The Silent Epidemic, The Silent Killer


A good friend of mine called me in tears a couple of years ago. She had just returned from her doctor’s office. The results of her recent blood tests had just come in. The doctor sat her down and gave her the bad news. The tests indicated she had third stage cirrhosis of the liver. It was a death sentence. The doctor told her she had two years to live-maybe. I was stunned. How could that be? She didn’t drink. And then I started doing research. It turns out another name for cirrhosis of the liver is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD. And this form of the dreaded liver disease is now at epidemic levels in the US.

According to “Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the buildup of fat in the liver cells of people who do not drink alcohol excessively. It’s the most common liver disorder in Western countries and a key contributor to chronic liver disease.

“Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is fast becoming one of the top concerns for clinicians due to the obesity epidemic and its potential to progress to advanced liver disease, which significantly impacts on overall liver-related mortality,” Mark Thursz, vice secretary of the European Association for the Study of the Liver, says in a news release. “This data highlights a serious concern for the future, and the enormous increasing health burden of NAFLD.”

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with obesity, insulin resistance (prediabetes) or diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated blood fats.

Researchers found during the first survey period from 1988-1994, 46.8% of all chronic liver disease was related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. But by 2005-2008, this proportion had risen to 75.1%.”

My friend immediately changed her diet, eliminating all junk foods and hi-fructose corn syrup and agave which is actually worse for you than HFCS. She added dandelion greens and other herbs she thought might help and started losing weight. At her last doctor’s appointment the doctor noted she had made significant progress. He told her life expectancy had now increased another ten years. This time, she didn’t call me in tears.

Yesterday, I read about another study reported at that cited the use fermented turmeric in healing liver disease.  According to the study, turmeric reduced the elevated liver enzyme levels that are markers for liver disease.

With all the toxins we are all exposed to everyday in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat it is important to continually support and detoxify the liver. Turmeric is a spice that everyone should consider consuming daily. Another great detoxifying remedy for the liver is Zija’s special tea based on the moringa tree. The Zija tea is very powerful, pulling heavy metals and many other toxins out of the cells of the body. Zija is the name of a company that has pioneered a way to make the incredible full spectrum nutritional density of the Moringa tree readily bio-available for consumption in a wide range of formulations. When you have a moment checkout Zija.


You’re in the Middle of a Covert War

The Real Drug War

A covert war rages around you. If you’re like most people you have no idea it even exists. This is a war for your health, your mental stability and your longevity. The pharmaceutical industry wants every American on prescription drugs. According to a CDC report in 2007-2008 “Over the last 10 years, the percentage of Americans who took at least one prescription drug increased from 44% to 48%. The use of two or more drugs increased from 25% to 31%. The use of five or more drugs increased from 6% to 11%.” That was in 2008. In 20013 the numbers are bound to be much higher. The real drug war is not being fought to get hard drugs off our streets but to get pharmaceutical drugs into our bodies and brains.

The medication of America serves several purposes for the controllers of our country. First, it enriches Big Pharma and enfeebles the population. Second a weak, confused citizenry is far easier to control than a strong, vibrant, clear thinking one. Third, it allows those who control the country’s direction to easily brainwash and control the masses. Once you control the media and have people on drugs it’s child play to influence the subconscious mass mind and steer humanity in the direction you want. Do you think the dumbing down, moral degradation, breakup of the family unit, and increasing social instability of America and much of the rest of the world is accidental? It isn’t. It’s part of an ingenious covert agenda for complete domination.

The Rise of the GM Juggernaut

In addition to the proliferation of drugs, we are also assaulted by the rise and omnipresence of GM foods. These foods provide little nutrition when compared to their organic counterparts. For instance, GM corn has less than 2% of the nutrition of organic corn. GM corn, like virtually all GM seeds, is roundup resistant. This means farmers farmers can spray the heck out of their GM crops with roundup to kill bugs. When you eat a GM food you are also ingesting a high dose of roundup. Glycophosate, the toxic ingredient in roundup kills the healthy bacteria in your gut. In its place the pesticide begins to proliferate. This only increases the chance of  cancer. In a study of rats fed a GM diet, by the the time the rats reached the third generation they could no longer reproduce.

GM foods include soy, corn, canola. These crops are all over 90% GM. Less than 10% is organic. When you buy corn chips in the store, go to a Mexican restaurant, or use soy sauce in your cooking the chances are high you’re ingesting GM soy and corn. Read those ingredient labels in the stores very carefully. Your families health depends on it. GM wheat has also been uncovered growing in Colorado and Oregon. GM foods include zucchini, Hawaiian papaya, sugar beets. Many animals in the food chain are fed a diet of GM grain. Shockingly, many vitamins are made from GM foods. For instance, “Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is often made from corn, vitamin E is usually made from soy. Vitamins A, B2, B6, and B12 may be derived from GMOs as well as vitamin D and vitamin K may have “carriers” derived from GM corn sources, such as starch, glucose, and maltodextrin.”

Connceting the Dots

You add drugs and GM foods to fluoride in the water supply, barium, aluminum and many other heavy metals in the chemtrails that litter the skies and then connect the dots. When you do the covert war on our health becomes obvious. If you’re not informed and eating as organically as possible you run the risk of becoming another statistic.


If you haven’t yet read my books I urge you to consider doing so. They are the result of thirty years of private practice as an energetic healer. While they are not about nutrition, they are about freeing yourself and your mind from the toxic influences that exist inside and outside of you. These books are designed with the express intention of helping you elevate your life. There’s no better or more important time for you to embark on this most necessary endeavor than now.  A war is raging for control of your mind and your life. That war starts with the attempt to control your mind. If you just yawn and do nothing to help yourself you lose and the world loses. We all count. No one can change the world by themselves, but together we can certainly do so. The hidden power in your mind and soul is far beyond what you believe possible. You have been lead to believe that you have little power to change anything in your life and that the future is completely beyond your grasp. The best then that you can do is endure, watch TV and divert yourself with empty forms of entertainment, recreational drugs and meaningless sex. These beliefs have been instilled in the mass consciousness to control you and disempower you. My books will show you a far different truth based on the reality of your real power. They will inspire, educate, encourage, and elevate as well as entertain you. They will show you how to overcome and free yourself from false truths and emotional wounds. You will find THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE and JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? at Order now and you will get a signed copy with a personal inscription.

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Secrets of Upliftment: The X Factor


We serve others in order to grow our soul, increase our inner light, and fuse our soul with our ego. However, if we try to serve before we have cleared our toxicity, opened our system to our soul, and learned to stand in our power, our service will not be empowering. Instead, it will be draining and sacrificial.

Service elevates us when we have established soul contact and our system is open and clear enough to pull down the light from above. When those two factors are in place, the Divine will give the energy that we give to others back to us in greater quantity and higher quality. When we choose to serve others, God chooses to serve us. As we work to lift others up, God works to lift us up. Service upgrades the quality of the energy circulating in our system, and that upgraded energy draws us ever closer to our soul and spirit.

The X Factor

The unknown, or X factor in the equation of service is our conscious intent. Is that intent selfless, or is it selfish and manipulative? If our service has a selfish motive and our intention is to promote ourselves instead of helping others, then that “service” won’t promote our growth, elevate our consciousness, or release spiritual energy into the world. Because we’re using and not giving, the inner door won’t open, and Divine energy won’t flow down to us. The secret to divine intervention is to give from the heart without expectation or selfish motive. In true service, there is no quid pro quo.

The Intersection of Humanity and Divinity

A Dual Role

The surrendered ego stands at the intersection of humanity and divinity, knowing that it has a dual role to play. One role is to keep the door between these two realms open. To do this it must maintain its integrity and openness, remaining centered and in acceptance, rather than being pulled in conflicting directions by waves of negative emotion. It cannot afford to take things personally and fall into reactive behavior. Its job is not to get even or yield to the seductive pull of retaliation. Instead, its task is to forgive all transgressions against its person, so that it might remain centered and connected to the Divine. Its high mission is to bring peace, clarity, and balance, wherever, and whenever, it can.

Teacher and Role Model

The other role the surrendered ego plays is that of teacher and example, leading the way for others to find the door to the Divine within themselves. It is not interested, as is the negative ego, in being the only power on the playing field. Instead, the surrendered ego wants everyone to share equally in the Divine power, for that is our true birthright.

Expanding Joy

The surrendered ego knows that once we have discovered who we really are, the most effective way to deepen and expand our experience of our true self is to help other people discover their real self. The surrendered ego knows that we expand our joy when we share our joy.

What Survives the Death of the Body

soul ego

Quan Yin

Karma and Freedom

Not surprisingly, the only significant contribution the negative ego makes that will endure beyond the death of the body is the negative karma it created while it held power. Its legacy is more toxicity that will have to be processed and cleared in other lifetimes. In the time that it is here, the negative ego finds few answers to life and experiences precious little fulfillment. Instead, it tarnishes the soul with its intrigues, contributes to its burdens, causes it to lose its momentum toward the light, and adds to its karmic weight.

The Surrendered Ego

The surrendered ego does just the opposite. It is focused on freedom, knowing that freedom is found only when we move in harmony with the Divine. It realizes that freedom is never strictly an individual or separate phenomenon, but is the result of a union between the individual, his soul, and the Divine. Until the Divine confers its light and power upon us, our experience of our true identity and purpose remains limited to our orientation in time and space, and we will be unable to experience the timeless dimension of our nature. We simply cannot know who we really are when we are only aware of part of ourselves. Without the presence of the Divine in our system, our true identity remains unknown, and we remain unfulfilled.

The Evolution of the Ego

negative ego, victim, ego

When Toxicity Becomes Radioactive

The relationship between toxic content and the victim mentality makes that toxicity highly magnetic and powerful, almost radioactive. The resultant combination attracts an ever increasing stream of toxic situations into the person’s life. These new situations will incline the person polarized by his negative ego to react negatively, like a victim, to perceived threats to his survival, thus causing even more imbalances and fragmentation to his system.
In essence, there is a great irony at work in the primary mission of the negative ego. Instead of protecting its host from more traumatic incidents, the negative ego attracts more traumatic events to him. That is fine with the negative ego, for in adding to its host’s traumas, the negative ego increases its power over the host’s psyche. While a toxic system does not help the person who must live within the constraints of that toxicity, it does help the negative ego project its power and keep the soul at bay. The negative ego is shrewd and calculating. It knows that the more toxic material there is in its host’s system, the less opportunity the host’s soul will have to exert its influence and help the person grow.
As noted earlier, the negative ego does not have a death wish. It protects the toxic content in its host system because that toxicity is the source of its power and existence. Its secret mission, as opposed to its primary mission, is to keep the person focused on outward pursuits and dominated by an endless stream of desires. By keeping its host focused on chasing after a stream of desires, the negative ego diverts him from turning within, taking responsibility for his toxicity, and consciously evolving. By keeping its host focused on the external pursuit of happiness, the negative ego insures both its own continuity and its position of power.

The Healthy Ego

The healthy ego, by contrast, has already turned away from the distraction and glamour of desire and turned inward to confront and clear the unconscious toxicity in its system. In facing its fears it has faced them down. Instead of dissipating its power by turning outward, it is integrating and re-owning its power by moving inward. In moving inward, it is building a positive center of power. Since the healthy ego has cleared the toxicity in its system, it is no longer dominated by the victim mentality and is free to finally develop a clearer sense of self.

The Evolution of the Ego

As the ego evolves, we evolve. The healthy ego was once the negative ego. The transformation of the negative ego begins when the individual decides he has had enough frustration, emptiness, and suffering; when he admits that desire and denial do not work and can never fulfill their promise to satisfy him; when he sees that it is time to face himself, look within, and clear whatever toxic content he may find there.
The conscious, deliberate engagement with one’s unconscious toxicity marks the beginning of the negative ego’s death spiral. That confrontation weakens the desire nature and brings healing to the inner victim. As the negative ego is thrown into the spiritual fire of the Elimination Zone, it is slowly purified, refined, and reborn as the healthy ego. Where the negative ego nurtures the darkness and pursues its own separate goals of domination and control, the healthy ego embraces the soul and is eager to pursue the true goals of the individual, growth and evolution.

The Ego and The Victim Mentality

Ego States and Toxicity

We can find the secret to the great disparity in viewpoint, values, and purpose that exists between the negative ego and the healthy ego in the relationship each level of the ego has with the presence or absence of the inner victim and the unconscious toxic content of its host. In the case of the negative ego, the unconscious toxicity in its host’s system has not been processed and the inner victim is dominant. In the case of the healthy ego, that toxicity has been processed and the inner victim has been transformed. The negative ego is built on the foundation of its host’s toxic content and the presence of the inner victim, while the healthy ego is constructed on the transformation of that content and the absence of the inner victim. Unprocessed content is crucial to the negative ego’s existence. It imbues the negative ego with power and provides it with a mandate to protect its host from further harm.

Unprocessed Toxicity

A critical component of that unprocessed toxicity is the victim mentality. If someone has been hurt, abused, or shamed and has not cleared those experiences from his system, the role of the victim will be present in his psyche, no matter how unconscious or well hidden that role may be. The inner victim is always angry and always blames someone else for its difficulties. Until the person chooses to take responsibility for what has happened in his life, the inner victim will always stop his growth. Growth is just not possible until one takes full responsibility for the weight of his life.

The Inner Victim

By constantly blaming other people for his difficulties, the inner victim makes a costly mistake. What the inner victim fails to comprehend is that in blaming others for his problems, he not only renders himself powerless, but also transfers what power he has left to his adversary. The unconscious transfer of power makes the inner victim less than who he really is and at the same time, makes his adversary more than who he really is.
Two things happen when the inner victim unconsciously transfers his power to his adversary and neither result is good. First, it makes him feel even more victimized than he did before he unconsciously transferred his power to his adversary. Second, it inflames the inner victim with more hatred toward his adversary. Both results widen the gulf that separates the inner victim from other people and deepens his shame. When the inner victim transfers his power he expands his sense of victimization. As long as he lets the inner victim state exist inside him, he can only move in one direction, down into darkness, and away from the light of the soul and spirit. The only thing the inner victim mentality ever succeeds in doing is making the individual into even more of a victim.

The Healthy Ego

An Open system

The healthy ego is an open system. It wants to do all it can to help the soul achieve maximum influence in the psyche. The healthy ego is interested in promoting the growth and evolution of the person it serves. It is a true ally and partner in the pursuit of that growth.The healthy ego knows it can accelerate its host’s growth and evolution by merging with the soul and letting the soul be the ultimate authority in the psyche. The healthy ego knows instinctively that when that merger occurs it will strengthen every aspect of the psyche, produce a higher level of systemic integration, and widen its host’s awareness.

A Second Death Experience

The healthy ego also knows that as the evolutionary process goes forward from the Integration Zone and enters the Elevation Zone, it will undergo another upgrade, or death experience. The healthy ego, unlike the negative ego, is not afraid of its own death, because it has died once already when making the transition from the Elimination Zone to the Integration Zone. When it died as the negative ego, the healthy ego was transformed and freed from the chains of unconscious toxicity that bound it in fear and separation.

Seeking Growth

The healthy ego, unlike the negative ego, seeks continued growth and transformation. It understands that as more light enters and integrates the system of its host, the freer and happier it will be. When the ego is upgraded by the influx of spiritual light, all aspects of the individual’s system become freer and brighter. As the ego goes, so goes the individual. The key to personal evolution is to shift the ego toward the pole of the soul and spirit.

The Absence of Fear

The healthy ego is no longer worried about its survival, and no longer dominated by fear. Its goals are no longer antagonistic to the goals of the inner person. Instead, they are the same. The healthy ego is learning to move in harmony with the soul. Where the soul leads, the healthy ego wants to follow.

The Game of Life

game of life

Winning the Game of Life

Our job is to understand the game of life and play that game to win. Understanding how the Law of Consequences functions will help us win that game on our internal levels. We win when we grow our inner light and realize who we really are. The wise person plays the game of life for the long term. He is not interested in building karma that may create a short term personal advantage but carries with it a long term liability. He knows that the price he will eventually have to pay for that temporary advantage is too high. He is interested in generating more light in his life rather than more darkness. This world is dark enough already. With each dark and reprehensible act, it becomes a more fearful and angry place, where peace and sanity evaporate and acts of continual retribu- tion ratchet up the violence to appalling heights.

Why We Are Here

Earth is the place we must come to in order to heal the splits in our psyche and overcome our separation from the light of our soul. Physical life was never meant to be easy or permanent. It was designed to force our growth. At every step of the way, we must choose between what will help us go forward and what will lead us astray. We can be engines of illumination or generators of karmic pollution. The choices we make will either clarify the light in our soul or increase the karmic weight in our system. We can quicken the pace of our evolution or add to its burdens and length of time. We can rise in the light or sink in the darkness.
When the Divine gave man free will, He also gave man karma so he would have to be responsible for his actions. Nothing is free or without consequence. The price of freedom is letting go of everything we think we are and are not. The game of life was set in stone eons ago. We have no control over its nature, but we do have control over our nature. Beware what kind of player you become in the game of life.

The Negative Ego

negative ego

We Are Not Our Shame

The strategy of the negative ego is to keep us occupied in vain pursuits that feed it but do not feed us. If it can keep us focused on our greed and desire, the negative ego is assured of maintaining its power. To defeat the negative ego at its game, we must realize that we are not our shame. The territory of toxic emotion that the negative ego tries to hide from the world is not who we are. It is what prevents us from being who we are. To identify ourselves with our shame is to keep ourselves from our freedom. It is the error of identification that the negative ego wants us to make. It is the mistake that drives us to utilize our desire nature to flee from facing whatever false self we have erected and have come to believe that we are.

The whole rationale behind the power of desire is that if we succeed in fleeing from the pain of our shame, we can hide ourselves in material pleasure. The problem with that rationale is that pleasure always ends. Sooner or later, our pain will return and overwhelm us. As long as shame exists, it can never be entirely silenced.The strategies of the negative ego have a short shelf life.

The Adversaries of the Soul

What we must eventually realize is that what we fail to confront is much more dangerous to us than that what we choose to face. What we shrink from facing shrinks us. While we can actualize our desires, our desires cannot actualize us. Our soul contains our identity, our path, and our purpose. The negative ego only contains our unhealed wounds. The negative ego and our desire nature are the adversaries of our higher connection.

When we finally realize that the three forces of alienation- fear, greed and desire – are a dead end and lead nowhere, we are finally ready to enter the Elimination Zone and begin the path of personal evolution. What we need to keep in mind as we enter the Elimination Zone is that when we stand up to our fear, our fear will stand down. We regain our power when we confront the inner darkness and the negative ego that would otherwise diminish us.