Health and the Liberation Matrix

The Foundation of Health

The foundation of health is the food we put into our bodies. The Control Matrix wants you to eat industrialized, processed food that has negligible nutritional content and is loaded with toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. The typical American diet leads to serious health problems and degenerative diseases. It often ends with a slow, painful death but not before the medical/big pharma complex has extracted every last dollar from your pocket. The chemicals intentionally added to the processed food in the typical American diet not only poison you over time but make you more susceptible to mind control. In fact, most Americans are mind controlled and don’t even know it. This is not an enchanted country. It is an entranced nation.

It’s important to take control of your health by researching diet and nutrition. There are many great resources on the web dedicated to health. I hope you are, or will be, taking advantage of them. Here are some recommendations to keep your body strong and healthy.

  1. If you don’t know your blood type you can purchase a kit on that will allow you to ascertain which type you are.
  2. Get a copy of Eat Right for Your Blood Type and eat accordingly. This is a fascinating and important book. Follow its recommendations and watch your health improve.
  3. Most vitamins have GMO ingredients. Any label that lists maltodextrin or ascorbic acid as ingredients is GMO. MegaFoods has the only certified GMO free production facility in the country. Their products are GMO free. I also like the Bioage line of algae. These are among the most nutritionally dense products on the market. They contain all the vitamins and minerals you need. They also clear radiation from your system and strengthen your immune system. I use formula F2.
  4. Don’t drink tap water. It is loaded with poisons. Get a water distiller or a reverse osmosis system. I have owned a Water Wise distiller for years. It’s an excellent product. They are having a summer sale right now at. If you can’t afford one of the products see if your local healthfood store has a reverse osmosis dispensing machine. Bring your own containers and you can get the water for 25-35 cents a gallon.
  5. Eat organic sulphur. This is a phenomenal product. Sulphur clears virtually all toxins from the body and increases oxygen to the cells by 20%. After taking it for just two weeks a torn muscle in my shoulder healed that had bothered me for many years. Sulphur restores and enhances a woman’s beauty and makes men more handsome. In my case, women have been throwing themselves at me. I have so many women, I don’t know where to begin. O.K., I’ve got to be honest. That’s a bit of a stretch, but a guy can dream, right? If you want to purchase sulphur, I have an impeccable source that sells high grade organic sulphur at an incredibly low price. Since I haven’t asked if it’s ok to put the contact information in this newsletter, just email me if you would like to purchase sulphur and I will send you the info.

That’s it for today. I wish you excellent health, a happy life and a strong clear mind. If you haven’t read my novel THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE yet please do so. I believe you will find it to be one of the best books you’ve ever read. It’s a page turner and filled with multi-leveled life lessons that will help you elevate your life. You’ll find it on, and  It’s available in both hard cover and kindle editions. If you’ve read it, I would deeply appreciate it if you would post a short review on and comment on www.facebook/thetenzintrilogy.