Secrets of Upliftment: The X Factor


We serve others in order to grow our soul, increase our inner light, and fuse our soul with our ego. However, if we try to serve before we have cleared our toxicity, opened our system to our soul, and learned to stand in our power, our service will not be empowering. Instead, it will be draining and sacrificial.

Service elevates us when we have established soul contact and our system is open and clear enough to pull down the light from above. When those two factors are in place, the Divine will give the energy that we give to others back to us in greater quantity and higher quality. When we choose to serve others, God chooses to serve us. As we work to lift others up, God works to lift us up. Service upgrades the quality of the energy circulating in our system, and that upgraded energy draws us ever closer to our soul and spirit.

The X Factor

The unknown, or X factor in the equation of service is our conscious intent. Is that intent selfless, or is it selfish and manipulative? If our service has a selfish motive and our intention is to promote ourselves instead of helping others, then that “service” won’t promote our growth, elevate our consciousness, or release spiritual energy into the world. Because we’re using and not giving, the inner door won’t open, and Divine energy won’t flow down to us. The secret to divine intervention is to give from the heart without expectation or selfish motive. In true service, there is no quid pro quo.

Energy Healing – My Friend Bob

healing energyI first met Bob when he came to a healing energy workshop in Austin that I was producing for my mentor, Eleanor Moore. He was sitting at the back of the main sanctuary of the Unity Church in Austin after the day long workshop had ended. As I walked by him he waved his arm and motioned me over. I went over  and he said somewhat hesitantly that he needed energy healing and wanted to work with me on a regular basis. That’s how our long friendship began.

Bob had grown up in a highly dysfunctional family in Hawaii. When he was ten, his mother, who was an alcoholic, told him that he was so ugly so woman would ever want him. Bob fled the islands and his family when he was sixteen and joined the Merchant Marine.

When we met, he was fifty years old and a third mate in the Merchant Marine. In all his years at sea, he hadn’t made much progress in his career. He told me that he lived in Houston and that his wife had left him during his last sea voyage. Sadly, he had returned home to a house  emptied of all furniture. She had cleaned out their bank accounts and moved back to Michigan where she was from. She had left him a note on the kitchen counter. “I’m tired of being married to you,” she wrote. “You’re too ugly to put up with.”

Echoes from his childhood burned in his brain. The childhood wounding by his mother  roared back to life. He was alone, destitute except for the check from his recent voyage, and sinking into a deep pool of shame and despair.

Bob started coming up to Austin from Houston on a weekly basis for energy healing sessions. He would get a motel room and we’d do a healing energy session Monday through Fridays, until he went out to sea again. Usually, when we finished each healing energy session, he’d feel like he was on fire. That was due to the red healing energy I channelled into him. The red healing energy was burning away the darkness and pain inside him. Usually an hour after each healing energy session Bob would start shaking all over as the healing energy moved deeper into his system. He learned over time that when that happened he had better be safely back in his hotel room. When the shaking started he’d collapse on his bed and fall asleep for a couple hours.

Over time, his life began to change. First, he was promoted to Second Mate. The next voyage he was promoted to First Mate. Then he was made Captain. Soon he was recognized as the best Captain in his company and given all the best voyages. His income soared. Bob was feeling much better about himself.

It was at this point that his union asked him to go to Congress to lobby Congressmen and Senators for them. Bob was very hesitant to commit to do this. He was a painfully shy man. I told him he was ready and it would be a great opportunity for him. Bob took a deep breath and went. He had a great time, enjoying his meetings with Senators and Congressmen.

When he got back I suggested he come to my monthly healing energy workshops for my clients. In those healing energy workshops he would get worked on and learn to work on others. Bob was sceptical but I convinced him to give it a try. What happened was amazing.

All the women there took to him immediately. They all wanted to work on him and when they felt the healing energy coming out of him, they all wanted him to work on them. When he was away at sea for a few months and couldn’t attend the workshops those women missed him mightily.

The vicious imprinting that his alcoholic mother had put into his subconscious mind had lost its power and authority over him. Bob had come into his own.

When Bob retired he moved to a little town on the California Nevada border. We kept in touch occasionally in those years. The last time I saw Bob was in the late 1990’s when I went up to visit him. I hadn’t heard from him in some time so recently I tried to contact him. His phone was disconnected. Fearing the worst, I searched the internet for him. My fears were confirmed. Bob had passed away in December 2007. I lost a good friend and the world lost a good man. Rest in Peace Bob. I will not forget you.

The Human Energy System

The Two Major Aspects of the Human Bio-System

There is only one certain way to transform our lives,restore our internal balance and connect to the divine aspect of nature. We must transform our mind by clearing the unconscious emotional toxicity that pollutes it. Most of us live in the gulf of confusion that separates the human from the Divine. If we are to fulfill our potential, we must find a way to incorporate the Divine elements of our nature into our conscious experience. In most of us, the Divine elements exist more as a promise and a hope than as a tangible reality. The challenge we face is how to stretch our consciousness toward the Divine. We won’t escape the gulf of confusion we inhabit until we do. Fortunately, we have been designed by our Creator to accomplish this very task. When God gave us a body, He also gave us a soul and spirit. We have a dual nature and are a unique combination of physical substance and Divine energy. Our job is to unite the two and make them one.


The Supra-physical Nervous System

The physical elements of our system are designed to last a lifetime, but no more. They are mortal. On the other hand, the supra-physical aspects of our system are designed to last for eternity. They are immortal, part of our Divine connection. Therefore, while the physical part of us is destructible and will die, the larger, Divine part of us that we do not see and rarely experience is indestructible and will never perish. The physical components of our system include the brain, the skeletal structure and the physical body with its various organ systems, such as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, immune, digestive, muscular, and nervous systems.

The supra-physical elements of our Divine nature include the electromagnetic field, or aura, that encircles the physical body, the seven major chakras (an Indian term that means a spinning wheel of light) that exist just outside the front of the body, and the subtle nervous system, composed of the meridians and the nadis, that is located within the physical body. (For a complete and detailed visual representation of the supra-physical elements of the human system please view the work of the artist Alex Grey as they appear in his book of remarkable paintings, Sacred Mirrors.)

The Electromagnetic Field

The electromagnetic field contains the energies of mind (as differentiated from the brain), emotion, soul, and spirit. These aspects of consciousness are represented in the electromagnetic field as bands of light and color that encircle the physical body. The band of the emotional nature is the band closest to the body. Next to it is the sheath of the mind, followed by the sheath of the soul. The band of the spirit is the band farthest from the body. The bands of the mental nature and soul lie between those of the emotional nature and the spirit.

The ancient Yogis of India had an interesting aphorism they used to describe the relationship between the mind and the body. “The mind is not contained in the body,” they said, “but the body is contained in the mind.” At first glance this aphorism may not seem to make much sense, but when we think of the mind and body in terms of the aura, it makes perfect sense. Since the energies of the mind are located in the electromagnetic field surrounding the body, the body is literally contained within the mind, much like an egg is contained within its shell. The physical brain is the central receiving station for the mind as well as the processor for the ideas that emanate from the mental sheath of the aura. In this context the mind is part of our Divine nature.

Unlike the energies of the mind, soul and spirit, the seven chakras are not bands of light and color surrounding the body in successive layers, but are, rather, spinning wheels of light located in specific locations just in front of the physical body. The chakras transform and distribute the energy from the electromagnetic field into the physical body in order to sustain the body and regulate its many systems.

The Meridians and Nadis

The subtle nervous system is made up of the acupuncture meridians, charted by ancient Chinese seers, and the nadis, charted by ancient Indian sages. The meridians and nadis are both microscopic channels through which the subtle energy that has been stepped down through the chakras is distributed throughout the body. The main focus of the meridians is the health of the physical body, while the nadis are concerned with the individual’s spiritual evolution toward the Divine. Just as plants need sun to grow, we need spiritual  divine light to evolve.

The flow of subtle energy moves down through the various levels of our consciousness, starting at the spiritual level then down through the soul, mind, chakras, and, finally, into the meridians and nadis. At each succeeding level, the energy is stepped down so that the physical body might be able to handle the influx of power without having its circuits blown.