Consultations focus on clearing emotional blocks and toxic energies from your body. Emotional blocks recreate the same kind of traumatic, shaming, and abusive experiences caused by the original wounding event. These blocks are immortal and repetitive. They will recreate your toxic patterns until you raise them out of their hiding place in the subconscious, confront their toxic hold over you, and destroy their power to control your life. These blocks often originate in past lifetime experiences.

The real enemy blocking your growth and happiness is not outside you, but within you. Blaming someone else for your problems solves nothing. It merely locks you into a cycle of powerlessness and guarantees that your toxic patterns will persist. Without taking responsibility for what has happened in your life, you can not move forward. You are never a victim. You are always the author of your life experience.

Alan’s energy brings these hidden blocks to the surface so they can be effectively discharged. The result is the freedom to become the person you were meant to be and the power to create the life you would like to have.

All Alan’s consultations are conducted over the phone. This means you can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from Alan’s unique gifts, deep insight, and decades of experience. This will save you a great deal of money and time.

The Beacon Program now comes in two options:

Beacon Program One is a series of ten one hour sessions. The fee is $2600.00, a savings of $400.00

Beacon Program Two is a series of ten half hour sessions. The fee is 1550.00, a savings of $200.

Payment must be made  before beginning the Beacon Program of your choice.

One hour consultations are $300.00

Half hour consultations are $175.00

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Purchase The Beacon Program 1

Ten one hour sessions. The fee is $2600.00. You save $400.00!

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Ten half hour sessions. The fee is $1550. You save $200.00!