I contacted Alan Mesher in December 2020 when our beloved border collie, Brody, was diagnosed with kidney failure caused by lyme disease when he was only 6 years old. Alan responded immediately and agreed to help. What followed were daily healing sessions over the phone for Brody, accompanied with advice on nutrition and supplements. When I was unable to locate a certain supplement, Alan very generously sent me his own supply. 
Brody made progress, would relapse, but then make more progress and gain enough strength to run and play ball! Three different veterinarians told me they couldn’t explain how Brody had survived months and months after his diagnosis. They were bewildered. During the healing sessions, powerful things were happening: Brody would lay perfectly still and eventually fall asleep; our cats would mysteriously gather in the room for the daily sessions and soak up the energy, too; and most remarkably, if I closed my eyes and “looked” at Brody, I would see his entire body glowing. It was similar to when you look at the sun through a very bright window and then close your eyes, and still see the sun shining. Same thing, but Brody’s body was lit up as bright as the sun. I have no explanation for this phenomena other than Alan Mesher’s powerful transfer of energy into Brody. 
Although Brody eventually succumbed to kidney failure, I am forever grateful to Alan for his time, generosity and the blessing of his gift. I know that Alan extended Brody’s life by several months. After Brody died, I contacted my animal communicator, Sharon Loy, who told me that because of Alan’s healing sessions, Brody was shining as bright as the sun on the Other Side. I am eternally grateful for everything Alan did for Brody and for our family. Alan is truly a caring, compassionate and amazing human being with a gift from God. I was lucky to find him and blessed to know him. 
Sarah Hayden
Bettendorf, Iowa

A Testimony to express my heartfelt appreciation

Not only is this an appreciation but this is a testimony on behalf of my Pomeranian, Prissy. Only God and I really know just how much my love runs deep for my 15 ½ year old Pomeranian. This was the case until I met Mr. Alan Mesher! When I tell you God has earthly angels, I tell NO LIES! This is our journey.

In December of 2021, I went on a mini vacation and left my Pomeranian with a trusting family I found on for 5 days because I had to be sure she was taken well care of while I gone. I was sent updates daily and Prissy appeared to be happy (she made herself comfortable as only she can do)! I picked her up and that’s when I started noticing some changes.

Prissy had been on and off Rimadyl for arthritis for a couple years. However, I did notice that she was holding her head to the side more often and when I touched her neck area or near her shoulder blade, she would growl and snap at me. My baby was in pain. I would give her the medicine that the vet gave me but that always made her just sleepy and the pain was just okay during those moments of rest. Usually the stiffness would go away after a few days but that wasn’t the case this time.

However, due to her and my other Pomeranian being away from home and around another doggy, I made them grooming appointments. I took Prissy to our groomer who works at his home and even though she “hates” baths, she would always do such a great job and look absolutely stunning. This time was different. I would usually receive a text that says, Prissy and Paris are ready or will be ready in a certain amount of time. Instead, I received a text that my Prissy had a seizure. I dropped everything and rushed over to her in 5 minutes top! I usually wait in the car for him to bring her outside to me, not this time though. I knocked on the door and carefully took my baby. She appeared a bit confused or dazed but she was coherent and alive. I was so scared. I took her to the Emergency Vet and they diagnosed her as having Vestibular disease and treated her as such.

Mid December 2021: Prissy’s mobility started declining. I made her an appointment with a Neurologist and I heard the words I have ALWAYS dreaded to hear and never thought I would. The Neurologist told me her quality of life wasn’t good because of the neck pain and she couldn’t walk without falling. She said to put her on Prednisone steroids for 2 weeks and if make a return visit. IF there was no improvement I should consider putting her down. I cried and was so desperate for a miracle. I refused to hear that. I started googling all sorts of things. I ordered supplements for brain tumors in case that was the problem. I found an online food for cancer amongst other stuff that I ordered. I was spending hundreds and hundreds on stones, Reiki healings and all kinds of supplements. I prayed every single morning and night. I read so many reviews on things that my head was

January 2022: I had to go out of town but this time I didn’t trust leaving Prissy with anyone because they wouldn’t care for her or cater to her like me. I was literally picking her up and setting her outside to go to the restroom because at this point she couldn’t walk at all. She would have to go to the restroom laying down. At one time she wasn’t even going poop because she wasn’t able to sit up. I was hand feeding her because she couldn’t eat on her own because of her neck and she didn’t care for the health supplements/new dehydrated food. I had to completely change her diet. I took her out of town with me. It was heartbreaking seeing this once vibrant, feisty, independent little girl turn into this helpless, no movement having little girl. She was going deaf and blind. I was a wreck with all this.

February 2022: Prissy was trying to take steps but often fell after a few taken. This
resulted in her nickname being “Billy Goat.” She would stand and fall over like a fainting Billy goat. It was the little humor I needed during this time. She was able to go to the bathroom a bit better which was a relief. On February 1st we went to the park so I can try and get her to walk since she seemed to do better on grass. She would take a few steps and then fall over. Her legs were so limp and weak. I went back on to the site where I bought he dehydrated food and on there was a review that I came across. In the review the customer mentioned a man by the name of Alan Mesher. The customer mentioned how Mr. Mesher helped her dog with his ailment.

At this point, I was so desperate I was willing to find him myself. I did just that. I looked him up and read what I could on him. I emailed him at least 3 times hoping and praying I’d get his attention and he’d want to help us. On February 6th I booked a session and hoped he was still in business. On February 9th she had her 1st session.

When I tell you this girl walked around our front yard for the first time without falling, I am telling you the truth. Mr. Mesher asked me what was going on with
her. He told me what to buy as far as supplements and food was concerned. He told me under no uncertain circumstances was I to give her any steroids. He said he was going to get her together and said it with CONFIDENCE. If there was ever a time I called on God this year, this was the time. I was at Mr. Mesher’s mercy and he was the Angel that God chose to help me.

Fast forward to May 2022: Prissy is RUNNING!!!! Prissy throws my house shoe around with it in her mouth! Prissy goes outside by herself to use the restroom. Prissy tries to stand on her hind legs to open up the bathroom door when I am in there. Prissy no longer tilts her head. Prissy never took the steroids. Prissy chases me around the house. Prissy barks and no longer cries. My baby is back! Yes she moves slower but she is 15 ½ years old so I expect that. He gave me my baby back. She still has her energy sessions weekly for as long as I can. He works with my schedule and works on her diligently. He is the truth! I know there are gifted people in this world and if I could thank the person who left that 1 review on that site that mentioned his name, I would thank them over and over and over again. I prayed for a miracle and God sent me Alan Mesher. THANK YOU so much for all that you have done and are doing.

dog on blanket


Eva K. got in touch with me from London UK. She has a pug named Ruff who had gone blind in his right eye and was nearly blind in his left eye. The Vet. told her that he would have to take out his right eye, and when he had lost his sight in his left eye he would have to take that one out as well. Eva found me shortly after getting that  awful news and set up a telephone appointment for Ruff. (I only work by phone) Two days later Eva told me that after his first appointment Ruff’s eyes were full of light. He had gotten his sight back and was very happily running around and playing. It was my birthday when I learned that Ruff was no longer blind. Itt made my birthday one of the best I’ve ever had.



A Labrador with Renal Failure Who Wasn’t Expected to Live

I’d l like to call this testimonial, “A miracle for Daisy.” Daisy is my son, Jim’s beautiful red fox colored Labrador, and she is less than 2 years old. I watch Daisy and my 3 year old grandson while my son and daughter-in-law are at work. In early March, I noticed that Daisy’s appetite was getting very poor, and she seemed to be drained of her youthful energy. One night my son called me and told me that Daisy developed a pronounced limp in one of her front legs. He thought perhaps she hurt herself in their backyard. I guess we all thought it was just a minor sprain or bruising and she’d shake it off in a day or two. However, after a couple days, Daisy grew weaker and her limp got worse.

After my son got home from work, he asked me to accompany him to our local ER vet hospital since Daisy was not getting any better. At that point we were just thinking that maybe Daisy was suffering from a fracture or torn ligament, and her pain affected her energy level and appetite. While we were at the ER vet hospital, they did an x-ray and showed us that there was much swelling in her front leg, but no breaks or fractures. They did not run any blood tests that night which surprised me. While Daisy was still in the back getting a shot for her pain, they instructed my son to give Daisy the pain meds and an anti-inflammatory daily for a week. When they finally brought Daisy to us, she was so disoriented and extremely weak. We asked the vet tech what kind of shot was given to Daisy? She said they gave her a morphine shot since her swelling was so severe. We were not happy to hear that they did that to her especially without consulting my son first ! Poor Daisy lost her bowel and bladder control as we were leaving in the hospital entranceway.

Daisy was actually in worse shape after the hospital visit. I feared that Daisy was so drugged that she might lose bowel/bladder control throughout the night, so I volunteered to keep her that night. I knew Daisy would be quiet at my home, since my son and daughter-in-law were very busy with my two little grandsons both under 3years old. I then decided to actually kept Daisy for the week to give her around the clock care and to give her the meds on time. My youngest son, my husband and I all took turns sleeping with Daisy in my family room. I set a comfortable bed for Daisy in my family room which gave her easy access to the back door leading to our backyard.

As the days went on, Daisy appeared to get a bit better as far as her leg went. Her limp was going away. However, she still had chronic fatigue and a poor appetite. My son, Jason did a great job in hand feeding her and syringing water in her mouth every day. Since I was still concerned about Daisy’s overall health, I was happy to hear that Samantha, my daughter-in-law and Jim decided to get Daisy fully checked out at her regular vet. Daisy was to stay there all day for testing. My son asked me to pick her up later that day, in which I did. When I got to the vet that day, I really didn’t know what to expect since I knew Daisy’s lack of an appetite was not good. Well, the report was devastating which brought me to tears, I was told Daisy was in “end stage renal failure.” I felt like I was in shock, denial and grief all at the same time! Her doctor said that Daisy ingested a toxic liquid of some kind which lead to this, and of course her vet said with good care she can survive but not for long.

Fortunately, Jim and Samantha were both phoned with this news, so I didn’t have to tell them.

So, I took our Daisy home with her special food and instructions. She was to get IV’s every day to flush her kidneys and liver. Needless to say we all did a lot of crying, it wasn’t until I finally spoke with Alan that our tears turned to hope and joy. I’m a person of faith and I prayed every night for Daisy’s healing. One night I decided to google stories of dog healings. However, most stories I read were about how dog’s love was a healing force for individuals who were sick or disabled. They were wonderful, heart warming stories, but I was looking for actual stories of sick dogs who were miraculously healed. I always believe in God’s healing for humans so of course since God created all animals to be our companions in this life, why not healings for them too?

Then I happened to see a story by Alan Mesher. It was a heart warming story of how he was watching a little poodle for a friend and unfortunately the little dog was brutally attacked by a large dog. Alan wrote how he heard the noise of the punctured diaphragm of the poodle. Alan and his girlfriend rushed the dog to the vet and was given a grim diagnosis that the dog might not last the night. Alan felt helpless and went into a deep meditation focusing on the poodle’s healing. The next day, the vet gave him miraculous news about the poodle’s total healing and how the diaphragm hole sealed up miraculously at the exact time Alan sent out his healing to the little dog. This healing testimonial from Alan gave me such hope that healings do exist for our animal companions.

I sent a message to Alan telling him how much I appreciated his story and how I am holding on to hope and prayer for Daisy’s life. Now I didn’t really expect an answer back, since I knew Alan was a famous man and very busy no doubt. Well, later in the day I was so surprised that Alan wrote me back to call him. Unfortunately, it was too late to call him back that evening since there was an hour difference in our locations. Alan’s in Florida and I’m in Illinois, an hour earlier. When I finally got to speak with Alan the next day, I told him all about Daisy. He gave me such hope that Daisy will be healed. Alan told me to call him every morning at 9am, in which I did and he instructed me to put my cell phone on speaker and put it near Daisy’s lower back area where her kidneys are.

After that first energy healing session, Daisy’s energy started to come back and miraculously her appetite was coming back. I was amazed and so excited in knowing that Daisy was actually getting better. Alan was so kind and devoted to Daisy’s healing that the morning sessions took place every day for several weeks. After every session by Alan, I saw how Daisy was actually coming back to life ! Her appetite came back full force, her playfulness came back, her energy level was up, her tongue was pink again and no longer grey!

I was so happy, and even though I know my kids were not too happy with me for keeping their dog here for several weeks, it was recommended by Alan, and they saw how Daisy was being healed and they too were happy.

Daisy’s last blood tests revealed that all her levels were going in the right direction toward “Normal” !! She actually went from severe anemia to a normal red cell count and to normal liver enzymes. Daisy’s vet couldn’t believe his eyes when he last saw Daisy, he said she looked like a totally different dog. Her eyes were bright and not blood shot as they were before, and she had healthy energy. Now he didn’t know that Daisy was actually feeling the healing effects from her sessions with Alan, but all of us knew this is why Daisy came back to us. I believe God answered my tearful prayers for Daisy’s healing and He directed me to Alan’s poodle story. And that first call from Alan was the beginning of Daisy’s healing journey. Alan, truly has a gift from God to heal our animal companions with his healing love energy for them. I will be forever grateful to him for his weeks of devotion to Daisy’s healing sessions.

Thank you Alan for being our Daisy’s guardian angel !!
God Bless You and Your Gift,
Love, Gina and Daisy

Dog Laying on the Grass
Dog Sleeping on Blanket

Tom’s Story

Working with you has been the best thing I have every done. Before my friend Kim mentioned the work he was doing with you I had put in 10 years of therapy, guided meditation, Reiki, and many other alternative healing modalities in an attempt to work through the terror and trauma of having been emotionally, physically, and sexually tortured and abused by both my mother and my father. But even with all those under my belt, I was not prepared for the deep and immediate response I had with you. What’s more, I was surprised by the sudden and startling emergence of Past Life memories, all of which funneled into the work I was doing on this life. I have developed a deep sense of security which manifests itself through an outward and inward calm, a clearer vision, a stronger sense of self, and a healthier sense of boundaries, both mine and others. And your CD has proven to be extraordinarily worthwhile. I have had spontaneous Past Life memories surface while listening to it, and it has helped me between sessions continue the work I do with you. Plus, I have found that playing the CD with headphones on gives an extra boost to the healing energy. Thanks for helping me heal my psychic and emotional wounds. Because of the work, I have done with you I now, for the first time, actually have a life and the resources to build it with.

Thanks for everything,


Gina’s Story

I came across Alan Mesher listening to a late night radio program. Curious and impressed with his stories, techniques and theory I called him the next day. Though I liked him on the phone, I was skeptical that the chronic pain in my neck would subside after “screaming.” Nevertheless, after countless chiropractic visits and the pain intensifying, I made an appointment for Friday evening. The moment I met Alan I felt completely comfortable.

We meditated for a moment to tune into one another. I immediately felt his energy pulsating at the bottom and top of my spine, where his hands were placed. As Alan guided me deeper into my subconscious, I felt tremendous feelings of grief and anger. Pain that literally swelled in an area located over my heart. He told me to “give it a sound.” I had always had a hard time expressing anger as a child, so it was hard for me to do it. I resisted him, but with effort on his part he helped me to “let go.” When the heart center was finished, another area over my liver began to hurt. When that was over, my side ached. We ended that session peacefully; I was exhausted, but I felt free, definitely lighter. There was no question that I released a good amount of anger that had been stored in my body for over 15 years.

When I left, Alan told me to take a warm bath and rest. He assured me that the pain would be gone within 48 hours. I admitted then that it was a little bit better already, but that “we would see.” I did what he told me to do. Saturday morning, the pain in my neck was 75% better. By Sunday evening it had completely disappeared. Looking back, it occurred to me that the pain had surfaced at the same time I decided to write a screenplay and I didn’t know why I was always irritable and “stuck” every time I went to write. Being that my creativity had been very stifled and repressed as a child, it made sense that my neck became inflamed at that particular time. Our neck is our fifth Chakra ?? the center of our creativity; how we express ourselves. By releasing my old anger and grief, I sat down and started writing without effort, without being “stuck” or irritable.

I know the sessions I have had with Alan have been good for my health and prosperity. I have worked on releasing other “patterns” and on one occasion experienced a memory so real, I can only describe it as perhaps a past life memory from the late 1800’s. Unfortunately, we have become a “tablet society.” It has become easier to give our children or ourselves a pill for our depression or anxiety instead of taking the time to find out Why we are feeling it and then releasing it safely. My sessions prove that our bodies are smarter than we think ?? it sends messages so we will spiritually grow from the experience. Fortunate, for some, who are open enough to experience Alan find it, heal it and serve society with a little more peace and resolve within themselves, without drugs. For that, I think he is truly a special man.


April’s Story

I met Alan Mesher at a party of a mutual friend. As I am also a healer of sorts, we talked shop and exchanged a bit of healing on each other. I was amazed at his keen intuition as he zoomed in on some of my deepest emotional issues and traumas in my life, and helped to move some blocked energy (pain), on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, all in a few minutes. I had to have more, so I scheduled a session with Alan, a one hour appointment over the phone.

During this session he again zoomed in on painful areas in my body and the emotional traumas that were locked in them. When he identified an area that needed to be worked on he asked me to breathe deeply, to feel that area and to allow any sounds or words that wanted to come out as a result of focusing on the painful energy. I was moaning, crying, sounding, coughing, getting in touch with anger, grief, fear, which isn’t great fun in itself, but having realizations and understanding of my painful childhood, the ramifications it had, and how it has affected me and my life, and my relationships. At times my body would shudder with so much energy being released, and I felt a lot of tingling sensations throughout my body. After the session ended I felt exhausted, but renewed, knowing something very profound had just happened to me and my life.

After years of various therapies; hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture, bodywork, etc…, this work with Alan addresses, not only by identifying, but actually releasing traumas held in the body/mind/spirit like nothing else I have ever experienced!

April C., L.Ac., Ms. T.

Vincent’s Story

VINCENT was a golden retriever who belonged to my friends Marietta and Bob. One day Marietta approached me in the gym and asked me if I would come over to their house and work on Vincent. For the past few weeks his lungs had been filling up with fluid and needed to be drained every seven days by the vet. No one knew the cause of Vincent’s ailment. The vet suggested exploratory surgery which would cost Bob & Marietta $10,000.00. She could not guarantee that she would find the problem or guarantee results if she did.

So the next afternoon I went over to see Vincent. He was very happy to see me and started barking and wagging his tail. It took me a few minutes to settle him down. Finally I got him to lie on his back. I placed my hands on the bottom of his ribcage and his belly. The energy started surging immediately. Within a few minutes there were several loud pops in Vincent’s diaphragm as several energy blocks in his system dissolved. A few minutes later the energy stopped flowing.

Vincent got up and ran into the kitchen and drank furiously from his water bowl. Then he ran out into the backyard and ran in large circles for several minutes. Marietta told me that Vincent hadn’t had any water in four days. The night before I came over she  dreamed that Vincent drank a lot of water after I worked on him and ran in circles in the backyard. After that Vincent had no more problems with his lungs. They never filled with fluid again. He lived for several more years in good health.