The Power of Service

Service and The Present Moment

When our service is clean, we connect with other people in a deep way. That connection creates a sense of unity and purpose that shifts us out of self-concern and into the present moment, where anxiety, need, and attachment do not exist. When we set our own concerns aside, we create the present moment. We experience the present moment when we are integrated and the two poles of our nature, soul and substance, are in balance. When we are in the present moment, we feel whole and fulfilled, creative, energetic, and alive. The present moment is a psychological state. It always exists, but it disappears when we are preoccupied with self-concern, worry and stress. If we don’t find the present moment we won’t find our true identity.

Service as an Investment in Our Future

While service is a key to the present moment and to discovering our true identity, it is also an investment in our future. Service creates positive momentum in our life, our contributions to others becoming credits in our “spiritual bank account.” Those credits mean that life will reward us for our good works at a moment of its choosing and in a time when we might need it most.
The principle behind the idea of a “spiritual bank account” is that when we put out positive energy into the world in the form of good works, we will draw good energy back to us when we need it most. According to the Law of Consequences like attracts like. Negative karma will draw negative conditions and experiences to us. Conversely, positive karma will draw positive and uplifting experiences to us.

Karmic Actions

Negative karma guarantees that we will not evolve further until we resolve the problems our actions have created for us. Negative karma robs our life of positive momentum. The more negative karma in our spiritual bankbook, the less good will that we have to draw from, and the less protected we will be in the future. When we need help, there will be no help. Life will not support us because we supported no one unless it served our own selfish agenda.