How long have you been a Spiritual Healer?

I have been a healer for twenty-five years. In my career I have worked on thousands of clients suffering from a wide range of emotional and physical problems. Many of these clients felt blocked in their lives and frustrated in their spiritual development. Because of my many years of experience as a healer I can draw on a wide spectrum of powerful spiritual energies to free clients from subtle blocks in their system that deplete their vitality, diminish their success, destroy their self-esteem, and leave them feeling lost and confused.

What is your fee?

 Consultations are $275 per hour session.

Do I have to travel to you to work with you?

 No. All consultations are conducted by phone. Since my clientele is all over America (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, South America, and Europe this policy saves considerable travel time and expense.

Are long distance phone sessions as powerful as in person sessions?

Yes. The energy is equally as strong. Phone sessions also have several advantages over an office visit. First, you don’t have to travel to see me. If you are coming from far away that saves you the considerable costs and time associated with travel – airfare, drive time, rental car, gas, hotel, and meals. Second, you don’t have to leave your own house. You can dress and look anyway you want. No one will see you. When the session is over you can recover at your leisure. You can take a nap or a shower or have something to eat. Third, you don’t have to get off a healing table feeling disoriented then drive off into traffic.

Why did you become a spiritual healer?

 Well, the calling doesn’t run in my family so I can’t claim either hereditary or genetic disposition. So I’m left with two options. It was either an act of divine providence or a random event.  I prefer the first option but I’ll let you decide. Here’s the story of how I came to be what I am.

After I graduated from college I decided to take a year off. My plan was to pursue other interests then return to graduate school and get either a PhD in American Studies or a law degree.

In that year off I decided to go to New Hampshire. At the time I had no idea how completely that decision would change my life.  Soon after I settled there I kept hearing amazing healing stories about a woman named Eleanor Moore. The people who shared their stories with me all mentioned her tremendous healing power and extraordinary psychic gifts. At first I was fascinated by what I heard. It didn’t take long before I was completely hooked. I had to meet her. A while later, a friend told me that he was going to Eleanor’s house that night and asked if I would like to come along. I jumped at the chance.

It was Christmas and very cold. When we got there Eleanor came to the door. She was a small, warm woman with glowing brown eyes. She introduced herself, asked me who I was, and invited us in. When we entered her house she studied me intensely and asked my friend to take his guitar and play it for the group of people gathered in her living room. Then she motioned me to follow her into her study. After we sat down she asked me to give her my palm. She paused briefly, then proceeded to tell me very detailed things from my childhood which she could not have known unless she had just talked to my mother. She explained that she didn’t really need my palm but it helped to put people at ease. She told me I was right “behind her” and the work that she did I would do one day. I told her there was no way I could do what she just did and in any event I was either going to be a lawyer or a professor. She said I had free will and could do whatever I wanted, but being a lawyer wasn’t my destiny and wouldn’t make me happy. She then took my right hand in both of hers. Upon her touch I felt a tremendous surge of heat and electricity flow into my body. The energy thrust up my spine and into my head. I became giddy and ecstatic, and could hardly feel my body, it felt so light. A moment later I heard a loud pop in my forehead and the room suddenly filled with bright gold light. I couldn’t see Eleanor anymore. The gold light where she was sitting was too bright.

I did not sleep that night but I was not at all tired the next day. It took me another three weeks to come to grips with what I had experienced. Then I made a beeline for Eleanor’s house and showed up there unannounced one afternoon. She opened the door laughing. “What took you so long?” she asked. “I’ve been sending to you telepathically to come back for weeks.”

That day Eleanor had a kitchen full of clients. They all sat around her circular table while she told parables that spoke directly to each person’s issues. The stories were dead on while the energy in that room was incredibly strong. I watched as people cried, laughed, smiled, and let go of their toxicity. When they left they were all changed. Their faces were glowing; their eyes were bright and more open; both sides of their faces were perfectly balanced.  What I had witnessed amazed me. I stayed, not for one year, but for three. I never made it to graduate school. Eleanor was supremely gifted  and I doubt that any professor I might study with, distinguished as he or she might be, could teach me what she could. I didn’t think then, and I don’t think now, that anyone would miss another lawyer in America.

My first real healing came in the first year I was there. It involved a dog, a little poodle that my girlfriend and I were taking care of for a friend. The poodle had been playing in the front yard when a huge St. Bernard attacked it. We heard the poodle yelping in pain and went running out of the house in a panic. The little fella was lying on its back with air rushing out of its diaphragm. The wound sounded like a balloon full of air that had been pricked with a pin. I gathered the dog in my arms and rushed it to the veterinarian. The vet examined the poodle and said sadly that there was very little he could do for it. In fact, he doubted that it would live through the night but told me he would sit up with it and monitor it.

I went home feeling discouraged, hopeless, and angry. I moped around for a while then decided I had to do something. I hated feeling helpless. I couldn’t get that poor little guy out of my mind. Before I went to bed I meditated. During the meditation a voice told me to call the dog’s soul to me. After I did that I felt a subtle mass of energy manifest between my hands. A tremendous rush of heat and electricity then poured down my arms into the space between my hands for several minutes. When the energy stopped, I released the dog’s soul and let it go back to its physical body. When it was over I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It was ten minutes after ten. The next morning at nine I called the vets office. I wasn’t hopeful. When the vet came on the line he sounded a bit perplexed.

“What happened to the dog?” I asked.

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it. At ten minutes after ten last night that hole in your dog’s diaphragm sealed up right before my eyes. Your dog is fine. You can pick him up right now. Just don’t let him run around for twenty-four hours.”

That’s how my career as a healer began.

 How do we find emotional balance?

 The source of emotional imbalance in our lives as well as the chief impediment to spiritual growth is the unconscious toxicity lurking in our system. This unconscious toxicity creates negative patterns in our life and causes them to repeat with alarming regularity. For example, a young girl with a shaming father who is cold and critical will often attract a series of boyfriends with the same attributes. She may well go on to marry someone whose personality may differ radically from her father’s but who shares the same underlying wounding characteristics. Her childhood shame will be repeated in her marriage.

However, when we clear the hidden toxicity from our system we become emotionally balanced and the door to a better future swings open. We won’t repeat the same old patterns because we have cleared the blocked energy from our system.

How do we clear unconscious toxicity?

 First we have to find it. It takes a bright spiritual light to reveal what is hidden in the subconscious. Much of this material may be from earlier lifetimes and is outside the reach of the conscious mind.  Unconscious toxicity is not stored in the brain, but warehoused all over the body. It is found in cells, organs, muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue. It causes disease, unhappiness, frustration, and failure.

If we don’t clear our toxicity we won’t find fulfillment or peace. There is no fulfillment without first being whole and complete. Unconscious toxicity separates us from our soul and prevents us from being whole. Unconscious toxicity leads to confusion and contributes to the dilemma of not knowing who we are. This problem afflicts a very high percentage of the world’s population. Feeling lost in life is a terrible thing.

The conscious mind can’t clear what it can’t find. To clear unconscious toxicity the originating incident and all its highly charged but repressed emotion must be brought to the surface, felt in its entirety and fully expressed. This releases us from its tyrannical grip.

 Are affirmations an effective way to clear our karma and unconscious toxicity?

People often use affirmations in an attempt to manage their toxicity and change their mood.  Unfortunately, you can’t manage unconscious toxicity. It manages you. But you can clear subconscious toxicity.  The best way to clear that toxicity is to find, confront and feel the emotional pain you have buried in your body. Call it the raising of the dead, if you will. That pain is usually a combination of negative experiences from this life and prior ones.  Once you clear your toxicity use this simple affirmation to maintain your inner center and soul connection. Breathe slowly into your diaphragm. As you inhale your diaphragm expands, as you exhale your diaphragm contracts. Breathe in and out three times. Then say to yourself three times:

 God is in me. I am in God. I am One.