What Survives the Death of the Body

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Quan Yin

Karma and Freedom

Not surprisingly, the only significant contribution the negative ego makes that will endure beyond the death of the body is the negative karma it created while it held power. Its legacy is more toxicity that will have to be processed and cleared in other lifetimes. In the time that it is here, the negative ego finds few answers to life and experiences precious little fulfillment. Instead, it tarnishes the soul with its intrigues, contributes to its burdens, causes it to lose its momentum toward the light, and adds to its karmic weight.

The Surrendered Ego

The surrendered ego does just the opposite. It is focused on freedom, knowing that freedom is found only when we move in harmony with the Divine. It realizes that freedom is never strictly an individual or separate phenomenon, but is the result of a union between the individual, his soul, and the Divine. Until the Divine confers its light and power upon us, our experience of our true identity and purpose remains limited to our orientation in time and space, and we will be unable to experience the timeless dimension of our nature. We simply cannot know who we really are when we are only aware of part of ourselves. Without the presence of the Divine in our system, our true identity remains unknown, and we remain unfulfilled.

The Four Principles of Ego Development laugh together

The foundation of the Negative Ego

The negative ego is based on four fundamental factors. These factors are:

  1.  Unprocessed toxicity.
  2.  Self-hatred and the victim mentality.
  3.  An innate sense of fear and powerlessness, which often translates into the need to dominate one’s relationships with other people.
  4. An unwavering intention to keep the soul isolated from the conscious mind and ego.

The Foundation of the Healthy Ego

The healthy ego, on the other hand, is happy to grant the soul access to the psyche. It is not interested in distancing itself from the soul, but in closing the gap with the spirit. The healthy ego is also built on four factors, but these factors are very different from those comprising the negative ego. The four factors that contribute to a healthy ego are:

  1.  Cleared toxicity.
  2.  Self-respect and a healthy boundary system.
  3.  The ability to love other people, appreciate and acknowledge them for who they are.
  4.  A strong commitment to unite the soul with the conscious mind and ego.

Self Respect

A healthy ego starts with a clear subconscious. There is no inner victim, no self-hatred, and no tendency toward self-destruction in the healthy ego. Instead, the healthy ego is continually building and expanding its self- respect. Self-respect grows with the ability to reach out and create healthy relationships based on affection and mutual respect. Self-respect is reinforced when we stand up for ourselves. Self-respect flourishes when we are able to give and receive love. Sharing the energy of unconditional love expands and strengthens us. People with a healthy ego instinctively understand that when they wholeheartedly acknowledge another per- son’s talents, gifts, and contributions, they are indirectly acknowledging their own sense of self.
The ability to wholeheartedly support and recognize someone else is only possible when our system has been drained of its toxicity. If we are free of envy, jealousy, pettiness, and vindictiveness, we won’t feel threatened by someone else’s success or see that person’s good fortune as our personal loss. However, until we clear the toxic emotion from our system and learn to set effective boundaries, we will find ourselves caught in a closed system where the tendency will be to do exactly that.

The Soul and Group Consciousness


The Soul, The Negative Ego, and Group Consciousness

Unlike the negative ego, the soul is not interested in exploiting other people for individual gain. Its agenda is not limited to the desires of the personality. It does not want to shine by shaming someone else. Its true interest lies in uplifting everyone so that we all might benefit. The soul’s strategy is strongly focused on establishing group consciousness. Its game plan is straightforward. If we play together, we win together. If we heal together, we can change the world.

The Soul’s Plan

We cooperate with our soul’s plan when we clear our karma and open the necessary space in our system for the soul to come forward and shine in our life. The soul is the door to unconditional love. Whenever unconditional love is present, everyone feels whole, uplifted, and em- powered, the equal of everyone else in the group. Love is inclusive. Love makes winners of us all. Love changes the world.

The Negative Ego’s Plan

The negative ego’s game plan is quite different. Its strategies are divisive and center on this timeworn theme: If I win, you lose, and if you lose, then I get to feel better, bigger, and more important than you. The negative ego’s game is devoid of unconditional love. It is full of hostil- ity and exploitative maneuvers whose sole intention is to fulfill its desires, often shaming and humiliating other people for its own gains. The negative ego wants to dominate everyone and be at the top of the heap. It mistakenly thinks it can substitute “being on top” for being whole and fulfilled. What the negative ego fails to recognize is that being on top does not automatically make you whole, happy, or fulfilled. What you were before you got to the top of the heap, you will be after you get there. Power, wealth, and notoriety are not the antidote for having an empty core.

The Soul and the Long-term

The soul knows that it has had previous incarnations and may well have future ones. It knows that we come here, time and time again, until we learn the lessons that we must and transform the toxic energies we carry in our body into a clear and vibrant light. The soul’s concern is for the long-term: Will what we do in this lifetime advance our long- term growth or hinder it?

Helping other people helps our growth. Kindness, forgiveness, and a generous spirit count. These qualities accelerate our growth and help us transmute whatever rage, resentment, and hatred we may experience within ourselves or encounter from others. Being stuck in negative emotion separates us from our soul, encumbers our progress, and holds us back.

The Negative Ego and the Short-term

Unlike the soul, the negative ego’s concern is for the short-term, this lifetime. It has a short-term focus because that’s all it thinks it has, one lifetime to get what it craves and then the grave. It wants to get everything it can in almost any way it can. It is ruled by desire and greed. It functions in ignorance of the Law of Consequence and has little, if any, consideration for the long-term repercussions of its actions. If death is the end of everything, thinks the negative ego, then what possible further consequences could there be for what I have done?

Ignorance however, is not a shield and will not protect the negative ego from the long-term consequences of its actions. Sooner or later those consequences will come home to roost. We never outwit or outrun the Law of Consequences.

Unlike the spirit which lives in clarity and peace, the negative ego lives in constant worry. Because it feels separate and alone, fear is never far away. It is the first emotion the negative ego feels when it faces the unknown. The spirit, on the other hand, has a conscious realization of its own eternal continuity. It is centered in the Divine light. The real challenge of life is to find that center.

Bill Gates, Monsanto and the GM debacle

GMO Investor

Gates Monsanto Investment in GMO Seeds

Bill Gates recently invested approximately twenty seven million dollars in Monsanto stock. Gates feels GMO seeds and crops are the only way to feed the world’s burgeoning population. He wants to see GMO seeds and crops planted throughout Africa, where Monsanto is making a big push. GMO crops are already grown on wildlife and nature refuges in the U.S.

GMO Crops and Sterility

Gates is no fool. I’m sure he’s studied the research and knows that in mice fed GMO crops infant mortality rose hugely in the second generation. By the third generation the males’ testicles had shrunk and they had become sterile. If you want to control the world population feed them GMO foods. If the experimental findings with mice translate to the human population, in the second generation many babies will be stillborn. By the third generation most males will be infertile. GMO foods will reduce the world’s population significantly. Here we have another case of double speak by the PTB. Instead of feeding and sustaining the world’s population GMO foods will reduce the population. By forcing farmers to grow GM foods and consumers to eat GMO foods the PTB will control the world’s food supply and reap huge profits while reducing the world’s population. A perfect double play for the PTB.

GMO and agent orange

Agent Orange

Agent Orange and GM crops

In more GM news, Agent Orange is making a comeback. Originally used in the Vietnam War to defoliate the countryside it also poisoned countless American soldiers and Vietnamese citizens. Now Dow Agroscience has applied to the Dept of Agriculture to spray Agent Orange on GMO corn. Now you will have the opportunity to eat a toxic food topped off with highly toxic pesticide. Lovely!!

Government and Corporate Collusion

Meanwhile the carousel of Monsanto officials inhabiting important government positions keeps on spinning as it has for many years. If you’ve ever doubted government and corporation collusion google Monsanto officials in government. Unless I’m mistaken, that kind of collusion between powerful corporations and government is known as fascism. Monsanto is a prime example of how a corporation uses the federal government to further its goals and policies, in this case the proliferation of GMO crops. Those GMO policies benefit Monsanto, not the citizens of the United States whom the federal government is sworn to protect. Monsanto will grow richer and more powerful in its quest to control the world’s food supply. Americans and everyone else will grow sicker.