The Silent Epidemic, The Silent Killer


A good friend of mine called me in tears a couple of years ago. She had just returned from her doctor’s office. The results of her recent blood tests had just come in. The doctor sat her down and gave her the bad news. The tests indicated she had third stage cirrhosis of the liver. It was a death sentence. The doctor told her she had two years to live-maybe. I was stunned. How could that be? She didn’t drink. And then I started doing research. It turns out another name for cirrhosis of the liver is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD. And this form of the dreaded liver disease is now at epidemic levels in the US.

According to “Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the buildup of fat in the liver cells of people who do not drink alcohol excessively. It’s the most common liver disorder in Western countries and a key contributor to chronic liver disease.

“Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is fast becoming one of the top concerns for clinicians due to the obesity epidemic and its potential to progress to advanced liver disease, which significantly impacts on overall liver-related mortality,” Mark Thursz, vice secretary of the European Association for the Study of the Liver, says in a news release. “This data highlights a serious concern for the future, and the enormous increasing health burden of NAFLD.”

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with obesity, insulin resistance (prediabetes) or diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated blood fats.

Researchers found during the first survey period from 1988-1994, 46.8% of all chronic liver disease was related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. But by 2005-2008, this proportion had risen to 75.1%.”

My friend immediately changed her diet, eliminating all junk foods and hi-fructose corn syrup and agave which is actually worse for you than HFCS. She added dandelion greens and other herbs she thought might help and started losing weight. At her last doctor’s appointment the doctor noted she had made significant progress. He told her life expectancy had now increased another ten years. This time, she didn’t call me in tears.

Yesterday, I read about another study reported at that cited the use fermented turmeric in healing liver disease.  According to the study, turmeric reduced the elevated liver enzyme levels that are markers for liver disease.

With all the toxins we are all exposed to everyday in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat it is important to continually support and detoxify the liver. Turmeric is a spice that everyone should consider consuming daily. Another great detoxifying remedy for the liver is Zija’s special tea based on the moringa tree. The Zija tea is very powerful, pulling heavy metals and many other toxins out of the cells of the body. Zija is the name of a company that has pioneered a way to make the incredible full spectrum nutritional density of the Moringa tree readily bio-available for consumption in a wide range of formulations. When you have a moment checkout Zija.


The Four Principles of Ego Development laugh together

The foundation of the Negative Ego

The negative ego is based on four fundamental factors. These factors are:

  1.  Unprocessed toxicity.
  2.  Self-hatred and the victim mentality.
  3.  An innate sense of fear and powerlessness, which often translates into the need to dominate one’s relationships with other people.
  4. An unwavering intention to keep the soul isolated from the conscious mind and ego.

The Foundation of the Healthy Ego

The healthy ego, on the other hand, is happy to grant the soul access to the psyche. It is not interested in distancing itself from the soul, but in closing the gap with the spirit. The healthy ego is also built on four factors, but these factors are very different from those comprising the negative ego. The four factors that contribute to a healthy ego are:

  1.  Cleared toxicity.
  2.  Self-respect and a healthy boundary system.
  3.  The ability to love other people, appreciate and acknowledge them for who they are.
  4.  A strong commitment to unite the soul with the conscious mind and ego.

Self Respect

A healthy ego starts with a clear subconscious. There is no inner victim, no self-hatred, and no tendency toward self-destruction in the healthy ego. Instead, the healthy ego is continually building and expanding its self- respect. Self-respect grows with the ability to reach out and create healthy relationships based on affection and mutual respect. Self-respect is reinforced when we stand up for ourselves. Self-respect flourishes when we are able to give and receive love. Sharing the energy of unconditional love expands and strengthens us. People with a healthy ego instinctively understand that when they wholeheartedly acknowledge another per- son’s talents, gifts, and contributions, they are indirectly acknowledging their own sense of self.
The ability to wholeheartedly support and recognize someone else is only possible when our system has been drained of its toxicity. If we are free of envy, jealousy, pettiness, and vindictiveness, we won’t feel threatened by someone else’s success or see that person’s good fortune as our personal loss. However, until we clear the toxic emotion from our system and learn to set effective boundaries, we will find ourselves caught in a closed system where the tendency will be to do exactly that.

Possession: The Astral Intruder


Some years ago an older female client came to my office in Austin. She had driven three hours from a small town in central Texas to see me. At first meeting, she seemed normal enough, polite and low key, but appearances often deceive. This woman harbored a toxic secret she wanted to remain hidden.

After exchanging pleasantries she lay down on the table and I went to work. I always start my sessions by placing one hand under the base of my client’s skull and the other under the base of her spine. As soon as my hands make contact with my client’s spine the healing energy starts flowing. This quickly relaxes the client and allows me to see what’s going on in their energy field, their body and their soul. When I scanned this woman there was something very unusual going on. There seemed to be something living inside her hidden away in the darkest recesses of her soul. She wasn’t pregnant, she was too old for that.  I turned up the energy, making it stronger and more powerful so I could see better and bring this thing, whatever it was, to the surface. The strong energy put the woman in a deep sleep.

Suddenly her body spoke in a masculine voice. “Stop this,” commanded the voice, “or I will kill you.” A long, thin astral entity had risen from it’s hiding place and taken control of her body. The entity, using her hand, tried to grab me. But as it got closer to me the energy burned it and the entity had to pull back.

The entity grimaced, then threatened to kill me again. I told it that it had a choice to make. It could either be transformed and go into the light or I would kill it.

“You can’t kill me,” it screamed, reaching for me once more. Again, it’s hand got burned.  The entity sighed and withdrew it quickly.

“This is your final chance,” I said. “Leave this woman and go into the light or I will have to destroy you.”

“You can’t destroy me. You don’t have the power,” it said contemptuously.

“O.K.,” I said. “You’ve made your choice.” I turned up the power. The entity shuddered a few times before dissolving into a plume of grey smoke that rose out of my clients head and disappeared through the ceiling.

My client awoke in shock a moment later. “What happened?” she asked in a panic. “I feel so empty.”

“You were possessed by an astral entity. It’s gone. It won’t be back.”

“But it was my only friend!” she protested.

“Who told you that?”

“It did. It said it would always be with me. Everyone else always abandoned me.”

“It was never your friend. It played on your weakness to control you. I’m sure the entity chased your other friends away without your knowing it. Now you’ll be able to lead a normal life and have real friends.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I do. Call me in a couple of months and let me know how you’re doing.”

She called a few months later to say she felt much better and had a whole new circle of friends she had met through a cooking class.




The Higher Power

Seeking a Higher PowerAspiration and the Higher Power

Our aspiration to grow is the key to bringing down the higher power that will accelerate our evolution and help us discover who we really are. Aspiration is a magnetic power and a potent force that used correctly will increase our inner light and access to the higher power. When our aspiration for the truth is sincere, it attracts to us what we need to grow. We can’t grow unless we are nurtured by the spiritual energy of a higher power. When a sincere and loving call goes up, the higher power to heal one’s inner wounds and restore peace in the world comes flowing back down. In the spiritual world, like attracts like. Christ instructed his followers how to use universal law. “Knock and it shall be opened,” he exhorted. “Ask and ye shall receive.” When we turn to God with a pure heart and a clear mind, God turns to us. That is the power of aspiration. It connects us to the higher power.

The gulf of Confusion

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Until we embrace our paradoxes and do the therapeutic inner work necessary to resolve our personal inconsistencies, our consciousness will retain its dark and toxic secrets, and the collective consciousness will remain permeated with lethal influences. The gulf of sorrow and confusion that consumes so much of the energy and consciousness in the world will remain intact. If we do not aspire upwards toward the higher power, God cannot intervene in our affairs. If we do not choose to grow, God will leave us to our fate. We are the levers of change. We either reach for our destiny, call down the higher power and rise in the light, or we contract in the darkness of our anguish and fall to the fate we have created collectively.
We are the only ones who can bring down the forces from above to change the world. The ability to be a conduit of the higher power is a particularly human gift and a profound responsibility. If we don’t take on this high work, who will? This is our planet; its well-being is in our hands. These are our lives; our futures and those of our children are at stake. The time to change the way things are is now, not later.