Soul Activation Part 2: The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to create the reality you would like to experience. Like anything else it must be used correctly if you are to have success. Here are some simple suggestions to use it effectively.

  • You must create your affirmation/goal as if you have it right now in this present moment. Here’s a simple example. “I have the perfect partner in my life. She/he is the perfect complement to me.” Don’t say, ”I will have the perfect partner in my life by the end of the year.” What you state in the future will always be in the future. It will never be in your life. All things always manifest in this present moment, no matter how long it may seem to take.
  • You must imbue your affirmation/goal with feeling. The lower three chakras concern emotion. The top three chakras concern thought and intellect. The heart chakra has to do with feeling. When you create and say your affirmation you must feel it in your heart. Feel how it feels to have it. Feel how happy and joyous you are to have it. Feel how it turns on the love light in your heart. Feel that you DESERVE it. That’s key. If there is some part of you that feels you don’t deserve it you will never manifest it.
  • Do your best to clear false beliefs from your subconscious that might short circuit or undermine your ability to have what you want in life. Virtually everyone has a flawed instruction set of beliefs that control the subconscious and limit his/her reality.

When I lived in Austin Tx I had a client named Katy. Katy had a boyfriend named Jack she purchased a session for. Jack was a bartender. He did drugs and cheated on Katy. In one session, she wanted me to cure Jack of all his bad habits.

One session? Are you kidding me? She should have just dropped him. But Katy loved Jack. And when love controls the emotions, common sense is the first casualty.

When Jack came for his appointment he told me in no uncertain terms that he thought what I did was BS.

“So why are you here if you feel that way?” I said.

“Because I don’t like to waste money,” Jack said.

“Then let’s get started,” I said. “I don’t want to waste Katy’s money or my time. Hopefully, some good things will happen for you today.”

Jack lay down on my healing table. I put one hand under the base of his spine and my other hand under the base of his skull. This configuration allows me to run energy through my client’s nervous system and see what is going on in their body. It also quickly relaxes my client.

After a minute Jack’s face turned an ashen gray. He kept shaking his head and moaning. Another moment passed and he started sobbing. He sobbed for the rest of our hour together. During the session he became freezing cold. His whole body vibrated. His teeth clattered, he was so cold. It was the middle of the hot Texas summer, but it didn’t matter. Jack just got colder and colder. I put a woolen blanket over him but it had little effect. The cold was coming from inside him. It represented ancient sadness and depression that had been frozen in his soul millennia ago and was now was thawing out. When the session ended Jack was totally out of it. It took him quite a while to recover. When he could finally talk I asked him what he had experienced.

He said that within seconds of placing my hands on opposite ends of his spine he had found himself in ancient Egypt. He was a slave in a long line of slaves pulling huge rocks across the desert floor. An overseer unexpectedly pulled a woman in front of him out of the line and whipped her to death. At the time Jack could show no emotion. If he did, he too would have been whipped to death. That woman was his wife. He had never been able to grieve for her till now. It had taken thousands of years and many lifetimes to unlock that grief. It was time. That grief was his undoing. It contained several false governing beliefs that severely limited his reality.

A Flawed Instruction Set

Those beliefs were:

  • If you love someone they will be killed. Don’t allow yourself to get close to anyone.
  • Don’t be seen because you might be singled out and killed. It’s much safer to work in a dark bar where you’re not a target.
  • Do drugs to hide the pain of loss and not having what you want in life.

I never saw Jack again. A few months later a friend of Kyle’s and Jack’s came in for a session. She asked me if I had heard what had happened to Jack and Kyle. I told her that I had heard nothing. “Well,” she said. “Shortly after working with you, Jack quit his bartending job. He got a new job in sales with IBM and is doing great. He gave up drugs and met a great girl he’s now engaged to.”

“What about Kyle?” I asked.

“She’s doing the best she can.”

Ironically, Kyle got everything she wanted for Jake in his session except Jake. He found someone else.

This case demonstrates the power of negative beliefs on the subconscious and their ongoing disastrous effect on your life. These negative, governing beliefs are immortal. They will control your life for lifetimes until they are confronted and cleared. Once they are cleared the law of attraction will work effortlessly to elevate your life.

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