Soul Activation: Part 1

Soul Activation

One of the main goals of the control matrix is soul suppression. The Powers That Be do not want you to realize how powerful you really are or to experience your connection to the God force. Toward that end they use media, education, the news, music and movies, the food you eat and the medications you take to program your subconscious to believe that you are less than you are. If you don’t believe this is true just look around you. People are dumbed down from food with little to no nutritional value, too much TV, a bad educational system and pharmaceutical drugs. Seventy percent of Americans are now obese and seventy percent of Americans now take at least one prescription drug. There are more single mothers in their twenties than married women in their twenties. Random killings and mass murders are now the norm, not the exception. America is full of fear. People are scared of the future and worried about what awful thing might happen today, and if not today, tomorrow.

When you’re caught up in fear you can’t expand your mind, reach for the stars, unleash your intuition or create the reality you want to experience. When you’re caught up in fear your power and clarity shrivel up and desert you. Sound judgment evades you. Fear makes you feel less than you are. Feeling less than is the goal of the control matrix and is a major reason why our country and the world have become increasingly unstable. This is NOT accidental. It’s part of a malicious and secret agenda to weaken America, destabilize society, destroy the family, wipe out the middle class and control the world. Seven days before John F. Kennedy was assassinated he said this: “There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot.” Kennedy was murdered for daring to try to save America. That diabolical plot he dared to speak of continues to this day.

So now we ask, given all that is happening in our world, and despite all the efforts of the corporate elite to terrorize us, what can we do to elevate our lives and restore our country to its greatness? At first glance, the task appears hopeless. It is typical to feel powerless in the face of an overwhelming force that has been organized to intimidate us, fill us with fear and make us feel much less than we really are. They control the military, the police and the government. We only have ourselves.

The first thing to realize is that the situation is not hopeless and we are not powerless. That’s the illusion they’re trying desperately to sell us. Don’t buy into the lies they spin to undermine us. The first thing to do is get centered, grounded and clear. Here’s a simple exercise that will do that.


Four inches below the navel there’s an acupuncture point called tantien, the cauldron. Place your index finger just under your navel. Tantien is located where your little finger touches your abdomen. Breathing with your diaphragm, breathe in and out from this point. Try to keep your mind focused on this point. Every time you find your mind wandering bring it back to this point. Inhale then exhale. Count each exhale up to the tenth repitition. Then start the series over again. At about the nine minute mark you will experience a shift in your nervous system. This shift will leave you incredibly peaceful, energized and clear. When this happens you will no longer have to work at the exercise. It will become easy and natural. In fact, it will feel like it is doing you and you will want to continue in this mode indefinitely. Do it for up to fifteen minutes.

Now focus on your heart. See it as a radiant center of golden light. Fill your body and mind with golden light. Now send a beam of gold light from the center of your forehead to those you love deeply. When you are done, send gold light to all those who have hurt you and who you have not forgiven or released from your life. Forgive them. Release them. Let them go. Holding on to them hurts you, not them. Forgiveness is about freedom, strength and new opportunities. Holding on to grievances is about self -undoing and remaining stuck in darkness. You can’t move forward while you are holding on to past hurts. It takes strength to forgive and let go. Bur when you do you will have more strength and power than you could imagine. You will be free to create a better life.

To be continued in Soul Activation Part 2: Secrets of the Law of Attraction