THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE is a gripping tale of tragedy, transformation, and triumph. It spans the turbulent period in world history from 1925 to 1967 with particular emphasis on the Tibetan Holocaust and the Vietnam War. The central character, Tenzin, is a young Tibetan monk of exceptional promise. When the Chinese invade Tibet and approach his monastery, Tenzin’s superiors order him to flee. He is to cross the Himalayas and make his way to the American embassy in Delhi where an airplane ticket waits for him. He arrives in Los Angeles months later, alone and exhausted. Eventually, he learns that the Chinese have executed everyone he loves. Overwhelmed by grief, he slowly claws his way out of despair to become a beacon of hope in his adopted land.

THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE provides the template for the hero’s journey we all must take if we are to lead fulfilling and evolved lives. It will take you on a deeply emotional adventure, and provide you with sage advice when confronted with life’s relentless challenges.

If you’re looking for a spellbinding tale THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE will move you. If you’re a seeker of higher truth THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE will inspire you. If life has dealt you a crushing blow THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE will help you stand up and move forward again. If you wonder why America and the rest of the world has been morally degraded and destabilized the SILENT STEPS OF GRACE will illuminate the dark agenda now threatening Earth. If you wonder if there’s an answer to the planet’s plight, and fear it’s too late even if there is, THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE will give you hope and courage.

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Many thanks for introducing your extraordinary book to me.  I found it very unique, compelling, well written and thought provoking.  At times it was very hard to put down and I found myself reading well into the wee hours of the morning.  A most interesting and enjoyable read indeed – very unlike any other I have read and I am an avid reader of a huge variety of topics.

Shirley F.Retired Bank Executive, Toronto, Canada

Read this on two flights and it made the time and turbulence fade away into the clouds. As someone who reads constantly, this is like no other book I have ever read. Each chapter keeps you deeply invested in the story, characters, and experiences in two separate worlds until they meld into one fantastic storyline midway thru the novel. The lessons taught and learned by each character had me making notes to share with others constantly. I have recommended this book to loved ones and random strangers as well was clients.

Courtney JacobiPhiladelphia, PA

This is an amazing book! Having read (and cherished over the years) his previous book “Journey of Love”, I was looking forward to this book – and the only disappointment was in myself for not reading it earlier! I suggest that you consider buying the print version – you will find yourself reading it with a highlighter constantly in your hand! This book is so full of gems of wisdom that I have literally over a hundred quotes highlighted. If you let it, this book will help heal you – the meditation and visualization techniques alone are well worth the price.

Ed CarpPahrump, NV

Alan Mesher has written an unfolding adventure of an extraordinary boy who escapes the Chinese invasion of Tibet and the murder of hundreds of thousands of Tibetans to find himself in Los Angeles wearing a tattered monk’s robe and speaking no English. This is a deeply spiritual book in the form of a novel-at-its-best. I was so hooked that I would have read it in a single session had I started it in the morning. The writing is clear, the characters well-developed and the grand story unfolds with enthusiasm. I finished reading it as a better man than when I began.

Harvey Austin, M.DPompano Beach, FL

I read a lot. This is the greatest book I have ever read. I don’t want to finish it!

Harriet KozolPompano Beach, FL

Tenzin is irresistible. I wish I had his phone number when I needed a bit of comforting myself.

Maureen BarronVice President & Editor-in-Chief, Penguin Books & the New American Library, retired

At one point in The Silent Steps of Grace, the narrator tells us that “. . . Grace could be hard and merciless. She requires you to travel down a long dark tunnel before she allows you to emerge into the light.” In his first novel, author Alan Mesher has crafted an intricate spiritual adventure through which readers may experience the many shades and textures of darkness of this world. The atrocities of war. The bitter poison of betrayal. The loneliness of exile. And yet, through it all, Grace’s presence glimmers steadfast at the end of the tunnel, relentlessly guiding the reader to emerge into the light.

The Silent Steps of Grace is the story of Tenzin, a tibetan monk, a true spiritual warrior who is willing to walk through the darkness as often as it rises to strike him down. More important, he is a man who is willing to devote his life to teaching others how to find the strength and wisdom to take those sometimes subtle, often elegant, always silent steps of grace. As Tenzin tells his friend, “No one is coming to save us. Not in Tibet. Not in America or anywhere else. We must save ourselves.”

I recommend that you read The Silent Steps of Grace. Savor it. The subtle layers and echoing themes of Mesher’s writing will open your heart and make it stronger. It will show you that there is always a way to find the light, even when you are navigating the deepest darkness.

I think of Tenzin often. His story stays with me as if he is an old friend I have neglected to contact for a while. I wonder what he’s up to, and I look forward to hearing about his latest adventures when I see him again. Thank goodness this is the first volume of a trilogy. I will be happy to hear from my old friend and to discover where his next adventures take us.

At one of many profound moments in this story, Tenzin says, “A moment of beauty requires no apology.” And so it is with The Silent Steps of Grace. A moment of beauty. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Phillips MannAuthor, Editor, College Instructor

I’ve just finished a remarkable book written by a remarkable man. It’s one of the best I’ve read in years, and a thoroughly enjoyable read! The Silent Steps of Grace is said to be “a gripping tale of tragedy, transformation, and triumph.” For a historical novel (that could very well be a true story!) it’s definitely that and more! Written by world renowned healer and author Alan Mesher, this latest work is a true masterpiece of the adventure of “the quest” offering universal spiritual truths in an extraordinarily appealing style. Set against the backdrop of the Chinese invasion and slaughter of Tibet and the 1960s, we follow the life and journey of a young Tibetan, Tenzin Osun, as he makes his way from orphan in Tibet to spiritual Master in California.

I found it difficult to put down this book. It is engaging, well written, intriguing, beguiling, and invites us on a journey of self-discovery via the timeless tests and lessons the characters confront and what they learn from their challenges. As one reviewer put it, “The novel’s central character, Tenzin, is the sort of irresistibly wise friend that we all wish we had.” It’s one of those rare books that the closer you get to the end, the more you wish it were not ending. The good news is we are told it is Book One of the Tenzin Trilogy, so we can expect this tale of love, courage, adventure, and journey into higher awareness to continue! Ultimately, it is the story of the triumph of higher spiritual awareness over the negativity that pervades our world, and has for a while.

Tenzin’s wisdom is infectious, and yes, he is “irresistible.” While I’ve never taken to pedantic works, there’s nothing of that sort of teaching here. The way that Alan tells this timeless tale of a young Tibetan Buddhist’s “hero’s journey,” the more I read, the more I found myself pondering Tenzin’s sage advice about certain very human issues, problems, and challenges. Through the wisdom of this work, we come to realize the applicability of universal truths offered through the very human characters. That makes this book worth reading, enjoying, and taking to heart. I wholeheartedly look forward to reading part two, scheduled to come out in 2014!

Robert WilkinsonAuthor and world renowned astrologer,

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of “The Silent Steps of Grace”. I have gotten away from reading but I could not put the book down. It moved me on so very many levels and at the end it opened a floodgate of emotion (all waiting to be released). I have been a prolific reader and no book has ever produced such a deep response in me. Thank you.  To all readers this is a beautiful written book that creates a tapestry of history, spirituality, conspiracy and life. Wisdom on many levels.

Carolynne MelnykCanada

Dear Alan, I really enjoyed reading your book immensely and I am not an avid reader.  Your book  has really helped me grow in my present life. It has opened me to looking at my inner truth, and wanting to continue to look at where I would like to grow in my life.  I have definitely noticed a shift in my life. I have started to do meditation, looking at giving more to others, and also at the Illuminati, and how corrupt it is. I would say it is a must read for anyone who is wanting to become more self aware, and understanding the world we truly live in. I will want to reread your book again, and look forward to your next book. Thank you for writing such an amazing book.

Beverly C.London, Ontario, Canada

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