Special Sale: Two CDs for the Price of One!

For a limited time you can purchase both HARMONY & BALANCE and VITALITY for $29.95 plus $3.00 s&h.

Harmony and Balance

cdharmony-150x150Harmony & Balance combines soothing rhythms & mellow jazz with powerful, yet gentle spiritual healing energies. You hear the music and feel the energy. This CD is soothing and peaceful. Listen to a sample.



cdvitality-150x150Vitality combines soaring rhythms with powerful spiritual healing energies. This CD is energizing and uplifting. Listen to a sample.


“I love the Vitality CD. I listen to it every night before retiring. It helps me sleep restfully and I wake up feeling refreshed.”

“I received both the Harmony and Balance CD and the Vitality CD in June of 2001. When my grandson was born, he had colic, and had a hard time going to sleep, because the gas in his stomach made his little legs crunch up to his stomach. It hurt him so! We played the Harmony and Balance CD for him, and it calmed him down, and put him to sleep. I would recommend it to anyone who has a new born baby in the house. It is amazing how it soothes and heals the infant, especially after the trauma of the birth.”

“I received your Harmony and Balance CD just before Christmas and listened to it right away. The result was nothing short of amazing. As long as the music filled my room I had NO sad memories – only positive and uplifting thoughts. I had a wonderful holiday season and the pain I usually experience in winter from my arthritis was almost nil! I was able to clean 30 year old stuff out of my closets and donate it to charity and to keep going. Sad pervasive memories have stopped me at the outset of this project for thirty years – but this year I was able to get it done.”

“In the early part of May ’00, I heard you for the first time on the radio as a guest speaker with Mike Siegal (spelling??) on the Art Bell Show. Your CD titled “Music and More” and your book titled “The T Zone” were being discussed. I ordered the CD and audio version of your book with the intention of laying down on my bed, relaxing, listening and absorbing the information. After hearing all three tapes, I chose to listen to one side of a tape plus the CD each day.”