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Two Interesting Reviews


I recently sold two copies of THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE to two people in my neighborhood. One is a retired business woman who made a fortune in real estate after emigrating to America from Poland. The other is a retired cosmetic surgeon who had a hugely successful practice in Washington DC. Politicians are as vain as actors. This is what my neighbor woman had to say about the novel. “I read all the time. When I start a book I’ll read it all day until I finish it. Your book is different. I read it slowly because I never want to finish it. You have no idea how much I have underlined it. This is the greatest book I have ever read. You deserve a Nobel Prize for this. What an imagination. Where did you get such a story? Please hurry up and write the next one.” And then the kicker. “Are you sure you wrote it?” And my answer. “Every word.”

The cosmetic surgeon just started reading it the other day. Yesterday morning when I was walking my dog by his house he saw me and came running out. “Alan, I’ve read the first 58 pages of your book. It’s wonderful! Where did you ever get this idea? Where did it come from?” A couple of hours later he texted me. “Every few pages I start to cry. This book is not about me, but it is about me.”

That’s the magic of a good story. It’s not about you, but it is. You can relate to it. A great theme is universal and will impact your life. If you’re looking for a good summer read that will uplift, motivate, and elevate you here it is!

Incidentally, I don’t need a Nobel Prize, although that would be nice. The New York Times bestseller list and a movie deal would suffice.

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A House Divided


Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway once wrote “Life breaks everyone. Only a few are better for it.” In our culture people are more broken and wounded than ever before. We have become a society full of addicts of every possible stripe and every possible addiction: recreational and psychotropic drugs, prescription meds, alcohol, sex and work to name just a few of the major addictions afflicting the population. Why is this happening now? Is it random and coincidental or is it part of a dark and the hidden agenda to destroy our society and enable those at the top of the power grid to control the population and enforce their will on the nation and the world?

How the World Has Changed

Those at the very top of the food chain control the levers of government, the military, the intelligence agencies, the corporations, the media, the educational system and Hollywood. Public education is getting worse. Students are not taught to think critically, but to memorize and regurgitate. Movies and TV, have become darker, more violent and pornographic. Everything is more sexualized. The divorce rate has soared since the fifties, going from 6 percent to over 60 percent. Despite all our technological advantages, people are more isolated and troubled, riddled with more anxiety and depression than ever before. Are all these issues part of a subtle control matrix to stifle creativity and spiritual development and deprive humanity of its very real potential for the power of love, compassion, clarity and unity?

Human Nature is Malleable

A house divided against itself cannot stand. The Powers That Be (PTB) know this. They also know how malleable human nature is and how easy it is to manipulate the human mind. The control matrix has been designed to keep mankind divided and the individual confused and at war with himself or herself. The goal is to keep the general population in a daze and in the dark about the tremendous power in their minds and souls. The PTB are terrified that humanity will wake up and claim their true creative power.

The Subconscious

The subconscious mind in all of us is extremely powerful and innately creative. However, it can be activated as easily as a force of self-destruction as it can be utilized as a force of enlightenment and success. Broken people can be healed if they are willing to face and confront the nature of their self-destructive patterns. The patterns in the subconscious mind are software programs that attract experiences into our lives. Toxic programming shares several key similarities. It is magnetic, repetitive, self-destructive, limiting, and unfulfilling. It robs us of our inherent creative power and destroys our connection to our soul.

Soul Connection

Establishing a clear connection to our soul is the key to living a fulfilling and successful life. It is also the key to disconnecting from the control matrix and taking back our power. When a critical mass of people clear their subconscious of negative and toxic programming and re-establish their soul connection, the world will change for the better. There will be more light on the planet and the grip of tyranny that the PTB have exercised over us will be broken once and for all.

♦ ♦ ♦

Alan Mesher is one of the premier Energy Master Healers in the world. For more than thirty years Alan has helped people overcome their internal wounds, establish soul contact and elevate their lives. His books JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? And THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE are sources of inspiration that offer practical solutions for toxic and destructive behaviors.

Alan Mesher’s previous experience includes being the Publisher of YOGA JOURNAL, a radio talk show host in San Francisco and Austin, and Vice President and West Coast Director of Tools for Creating. His work has been highlighted in the San Francisco Examiner and the Philadelphia Inquirer. His client base is international and includes winners of the Academy Award and Grammy Award, Corporate CEO’s, and the family of a former President of the United States. In his first of four prior appearances on Coast to Coast, Art Bell wholeheartedly endorsed Alan’s healing work.

♦ ♦ ♦

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Acceptance and Resistance

Acceptance and Resistance

This is an excerpt from my book JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Read it a few times. There’s alot to it.

What we cannot accept makes us unhappy.

What makes us unhappy we resist.
What we resist, we struggle against.
What we struggle against binds us to it.

Whatever binds us, enslaves us.

Whatever enslaves us, shames us.

Whatever shames us, diminishes us.

Our failure to accept the way things are lies at the root of our problems.
Our resistance makes us rigid with resentment.
It steals our clarity and power, and deprives us of happiness.

What we cannot accept we draw to us and are doomed to repeat, over and over again.

What we accept will change, because we have changed.

When there is no more resistance within us, our behavior will not be polarizing.
Everything will flow toward balance and harmony. Peace will prevail over conflict.

Forgiveness is the key to acceptance.
We can’t forgive until we find the inner victim and acknowledge our pain.

When we find our pain we must embrace it completely.

Until we become one with our pain we will be unable to release it.

Knowing this, the wise man resolutely faces himself, feels his pain fully, and goes free.

He becomes strong and complete.
Fearing this, the foolish man deceives himself, denies his pain, and diminishes his power.

He remains in harm’s way, beaten down by that which binds him.

Because of his self-deception he grows even weaker and more incomplete.

His rage never ends.

The world will become peaceful when we become peaceful.
To find inner peace we must face ourselves, and remove the source of our resistance.
It is far better to face our self than it is to continually blame others for our predicament.
Blame makes the negative the ruling power in our lives.

When we find inner peace, the solutions to our problems are clear and obvious.

The future of the world is in our hands.
If we don’t find inner peace, who will?
We are the world.
When we save ourselves, we save the world. The time to act is now, not later.

We are too close to losing the future.

Something Strange is Happening Here

Chemical Snow?

I received a call recently from a friend who is in touch with one of the most brilliant and cutting edge scientists in the world. My friend lives in a southeastern state where it has snowed several times this winter. His scientist contact told him to go out after the last snowfall, make a snowball and light it on fire. Light a snowball on fire? Whoever thought of that. Naturally, my friend was skeptical and thought his friend was a bit nuts, despite his track record, but decided to do it anyway. So he went outside, made a big snowball and lit it on fire. The thing burned for 35 seconds and did emit so much as a drop of moisture. What the heck is going on here? Is this a case of geo-engineered snow? It appears very likely that it is. We know the government uses HAARP technology to manipulate the weather. All the governments with access to advanced technology do so. The next wars will use this technology in significant and highly destructive ways.

So the next time it snows replicate this experiment and see what happens. Then send me an email or post to my blog and let me know what your results are.

The Ring of Fire

My friend also told me that when he first started paying serious attention to the Ring of Fire, the volcanoes that surround both sides of the Pacific ocean, a little over a year ago only three volcanoes were active. Now twenty nine are.

He also said that seismic activity has really picked up at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

Strange things are happening in the world. Pay attention. You don’t want to be caught unprepared when and if disaster strikes.


The 9 Maxims of Transformation

Here’s an excerpt from my novel, THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE, that describes the difference between spiritual glamor and spiritual transformation. Most people follow the path of glamor because it’s cool, current, in vogue and popular. Real spiritual transformation is decidedly more difficult but also infinitely more rewarding because it produces real and lasting change.  Spiritual transformation elevates your life and gives you soul contact.

This excerpt is from Chapter 24, In The Woods.

Over time Tenzin had developed the nine Maxims of transformation to explain the healing process to his clients when they reached this particular crossroad. These maxims countered the mistaken notion that spirituality would make them feel better right away. They thought all they had to do was meditate, repeat a mantra, do some yoga, think positively and they would find inner peace.

“Perhaps you will feel better right away,” tenzin would tell them,” “it’s possible. but it won’t last.”

Most students were crestfallen by this news. “Why?” they would ask. “i need to feel good. My life has been painful for way too long.”

Charlie was growing more agitated. Why was tenzin taking so long? it was a simple question, for chrissakes. he didn’t have to sugarcoat it. What did he see out there, anyway? The Buddha? Charlie looked out the French doors. Just orderly rows of flowers sparkling in the sunshine. no buddha. no answers. The ticking of the grandfather clock grated on his nerves. he had half a mind to open the clock’s glass door and stop the pendulum before it drove him mad. he was about to get up when Tenzin turned back to face him.

“Do you know the nine Maxims of transformation, Charlie?”
“Never heard of them,” said Charlie.
“Let me share them with you then.”
“Fine,” said Charlie. What the hell did a bunch of maxims have to do with his question? if he wanted maxims he could read the bible or the Gita or ralph Waldo emerson. Maxims were not why he was here.

“To go up into the light, you must go down into your darkness. To overcome your pain, you must first embrace it. To experience your power, you must feel your powerlessness. To realize your destiny, you must face your hopelessness. To arrive at the point of freedom, you must acknowledge the power of that which binds you. There is no resurrection without a crucifixion. You will not find freedom until you release the past. All healing is emotional. If you cannot find your pain, face it, feel it, and forgive it, you won’t overcome it.” 

Healing Pets Energetically: Three Miracle Stories


The Little Poodle

I’ve been an energetic healer for over thirty years. My clients have come from all walks of life and all continents. My clients are not limited to people but include pets and animals. In fact, the first miraculous healing I ever did was on a little poodle. I was in my early twenties at the time and living in a farmhouse on a dirt road in Hancock NH with my then girlfriend. We were taking care of her employer’s dog for a week while she was away on business. The little fella was outside playing in the driveway when I heard it yelping in pain. I ran out to see what was going on. It was laying on its back with its little feet in the air and in great pain. Slinking down the road and moving as fast as possible to get out of sight was my neighbor, a very gruff and unkind man, with his pet St. Bernard. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened.

When I reached the poodle I could hear the air escaping from his stomach, just like the sound of air escaping from a pricked balloon. I quickly put the dog in the car and raced for the vets office which was a few minutes away in Peterboro. The Vet examined my dog and said it had a hole in its diaphragm and there was nothing he could do to fix it. He didn’t think the dog would last twenty four hours but said he’d sit up with him that night. All I could do, he said, was hope for the best but don’t expect a miracle. I went home feeling dejected and very angry. The little guy didn’t deserve what had been done to him.

That night I decided to meditate and focus on my little friend laying on his death bed at the vet’s. As I got deeper into the meditation I heard a voice speaking to me. The voice was clear, strong and assertive. It told me to place my hands palms facing each other about ten inches apart. When I had done that it told me to call the soul of the dog to the space between my hands.

“How do I do that?” I asked.

“Just do it,” commanded the voice, clearly exasperated with me.

So I called the dog’s soul to me. Immediately, I felt a subtle presence between the palms of my hands. With that presence between my palms, great currents of heat and electricity poured down my arms, through my hands and into the space between my palms. After roughly ten minutes the great currents of energy subsided.

Now,” said the voice, “release the soul and send it back to the dog.”

I took a deep breath and told the soul to go back home to the dog. The meditation was over. I opened my eyes. It was 10:10 p.m.

In the morning I called the Vet.

“How’s the dog I asked? Is he still alive?”

“Well,” said the Vet. “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I never would have believed it. At ten minutes after ten that hole healed up right before my eyes. You can come get it and take it home. Your dog is fine. Never seen anything like it.”

I never told the Vet what I did.


In 2009 I received a call from my friends Robert & Marietta in Pacific Palisades, an upscale section of LA, where I also lived. They were desperate. Their beloved golden retriever Vincent had developed a serious life threatening condition. His lungs were continually filling up with fluid and had to be drained on a weekly basis. The vet wanted to operate, suspecting a break somewhere in the lymph system. There was no guarantee the operation would be successful but it would cost my friends $10,000.00.

At that point, Marietta called and asked me to work on Vincent. I told her I would be over the next afternoon. When I arrived Vincent was very excited to see me. We were good buddies, as I had always made sure to give him a lot of attention whenever I visited Robert and Marietta. It took me a while to calm him down. Finally, he lay on his back and let me put my hands on his ribcage. Within a couple of minutes there were several “pops and cracks” in his body as energetic blocks broke up inside him. After ten minutes or so we were done. Vincent got up and ran to his water bowl in the kitchen. He took a very long drink then sprinted out into the backyard where he ran in circles until he had burned up some of the energy I had put into him. Marietta watched with a look of astonishment on her face.

“What’s going on with you?” I said, noting the look on her face.

“I dreamed all of this last night. It’s happening just as I dreamed it. Vincent hadn’t drunk any water in four days. I think you’ve healed him.”

That was three and a half years ago. Vincent is in fine health. The problem has not returned.


A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I adopted a pure bred Daschund puppy from the local Humane Society in Broward County, FL. We named him Champ. I took Champ to the vets a couple of days later for a checkup. The vet said Champ had a Category 6 heart murmur, the worst level possible and advised me to return Champ to the shelter.

Well that was never going to happen. Champ had worked his way too far into our hearts and I was not about to return a helpless and suffering animal to a shelter. Instead, I was going to do my best to heal him. And if that didn’t work, we were determined to give him tremendous love and care and make his time here as happy as possible.

The next day, I picked up Champ and put him on my lap. I put one hand on his heart between his front paws, and my other hand on the back of his neck. A moment later, Champ was sound asleep. While he slept a tremendous current of heat and electricity poured from my hands into him. Fifteen minutes later I was done. The next day Champ was a jet propelled puppy. All his symptoms were gone and all signs of the heart murmur were virtually nonexistent. It has been that way ever since. Champ’s energy is very high, his eyes are bright, and his coat glistens. He is one super bright, super loving little fellow. If you love animals, you can’t help but love Champ. He’s a winner.


I work on people and pets. Since my work is done via the phone, my clients can be anywhere in the world and often are. If either you or your pet need healing you may reach me via email at: trailhawk@gmail.com. Please include your phone number. I will be happy to talk briefly with you about your concerns and arrange a consultation.



The Bipolar Universe

The Bipolar Universe

Electrical energy is the fundamental driver of the physical universe, moving between the positive and negative poles of existence, making it bipolar in nature. The perpetual movement of energy from one pole to the other creates constant change. Change is always relative. Sometimes, it appears beneficial. At other times, it may seem detrimental. But what initially seems beneficial may turn out to be harmful later. And what seemed detrimental at first may, in the end, serve our greater good. Since the future is always a mystery, constant change and uncertain outcomes lead to instability, insecurity, anxiety, stress, worry and fear. As the pace of change continues to accelerate the instability, anxiety and fear most people chronically experience grows accordingly.

The Ego Trap

When we live between the poles of existence we define ourselves in relative terms: by what we have, what we do, and what roles we play in life. These things are always subject to change. The consequence of this is that our identity is not permanent, but relative. A change in our circumstances changes our concept of our own identity. This level of identify is controlled by the ego mind and based on our atttachment to our body and the physical world. It is not enduring, permanent or eternal. It is temporary and based on the premise that we are no more than the body/ego-mind. The fundamental overriding belief of the ego mind is that we are all separate and alone. This leads to constant comparison and judgement of ourselves and others. While we live in the trap of separation we will always be unhappy and life will be full of suffering. This level of identity is both false and illusory. It is a form of self-deception, a mass induced hypnotic trance that has infiltrated and controlled the minds of the vast majority of people.

Our Multi-Dimensional Nature

The truth is that we are far more than the body and far more than the ego-mind. There is another level of identity that is far greater, deeper, more extensive and permanent than the illusory level of identity the ego mind provides. This level of identity is found in the soul. It emerges when we have learned to go deeper into our psyche and quiet the ego-mind. The essence of this level of identity is contact and CONNECTION with a source greater than ourselves. This connection manifests in inner peace, kindness, compassion, love and self-acceptance. This higher level of identity is based on a connection to the energy we call GOD. When we connect to that higher source inside ourselves we are never alone, as we always are when we are trapped inside the prison of the ego-mind. When we connect to that higher level of identity we become agents of the Divine and a door for others to find their identity and experience their own truth. There is no higher calling. Those that find that door and become Divine agents are the true revolutionaries in this world. The world will not change, evolve or become elevated through more violence. It will only evovle through the language, expression and sharing of unconditional love. Kindness and compassion are the twin pillars of soul identity.

The Price of Inner Freedom

To reach this point of higher identity we must be willing to face ourselves, look honestly at our actions and dredge up all the trauma, suppressed rage, guilt and toxic shame hidden in our ego-mind. If we can’t face and feel those painful emotions we will never earn our freedom and rise to the next level of identity, expansion and light. It takes courage to move forward, to grow beyond our self-imposed restrictions and leave the dark prison of our unresolved past behind us. There is a price for everything in life. This is the price we must pay to earn our freedom, expand our horizons, increase our abundance and find fulfillment. The alternative is to go on as before, leading a life of quiet desperation, indulging in addictive behavior to dull the often unbearable pain of life.

For thirty years I have helped people unravel their darkness and elevate their lives. Contact me if you are ready to move forward and elevate your life. My consultation fee is $275.00 per hour. However, your first session will be $225.00, a savings of $50.00. All sessions are conducted via phone. That way you can be anywhere in the world and experience a session from the comfort of your home. You will find more information on my website at www.alanmesher.com

For those of you who have already read my novel THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE, the work I do is very much like the work Tenzin and Doezen do in the story. For those of you who have not yet read THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE please consider doing so. You will find it uplifting, inspiring, educational and motivational. By the way, it is also a great story. You can read reviews and excerpts at www.alanmesher.com , www.amazon.com , and www.facebook.com/thetenzintrilogy

THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE is available in both book and kindle versions. If you order it from my website I will inscribe it and sign it for you. Let 2014 be the year you elevate your life and free yourself from the bondage of the past. I wish you all the best.


Alan Mesher


Here’s a review of THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE  by Michael Philip Mann, a wonderful and talented writer, editor and critic. Thank you Michael.

At one point in The Silent Steps of Grace, the narrator tells us that “. . . Grace could be hard and merciless. She requires you to travel down a long dark tunnel before she allows you to emerge into the light.” In his first novel, author Alan Mesher has crafted an intricate spiritual adventure through which readers may experience the many shades and textures of darkness of this world. The atrocities of war. The bitter poison of betrayal. The loneliness of exile. And yet, through it all, Grace’s presence glimmers steadfast at the end of the tunnel, relentlessly guiding the reader to emerge into the light.

The Silent Steps of Grace is the story of Tenzin, a tibetan monk, a true spiritual warrior who is willing to walk through the darkness as often as it rises to strike him down. More important, he is a man who is willing to devote his life to teaching others how to find the strength and wisdom to take those sometimes subtle, often elegant, always silent steps of grace. As Tenzin tells his friend, “No one is coming to save us. Not in Tibet. Not in America or anywhere else. We must save ourselves.”

I recommend that you read The Silent Steps of Grace. Savor it. The subtle layers and echoing themes of Mesher’s writing will open your heart and make it stronger. It will show you that there is always a way to find the light, even when you are navigating the deepest darkness.

I think of Tenzin often. His story stays with me as if he is an old friend I have neglected to contact for a while. I wonder what he’s up to, and I look forward to hearing about his latest adventures when I see him again. Thank goodness this is the first volume of a trilogy. I will be happy to hear from my old friend and to discover where his next adventures take us.

At one of many profound moments in this story, Tenzin says, “A moment of beauty requires no apology.” And so it is with The Silent Steps of Grace. A moment of beauty. You will not be disappointed.

Cords: The Invisible Lines of Communication

My brother Mark died of brain cancer in January 2006. At the time, my father was in a nursing home suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease. His mind was nearly gone, he remembered next to nothing and could do very little for himself. Before my brother passed he gave instructions that our father was never to be told about his death. I honored my brother’s request and never told my father about Mark’s passing. No one else told him either. Yet somehow he knew.

A year before my brother’s death, Mark had hired a care giver to be with our father for several days each week. My father was a very endearing man and easy to love. Joan, the caregiver,  grew to love my father deeply. Two days after my brother’s passing, she went to visit my father at the nursing home. She found him sitting in the common room. When she went up to him he took her hand between both of his and placed them over his heart. For the next hour he went into a spontaneous and eloquent prayer for my brother’s soul. Tears poured down his cheeks. He didn’t stop to brush them away. He kept on with his prayer. Joan was sobbing, she couldn’t help herself, though she tried to contain her emotion. She would say later that it was one of the most powerful and moving moments of her life. After that hour he was spent and Joan brought him to his room and put him to bed. He fell asleep immediately. How did my Dad know that his youngest son had died? No one had told him. No one ever did.

I have a close female friend who has a deeply empathic nature. She is very close to her family and to her youngest sister in particular. Unfortunately, her sister has a substance abuse problem and a highly addictive personality. Whenever something bad happens to her sister, my friend feels it and her mood sinks. She even takes on her sister’s physical symptoms and illnesses even though her sister is more than two thousand miles away.

How do we account for these kinds of phenomena? The answer to the mystery is quite simple. There are cords of energy that connect people to each other. These cords connect mainly through the chakras. The most common connection is through the solar plexus chakra. These cords can extend infinitely. It’s how mothers know something bad has happened to their children without being told, even though their child may be half a world away.

Some of these cords are beneficial. Some are not. The cords connecting my friend to her toxic sister are obviously not beneficial. The good news is that we can always cut these cords once we become aware of them. We do this by visualizing them, then seeing ourselves cutting them with a violet knife or scissors. If the cords are very strong, it might take several attempts before they’re completely cut and you’re free of that person’s toxic influence in your life. The best way to find them is to enter into meditation, quiet the mind, ask to be shown who you are corded to negatively and observe what comes up.

Cutting negative cords can be remarkably freeing. In this time of rising negativity in the world it’s an important thing to do to maintain your emotional balance and wholeness.

For those of you who are ready to elevate your life, you can purchase a session with me from my website at www.alanmesher.com Just click on the consultation tab, scroll through the drop down menu and choose the session you want. I’ve been helping people overcome all sorts of difficult and toxic conditions in their lives for more than thirty years. I’m one of the premier Energy Masters in the world. If it’s the right time for you to take advantage of my expertise I’d be honored to assist you in your growth.

Spirituality and Weight Loss

The Repetitive Nature of Trauma

Whatever we repress runs us. Whatever we repress is stronger than we are. We have all experienced trauma in our lives. Much of that trauma occurs in childhood. Childhood trauma repeats itself throughout our lives, until we face the secret source of our undoing, feel the pain of our original wounding, and clear it from our psyche.

The Split Mind

Every new trauma we experience creates a new split in our mind and more deeply separates the conscious from the subconscious mind. When the subconscious is burdened by the weight of repressed emotion and traumatic experiences it ceases to function as our ally and will not manifest the life we would like to experience, no matter how well we understand the Law of Attraction or how many wonderful affirmations we repeat daily. Instead, it will bring more traumatic events into our lives. This is because repressed emotion is immortal and highly magnetic. It will continue to repeat itself in our lives until we finally find it, face it, feel it, finish and forgive it. It will persist in our souls for lifetimes until we finally face and clear it. If you don’t heal it you will never have the life you want. Every split in your mind steals your power, clarity and potential. If you’re mind is split you will never know who you really are or have the life you want. You will always be fragmented, dissociative, and cut off from your soul.

Repressed Emotion and Weight Gain

One of the outcomes of burying repressed emotion in the body is weight gain. Repressed emotion is heavy. The body reacts to emotional heaviness by becoming physically heavier. I did a workshop some years ago in E, Lansing, MI at Michigan State University. One of the participants was an attractive young woman in medical school. She had had an acute pain in her abdomen for several months. She had been to M.D.’s, Chiropractors, massage therapists and reiki practitioners all to no avail. She was still in a great deal of discomfort when she arrived at the workshop. I had her lay down on one of the several massage tables that we had set up and showed the members of her group where to place their hands on her body. I came back to her table fifteen minutes later when it was apparent that her repressed material was about to surface. I put one hand on her liver and place my other hand under it. Within seconds she began to sob. She curled up into a fetal position and cried and wailed heavily for nearly an hour. By the time she was done her clothing was soaking wet. She had relived several repressed incidents of sexual abuse as an infant that had been perpetrated by her father. When her tears were done, the energy coming out of me turned from bright red to clear gold. As the energy shifted she became incredibly peaceful. The traumatic energy and the pain in her abdomen had been cleared from her body. Her split mind was healed. The heaviness quickly dissipated from her body.

I ran into her three days later at the local co-op. She was very excited and couldn’t wait to tell me what had happened since the workshop. She had lost twelve pounds in three days without doing anything different. The weight had fallen effortlessly from her body.

At a workshop in Austin TX, a client who was then a starving artist and is now Dean of Technology at a prestigious Austin university, had a similar healing experience. When it was her time to be on the table a great deal of repressed memories surfaced about being sexually abused by her father as a very young girl. She sobbed, screamed and thrashed about as she faced, felt and re-experienced those traumatic events. As she healed the split in her mind she became increasingly peaceful and relaxed. In the next few days she lost fifteen pounds from her hips and thighs.

At another workshop at the University of Illinois a heavy set woman from South America got on the table and found herself recalling a past life in a small impoverished village the Andes Mountains. There was never enough to eat and she was always starving. She died at ten years of age. In the back of her mind that memory persisted and induced her to chronically over eat in this lifetime. Once I cleared that lifetime from her psyche, she no longer had any need to over indulge in food. She lost twenty pounds in the next month.

Elevate Your Life

I’ve been doing this work for over thirty years. If you’d like to elevate your life; heal the splits in your psyche; liberate your subconscious from the false governing beliefs that bring you the opposite of what you want; and lose weight in the process please consider working with me. My normal fee for a one hour consultation is $275.00. Purchase an hour session by Oct 15th and I will refund $50.00 of that fee once your consultation is concluded. That makes your cost for a session $225.00. My rates have not been that low in fifteen years. This is your opportunity to elevate your life and do something for yourself that will impact the rest of your life in a very positive way. To purchase a consultation simply go to www.alanmesher.com, click on the consultation tab and purchase a one hour consultation from the drop down menu.