Soul Activation Part 3: Your Hidden Power

A Flawed Instruction Set

Virtually everyone has a flawed instruction set that controls their subconscious and creates much of what they experience in their personal reality. The subconscious is a massive reality creating machine. It is both immensely powerful and extremely subtle. It’s always generating our experience, yet we proceed through life generally unaware of how much it controls our reality, our relationships, our abundance or lack thereof, and our quality of life.

How The Subconscious Works

Will power alone is not enough to clear and correct the negative effects of a flawed instruction set that has been deeply imprinted in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not discriminate. It has no filter to cancel out negative experience so that it won’t be repeated. It does not separate truth from falsehood, the good from the bad or the harmful from the helpful. It accepts everything as true. And therein lies the rub. If you don’t understand the power of your subconscious, or the way in which it works, it is exceedingly difficult to correct a flawed instruction set. A flawed instruction set is a series of false beliefs that have been imprinted in your subconscious mind. You believe these false beliefs to be true because that is what you experienced in your early childhood reality. These beliefs control your reality. Your subconscious mind is always generating experiences and bringing people into your life who conform to those false beliefs.

Toxic Shame

For instance, I have a client who had a mother that never showed her love, or nurtured her in any way. This was a multi-generational problem in her family of origin. Her grandmother had done the same thing to her mother. They would both sit around the kitchen table smoking and not communicating with each other. The only emotion they showed each other was anger. This is typical of people who suffer from toxic shame. Toxic shame means you feel worthless and unfixable. People with toxic shame syndrome have strong defense systems because they are afraid of feeling the hopelessness and powerlessness that lies at the core of their shame. Instead of facing their shame and clearing it, they choose to hide and repress it. Whatever we repress runs us. Whatever we repress is stronger than we are. Toxic shame is a false belief that the subconscious will perpetuate indefinitely until we summon the courage to face it, expose it, feel it, express it and expel it from our mind. Until we do we are never free of its effect on our life. False beliefs and flawed instruction sets cast a long, dark shadow over our future.

My client married a man much like her mother. He never loved her, supported her emotionally, or was there in any way for her. They had a daughter who was very bright and beautiful. The daughter treated her mother, my client, just as my client’s mother had treated her. The daughter was cold, unloving, self-righteous and judgmental. In the most important relationships of her life the spectre of her mother was always present, attracting the same relationship to her in the guise of husband and daughter. My client was not only rejected by her mother but also by her husband, and in the cruelest twist of fate, by her own daughter. Her subconscious belief in her own toxic shame insured that her relationship with her mother would be repeated in the most important relationships in her life.

The Solution

What’s the solution to this dilemma that affects virtually everyone on the planet? First, you’ve got to find the false beliefs that comprise your flawed instruction set. Sometimes, this is fairly simple and straightforward, as in the example above. Just connect the dots. Often times, it is more hidden and difficult to find because those beliefs originate in a past lifetime and are buried in a deep strata of the soul. This was the case in the example of Jack that I wrote about in my last newsletter. If you didn’t have a chance to read that newsletter you will find it in the blog section of my website . It is titled Soul Activation: Part 2.

A Special Offer

When you find those beliefs they must be faced, felt, expelled and forgiven. It is a difficult , if not impossible enterprise, to do on your own. I’ve been doing this work for over thirty years and am expert at it. If you’re ready to heal and elevate your life and leave the past behind you, consider working with me. From now until Oct 10,2013 I will deduct $50.00 from my normal fee of $275.00 per hr. That’s the lowest rate I have charged since 1999. Just go the Consultation tab of and purchase a one hour session. I will refund the fifty dollars back to you as soon as your session is over.

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