, who was an alcoholic, told him that he was so ugly so woman would ever want him. Bob fled the islands and his family when he was sixteen and joined the Merchant Marine.

When we met, he was fifty years old and a third mate in the Merchant Marine. In all his years at sea, he hadn’t made much progress in his career. He told me that he lived in Houston and that his wife had left him during his last sea voyage. Sadly, he had returned home to a house  emptied of all furniture. She had cleaned out their bank accounts and moved back to Michigan where she was from. She had left him a note on the kitchen counter. “I’m tired of being married to you,” she wrote. “You’re too ugly to put up with.”

Echoes from his childhood burned in his brain. The childhood wounding by his mother  roared back to life. He was alone, destitute except for the check from his recent voyage, and sinking into a deep pool of shame and despair.

Bob started coming up to Austin from Houston on a weekly basis for energy healing sessions. He would get a motel room and we’d do a healing energy session Monday through Fridays, until he went out to sea again. Usually, when we finished each healing energy session, he’d feel like he was on fire. That was due to the red healing energy I channelled into him. The red healing energy was burning away the darkness and pain inside him. Usually an hour after each healing energy session Bob would start shaking all over as the healing energy moved deeper into his system. He learned over time that when that happened he had better be safely back in his hotel room. When the shaking started he’d collapse on his bed and fall asleep for a couple hours.

Over time, his life began to change. First, he was promoted to Second Mate. The next voyage he was promoted to First Mate. Then he was made Captain. Soon he was recognized as the best Captain in his company and given all the best voyages. His income soared. Bob was feeling much better about himself.

It was at this point that his union asked him to go to Congress to lobby Congressmen and Senators for them. Bob was very hesitant to commit to do this. He was a painfully shy man. I told him he was ready and it would be a great opportunity for him. Bob took a deep breath and went. He had a great time, enjoying his meetings with Senators and Congressmen.

When he got back I suggested he come to my monthly healing energy workshops for my clients. In those healing energy workshops he would get worked on and learn to work on others. Bob was sceptical but I convinced him to give it a try. What happened was amazing.

All the women there took to him immediately. They all wanted to work on him and when they felt the healing energy coming out of him, they all wanted him to work on them. When he was away at sea for a few months and couldn’t attend the workshops those women missed him mightily.

The vicious imprinting that his alcoholic mother had put into his subconscious mind had lost its power and authority over him. Bob had come into his own.

When Bob retired he moved to a little town on the California Nevada border. We kept in touch occasionally in those years. The last time I saw Bob was in the late 1990’s when I went up to visit him. I hadn’t heard from him in some time so recently I tried to contact him. His phone was disconnected. Fearing the worst, I searched the internet for him. My fears were confirmed. Bob had passed away in December 2007. I lost a good friend and the world lost a good man. Rest in Peace Bob. I will not forget you.

Healing Stories – Long Distance Healing

long distance healing

Big Ben, Parliament Building, London UK

This is a story about long distance healing. The ironic thing is that I had to go a long distance, from Palo Alto, CA to London, UK to do this particular long distance healing. My purpose in going to London was to see my fiance, who was doing a semester abroad. At the time, doing any healing energy work, let alone long distance healing of any kind was the furthest thing from my mind.

My fiancee was staying with a family in London. Peter and Natalie were kind and open. They had a lovely twelve year old daughter named Jo. When I arrived, they promptly invited me to dinner. After dinner I asked Peter if he had a headache. He was a little taken aback.

“How did you know that?” he asked.

“I see it,” I replied.

“You see it?” he asked incredulously.

“It’s in your energy field. Would you like me to get rid of it for you?”

“O.K.,” he said dubiously.

I didn’t move and continued talking with the rest of the family. A minute later I asked Peter how his headache was?

“It’s gone,” he answered, clearly shocked that something had actually happened.

“How’s your energy level?” I asked him.

“Great!” he answered.

Unfortunately, I had overdone it. Peter had so much energy that night that he was up to four in the morning.  Nevertheless, Peter’s story spread through the neighborhood like a wildfire. I was besieged by many of their friends and neighbors wanting my help. Everyone had tons of questions.

A few days later, my fiancee and I were scheduled to visit Bath for a couple of days. The morning of our departure, their daughter Jo came down with the flu. The family was crestfallen. Jo was supposed to leave the next morning for her class trip. It was the highlight of the school year. She had been looking forward to the trip to the seashore all year and had been hoarding all her babysitting money so she’d be able to go. Now it looked like she wasn’t going to be able to join her class at all. Peter and Natalie pleaded with me to heal her. I was exhausted from working on everyone in the neighborhood so I told them I would work on Jo that evening from Bath after I recharged my energies. I just had nothing to give at the moment.

“How can you heal her from Bath?” a crestfallen Peter asked.

“The same way I healed your headache,” I answered. “Long distance healing is very effective.”

That night my fiancee was very tired and didn’t want to go out for dinner. So I found a Chinese restaurant and sat down by myself to order dinner. The restaurant was not very crowded. After the waitress took my order I decided it was time to work on Jo. I started blasting her with pink energy via long distance healing. While I sent the long distance healing energy I saw a vision of her in my mind’s eye. In my vision Jo sat up and said, “That’s enough! That’s enough!” I stopped sending the long distance healing energy. Jo lay down and went immediately back to sleep.

After dinner I went back to the Bed and Breakfast where we were staying and told my fiancee what had happened with my long distance healing of Jo. Two days later we returned to London. When we reached Peter and Natalie’s house, only Natalie was home. We told her about Bath, then I told her what had happened when I sent the long distance healing energy to Jo. She went white as a ghost, got up and went into kitchen.

When she returned, she told us that Jo had woken up the next day perfectly fine.  They packed her things and drove her down to seashore to join her class.

A few days later I returned to California.

A couple of weeks passed. My fiance was in her room at Peter and Natalie’s studying for final exams. It was a warm day in late May and her window was wide open. Natalie was in the backyard taking in the laundry and talking to her neighbor.

My fiance couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.

“I was sitting with Jo in her bedroom the night she had the flu. She had fallen into a deep sleep when all of a sudden she sat straight up and screamed “That’s enough!”

“She didn’t!”, said the neighbor. “What do you think she was screaming about?”

“I don’t know. But she screamed it twice.”

“What happened next?” the neighbor asked.

“Nothing. She went straight back to sleep. When she woke in the morning she was perfectly fine.”

“Well, isn’t that the damnedest thing,” said the neighbor. “Did it have anything to do with that bloke who was here from the states? He was all anyone talked about for days.”

Natalie folded a bedsheet. “Don’t know,” she answered tersely.

My fiance smiled as the truth finally came out and promptly wrote me a letter.





Healing Stories

energy healing

Energy Healing and Grandpa Max

After helping people bring their lives into balance in a career spanning three decades I have a huge collection of energy healing stories. This one is about my grandfather Max. Some years ago I received a call from my mother telling me that if I wanted to see my grandfather before he died I’d better come home to Boston right away. I dropped everything, got on a plane in Austin where I was then living, and rushed home. The next day we went to the nursing home to see my grandpa. When we got there he was by himself in a wheel chair sitting by a wall in the activities room, sleeping. I had never seen my grandfather like that. He had always been an animated, energetic man who loved life. To see him like that, a shell of himself was heartbreaking.

The Prayer

I grabbed the wheel chair and took him to his room. I sat in front of him and took his hands in mine. The back of his hands were swollen with blood. More shock. I took a deep breath to center myself, then began sending energy healing from my hands into his. I watched as his energy field filled up with bands of bright gold and pink energy. He opened his eyes and smiled, happy to see me. I kept up the energy healing for twenty five minutes. At the end of that time I said a prayer for my grandfather. “Dear Lord, let my grandfather have quality of life for what time remains to him and when his time comes, let him go easily and peacefully.”

Energy Healing Transformation

My mother and I then put my grandpa in his bed and covered him with a blanket. He went to sleep immediately. The next day, Sunday, we came back. Joining us were my brother, my uncle and my cousin. The evidence of the energy healing was very apparent. My grandpa was fully alive and animated. His eyes were bright, he told jokes, and the swelling on the back of his hands had gone down seventy- five percent. When it was time to go and we were all leaving, my grandpa called me back. I went over to him and leaned down. He whispered in my ear how much he loved me.

The Answer

I went back to Austin the next day. On Tuesday afternoon my mother called. My grandfather had gone into a coma and died early that afternoon. The energy healing had done its job. eGod had answered my prayer. My grandfather had quality of life in the short time that remained to him and when it was his time he went easily and peacefully. He was ninety seven. It was years ago, but I still miss him and always will.

Passing It On

I told my grandpa’s energy healing story to client of mine in Los Angeles as we were driving to see her husband who had been in intensive care for months in LA County Hospital. The doctors were baffled and unable to diagnose what was wrong with him. My client was sure he had been poisoned by ruthless business competitors. After I was done working on him, she asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting outside for a few minutes. “Not at all, ” I replied. “Take your time.”

She came out of his room twenty minutes later, tears streaming down her face. “I said the prayer for my husband that you said for your grandfather Max,” she told me as we drove away.

Her husband passed peacefully later that night. His long ordeal was over.


Stories are powerful things. Never be afraid to share them. You never know the impact they may have and the good they can do when you share them. Energy healing is a powerful instrument of transformation.