Politics and Higher Purpose: Part 2

Sri Aurobindo

God is Inclusive

Despite the trend toward increased polarization in politics God is inclusive. He doesn’t choose sides or favor one group over another but works silently behind the scenes of the external life to uplift the entire race. While we can’t change God’s plan, our collective intransigence and mass disdain for each other will impede its progress to all of our detriments. When the psychic environment is cluttered with as much polarizing emotion and ideology as it is today it is impossible for the truth to be clear and undisguised or for compassion to be present anywhere.


Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian spiritual master of the twentieth century, put it this way: “The illusion of action is one of the greatest illusions of human nature. Men have a feeling that if they are not all the time bursting into fits of feverish activity, they are doing nothing. Whatever has been done in the world has been done by the very few who can stand outside the action in silence; for it is they who are the instruments of the Divine Power. They are dynamic agents, conscious instruments; they bring down the forces that change the world. Things can be done in that way, not by a restless activity. In peace, in silence and in quietness the world was built; and each time that something is to be truly built, it is in peace and silence and quietness that it must be done. I am not speaking of the ordinary day-to-day acts that are needed for the common external life, but of thosewho have or believe that they have something to do for the world. Enter into the consciousness of Eternity, then only you will know what true action is.”

There was a Tibetan Lama who saw many of his brother monks tortured and killed by the Chinese and spent twelve years in a Chinese prison. He was being interviewed one day after his release and said during his time in confinement he “…had been in grave danger.”

“Of losing your life?” The interviewer asked.

“No,” answered the Tibetan. “Of losing my compassion for the Chinese.”


Compassion is one of the hallmarks of higher consciousness, the kind of consciousness so needed in our world and yet in such short supply. While the Tibetan Monk never lost his compassion despite the severity of his situation, many of us have never found ours despite countless opportunities to do so. We might not be able to change what goes on in the external world by ourselves but we can certainly change what goes on in our internal world. If enough of us take on the responsibility of developing more consciousness we will eventually elect officials who also have more consciousness. Hopefully, there is still time to change the direction of the planet before political, climactic, and geological crises occur for which there are no solutions.

The requirements to create more consciousness and develop an inner center are twofold. The first requirement is a purified emotional nature in which all conscious and unconscious emotional toxicity has been discharged. The second requirement is a conscious connection between mind and soul that allows the intuition to function and unconditional love to be experienced and expressed.

Changing the Future

We can change the future only if we change ourselves. The road ahead is fraught with peril. The future will belong to those who transform their toxicity, find their center, develop compassion, and become a channel for unconditional love. The time to start that work is now. If we procrastinate and put it off for later it will be too late. When love and hate are both absent, a clear, compassionate center capable of holding a guiding truth for the nation and the world will form. Salvation requires a group effort. We cannot afford pettiness and small mindedness any longer.


Watch this video of President John F. Kennedy of a speech given  in the early 1960’s. This is what we are up against.


Politics and Higher Purpose: Part 1

The Great Way is easy For he who has no preferences, When love and hate are both absent, The truth is clear and undisguised. To be for this and against that Is the disease of the mind.

-from the Teachings of the Third Zen Patriarch


America today is a country polarized. Compassion and understanding are rarely in evidence in our political discourse while hatred and high temper run rampant. A truth large enough to guide all parties and temper their accusations towards each other does not exist. Rather than possessing a truth large enough to guide our decisions we have substituted differing points of view, each containing a kernel of truth but not the whole truth, and we support the view that most nearly matches our own. Self righteousness has trumped understanding.


Tea Party Rally

Right Wing

On the right side of the political aisle we have the fundamentalist religious right with its “culture of life” agenda. The fundamentalists are convinced that their agenda is divinely sanctioned and they are absolutist and self-righteous in pursuing it. They presume to speak God’s word and believe they are His chosen instruments. No point of view is right but theirs. They do not speak compassionately but authoritatively. They divide in order to conquer. They are certain God is on their side.


Liberal Obama Supporters

Left Wing

On the other side of the aisle are the liberal Democrats. Nobody knows quite what they stand for anymore, but they habitually assume the moral high ground nevertheless. While many of them go to Church, they are not religious zealots like their brethren on the right. The liberal democrats have been weakened, are certain of little, and no longer have acoherent message. Not only have they become marginalized, they are in danger of becoming irrelevant. While they are in decline the Christian fundamentalists are in the ascent.

Lack of Political Intelligence

John Stuart Mill once said that the “stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” We know that the fundamentalist Republicans are cocksure and that the liberal Democrats are full of self-doubt. That much is obvious. What is less evident is Mill’s assertion of the relationship between intelligence and attitude. Is the radical religious right truly stupid and is the liberal left really intelligent? How you answer that question probably depends on the color of the state you live in. I deliberately choose the path of discretion and leave that judgment in your good hands. However, in my mind anger and self righteousness make people less intelligent than they really are. When one is full of negative emotion one can’t see the whole truth because one is devoid of compassion. Since negativity and fear rule in Washington I can only conclude that both sides are less intelligent than they could be and should be.


Protest and Opposition

Zealotry and Demonization

One cause of the continuing decline of constructive dialogue between the parties is the takeover of the Republican Party by the religious right. The advent of zealotry and the mingling of Church and State have meant the waning of collegiality and compromise. Unfortunately, the deterioration of constructive dialogue is not an isolated phenomenon that is easily contained but, like a multi-car accident on a busy freeway, has unforeseen consequences that may stretch far into the future. One effect is the habit of both major parties to demonize their opponents. How do you find middle ground with evil? To do so means making a deal with the devil and taking on some of that colorization yourself. Who wants to do that? Whether we conceive of ourselves as having the higher moral ground (Democrats) or see ourselves as the agents of God’s will (fundamentalist Republicans) the result is the same, -gridlock and stalemate.

Who Runs the World


Who Controls the World’s Wealth

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have determined that 1318 transnational corporations control over forty percent of the world’s wealth. Naturally, most of these corporations are banking institutions. Here is a list of the top fifty corporations that control the world’s wealth as determined by the SFIT.  The Occupy Wall St protests are certainly on to something. Click here to read  the entire article about who controls the worlds wealth.


The top 50 of the 147 superconnected companies

1. Barclays plc
2. Capital Group Companies Inc
3. FMR Corporation
4. AXA
5. State Street Corporation
6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
7. Legal & General Group plc
8. Vanguard Group Inc
10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
11. Wellington Management Co LLP
12. Deutsche Bank AG
13. Franklin Resources Inc
14. Credit Suisse Group
15. Walton Enterprises LLC
16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
17. Natixis
18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
20. Legg Mason Inc
21. Morgan Stanley
22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
23. Northern Trust Corporation
24. Société Générale
25. Bank of America Corporation
26. Lloyds TSB Group plc
27. Invesco plc
28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA
30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company
31. Aviva plc
32. Schroders plc
33. Dodge & Cox
34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc*
35. Sun Life Financial Inc
36. Standard Life plc
37. CNCE
38. Nomura Holdings Inc
39. The Depository Trust Company
40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
41. ING Groep NV
42. Brandes Investment Partners LP
43. Unicredito Italiano SPA
44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
45. Vereniging Aegon
46. BNP Paribas
47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc
48. Resona Holdings Inc
49. Capital Group International Inc
50. China Petrochemical Group Company


The Golden Rule: Who controls the gold, makes the rules


Ever wonder why pornography has become mainstream?

Because the people who run the world want it that way. Pornography serves their interests. It fosters an unhealthy obsession with sex and keeps people’s sex chakras stimulated and wide open. When people’s sex chakras are wide open it is easy to install programming in their subconscious through cable TV, movies, music, magazines, satellite transmissions, internet, cell towers, and elf transmissions. Pornography does not foster positive and intimate relationships or create strong emotional connections. Just the opposite.  It isolates people even further and teaches them that their sex partner is just there for their pleasure. Everything is about the perpetrator. His or her partner is either a willing or unwilling victim. The motto of our times is this: “It’s all about me, stupid!” Nothing says that like pornography.

Harvesting Sexual Energy

The PTB have technology that allows them to harvest and capture all the sexual energy people release. They use that energy to make themselves stronger and us weaker. Since they control the distribution of pornography it also makes them rich.

Pornography is not available for your pleasure as much as it is for your exploitation. It is one more step in the process of degrading humanity.


Buried Treasure



Enlightenment is simply another name for normalcy and sanity. The enlightened person has resolved his psychic splits and emotional fragmentation. His inner darkness has been transformed into spiritual light. That light is the basis for his conscious connection to the Oneness. If he had not first gone through the process of redeeming his darkness and recovering his light that enlightenment would not be possible.

The Psyche’s Buried Treasure

Spiritual evolution and eventual enlightenment depends on making the choice to confront the negative side of our psyche. The negative side of our psyche is where we hide our buried treasure. Buried treasure is what our unconscious pain really is. When we raise it up to consciousness and heal it, it is no longer hostile and antagonistic to our conscious goals and intentions. Instead it is reintegrated into our psyche as lessons we have learned. Trauma that has been overcome is no longer a cause of suffering but a source of wisdom. It makes us more powerful because it closes the gaps in our being. Turning psychic darkness into spiritual light is the basis of  evolution and enlightenment. It is also the essential task of the transformation process. We find the fuel we need to climb higher on the evolutionary highway in the negtive regions of the unconscious. Mining the negative is a fruitful endeavor that leads to higher consciousness.



The choice to pursue conscious confrontation as the only viable path to wholeness and enlightenment intensifies the internal war between the light and dark elements in the psyche. The process of conscious  confrontation forces us to look at what is healed and true about us, and what is unhealed and only rationalized within us. It compels us to choose between accepting responsibility for our actions so we might change ourselves, and assigning blame to others for our deeds so we need not face ourselves.

Liberty vs License

In other words, Enlightenment demands responsibility. Enlightenment is not a license to permit the negative side of our nature to run roughshod over our lives. Enlightenment is liberty and there is great of difference between liberty and license. The former  is the product of discipline and responsibility. The latter is the result of a lack of self control. Think Lindsay Lohan when looking for an example of a person who has given in to their negative side and granted it complete license in their lives. The result is a life out of control, great gifts casually tossed aside, and a trainwreck heading toward complete dissolution. It is an all too familiar refrain in our morally depraved and challenged times.

The Search for God: Part 1


The Paradox of Life

A disturbing, inescapable paradox regarding the nature of God dwells in the heart of life. The problem defies resolution and makes life challenging and difficult. In the mental and spiritual realms of life mankind is blessed with unlimited potential. As a race we are capable of higher consciousness and inspired creativity. Our scientific achievements continue to advance our standard of living. We have the capacity to enter mystical states of unity and oneness. We can touch God. But in our physical life we are saddled with crippling limitations.  We are not immortal. Despite all our achievements life is short, difficult and unfair. Time grinds us all down. We are born. One day we will die. What lies between is entirely up to us. That is all life guarantees.


Randomness vs Intelligent Design

Is life then as random and meaningless as it appears to be? Or has life been designed by a higher power to be difficult and uncertain for some unknown purpose that we fail to comprehend?

Life is meaningless only if we deny the reality of God. Without God there is neither a higher purpose to life nor any linkage between what we do here and what happens when we leave here. Without God any possible continuity between life and death is fiction not fact: myth and fable, not truth and reality. If there is no ultimate reason for life, the quest for meaning and the search for enlightenment are simply the detours and delusions of a fool’s path. If we believe that God does not exist then life is an accident, a mysterious aberration in a cold and sterile cosmos.

 The Absence of Proof

Unfortunately, the existence of God has not yet been proven scientifically. The absence of scientific proof is due to the fact that God is not a substance that can be quantified empirically and objectively. The experience of God is a subjective and personal one. God is felt, not measured. His existence is not just “out there,” in intelligent space, but here, inside our hearts as well. The secret to proving the existence of God is internal and individual. We prove God exists one person at a time. The reality of God does not yield to quantification. The mystery of God yields to love.

If we can’t find God in our hearts, we will not find Him outside of ourselves. If we can’t feel Him in the internal world of our soul, we will not see Him working in the outer world of flesh and stone. One of the most important life tasks we will ever face is the challenge of transforming the unredeemed, dark parts of our psyche that hinder us from feeling the existence of God.

 What Separates Us From God

What prevents us from feeling the Oneness within is the personal suffering, anger and confusion we have not yet overcome. If the unhealed aspects of our psyche are holding us back is our failure to feel God’s presence our fault of His? God, of course, does not need to prove himself to us. He already knows that He exists. but if He does exist we need to find Him to complete and fulfill our destiny.

The Feminine Mistake: Part 3


Gender Role Reversal

With the rise of feminism there has been a steady increase in gender role reversal. Feminism has masculinized women and feminized men. I have several young and beautiful woman friends. They are feminine (as opposed to being feminists) and want to remain that way. They all struggle terribly when it comes to attracting a worthy partner. It’s not that they are shunned and ignored. Quite the reverse. Men approach them all the time. Unfortunately, these “men” attempt to qualify these rare and wonderful women for their income potential or try to get them into bed right away. If my friends aren’t making enough money to satisfy these faux men who want to live off of women they are dumped immediately. If my friends won’t sleep with them they move on and find women who will. These men have no insight into the rare qualities of the women they have rejected. They are blind and foolish. Morons of the highest order. They don’t deserve women of this caliber.


Today’s liberated feminist women are often promiscuous. They want to be like men. Promiscuity, however, comes with a price that is either high or exorbitant. Either way it’s not worth paying. The most obvious consequence of a promiscuous lifestyle are STD’s. Easy to acquire, often impossible to cure. From Herpes to AIDS, it’s not a pretty picture. There are other consequences of promiscuity that are more subtle but no less insidious. A woman takes on the energy and frequency of every partner she has ever slept with. The more sex partners she has the more discordant energies and frequencies she takes on.  Those frequencies do not have a short term shelf life, they are life long toxins. Too many frequencies in your psyche that are not your own lead to emotional instability and psychological disorders.


One of the most important things a woman has to offer a life partner is her virtue. Promiscuity is the opposite of virtue and the downfall of stable, enduring relationships. For those few women who have managed to maintain their femininity and virtue while many of their peers have adopted feminist values and a promiscuous lifestyle, finding a suitable partner is a daunting task. Since so many women have devalued their virtue and embraced a promiscuous lifestyle men no longer have to make a commitment to them in order to have sex. When something is devalued it never lasts. Empty sex with many partners is a poor replacement for emotional fulfillment and lasting happiness.

The Heterosexual Contract

There is an implied heterosexual contract that has guided successful relationships for thousands of years. A woman gives up her power for a man’s love. A man gives his love in exchange for a woman’s power. When that contract works as it should the man will protect, provide, care for and love his wife. The woman will nurture the children, care for her man and sacrifice for the well being of her family. They will be loyal and faithful to each other. The woman’s sacrifices lead her children and husband to love her more. She is indispensable to their lives: to their health, well being and success. The heterosexual contract is based on mutual trust and respect. There is little of that now in our world.

 Healthy Feminine Energy

A society and a nation is only as strong and healthy as the health of the feminine energy in that society. Healthy feminine energy is the basis of the family. It is the guiding and nurturing force in the lives of the young. It is the basis of healthy partnership. It is often the foundation of a man’s success. Healthy feminine energy is loving, nurturing, insightful, unifying and healing. In today’s society that too is sorely lacking. Tragically, it has never been more needed. Feminism is not the answer. It’s a part of the problem.

What do you think. Can we bring back and restore healthy feminine energy before it is too late?




The Feminine Mistake: Part 2

Communism has two major strategies for subverting a culture and destroying a country.

  1. Destroy the family
  2. Separate the people from their spirituality

Feminism was an important part of the communist strategy to destroy the family. With women now putting their careers first and their relationships last it made what relationships they did have more unstable and much more likely to be of a short term, transitory nature. That’s what happens when relationships are overwhelmingly focussed on sexual gratification rather than emotional vulnerability, connection and commitment.

 Soaring Divorce Rate

Since the introduction of feminism the divorce rate has soared to well over fifty percent. For the first time since statistics have been kept the single adult population outnumbers the married population. This represents a serious breakdown in the overall health of the society.

The fallout from these statistics is highly disturbing. More children come from broken homes than ever before. Many young pre school children spend their weekdays in day care. In many cases, they are being raised by the state, another goal of communism.  Who really knows how those children are being programmed and imprinted while they are in daycare? Then they go on to public schools where the process of dumbing them down continues.

The Falling Birth Rate

The birth rate in America is another area of concern. Look at the demographic pyramid of the United States and you see that it is middle heavy. There are more older people in previous generations than younger people in newer generations to replace them. With women abandoning family, motherhood and raising children to find “liberation and fulfillment” in career and upward mobility is it any wonder that the birthrate has plummeted?

Gloria Steinem

Many women in their forties who embraced the feminist path and achieved financial success now find themselves lonely, longing for partnership, marriage and children. Ironically, Gloria Steinem, one the founders of Feminism, married later in life and said she’d never been as happy. I see women advertising on dating sites all the time with pictures of their dogs. The captions invariably read, “my best friend” or “the love of my life.”

 We Need Each Other

Put aside all doctrine and dogma and men and women need each other. That’s the way we’re built and no amount of brainwashing, mind control, and ideology is going to change that. Never  let ideology get in the way of  happiness.

Feminism is bad for relationships, bad for families, bad for children, bad for the country and bad for the future. But it’s good for dogs and the Powers That Be. Now that they’ve seduced women into the marketplace in vast numbers they have created another huge source of taxation and through child care they have a direct avenue to imprint and mind control young, impressionable minds. Think that’s ridiculous? Check out  the McMartin Preschool case here.



What do you think? Please share your thoughts.


The Feminine Mistake: Part 1


Communism and Feminism

Communism and Feminism have more in common than you might suspect. They are actually branches of the same tree. Communism came to America as a political doctrine of economic class warfare between owners of business and labor; between capitalists and the proletariat class; between rich and poor. The Communist strategy was to use their ideology of class warfare to take over the unions and use them to bring down capitalism.

The problem the Communists encountered in America was twofold. A growing middle class that saw little reason to buy into Communist propaganda and a frontier spirit of individualism that shunned communist collectivism. As the American economy grew and the country became more affluent there was little reason for the American worker to upset a system that paid him a living wage and more. Communism as a doctrine of economic class warfare was going nowhere and communist party leaders knew it.

Their failure to establish a beach head in America led Communist strategists to retool their message and shift their strategy. Instead of economic warfare they promoted gender warfare. Instead of painting capitalism as the enemy, they designated men as the new enemy and women as the new exploited class.

 Betty Freidan

In 1963 Betty Freidan published the Feminine Mystique and the Age of Feminism began. Betty Freidan was a member of the American Communist Party and had been for many years. Her husband was a successful business executive who provided her with all the domestic help she needed, all the creature comforts she desired and a privileged life style. None of that was enough for Ms Freidan. She was a driven, abrasive personality who resented her husband’s success and wanted power and fame in her own right. It was a predicament rife with irony. On one hand, she was given all she wanted, she was well provided and cared for, but on the other her husband was exploiting her. He was now the enemy, as were all men.


Ms Freidan’s message was the spark that lit a forest fire that still rages through the western world nearly fifty years later. Women didn’t need men to be fulfilled. Career, ambition and upward mobility could replace marriage and family. Sexually liberated women could approach sex like many men did. Have multiple partners; be promiscuous; do not get emotionally involved with or committed to any lover.  Do not be emotionally vulnerable. Ever. Eschew the feminine traits of kindness, understanding, bonding, nurturing, and forgiveness as weaknesses. Believe that differences between men and women are the result of socialization, not inherent biological wiring.



Betty Freidan

With the advent of Feminism came consciousness raising sessions and the policy of political correctness. Both of these techniques come right out of the Communist playbook.  In reality “consciousness raising” is a term for brainwashing and mind control. Political correctness is a tool to silence the opposition and suppress the truth. Women have a hive mentality and Feminism was an easy sell. Particularly, when it centered around “empowering” women. But did it?


The Power of Letting Go: Part 2

Letting Go of Anger


The next night I conducted a seminar. When it came time for Q&A the same med school student brought up a new situation that was deeply troubling her. Her grandmother had recently died and left her house to her. She wanted to sell the house to pay for med school. However, her mother, an alcoholic, was living in the house and had just informed her earlier in the day that she had no intention of moving out. The med student was very upset and angry. I told her that she had to let her anger go. She told me indignantly why she could not. I told her again that she needed to let it go. Again she replied that she could not. Look, I told her, if you don’t let it go you’ll just turn yourself inside out, make yourself smaller, and even more unhappy. What’s the point of doing that to yourself? You’ll just lose your power and your center and your ability to create what you want. Nothing is worth that.

With that she broke into tears. After sobbing for a few minutes she reached an important decision. “If my mother won’t move,” she said, “I’ll just have to find another way to pay for med school.” She was no longer reacting emotionally but taking responsibility for her life. She had let go. The clock in the room said 9:12 p.m.


The 9:12 Express

The next morning on the way to the airport I received a call from her. She said that when she got home from the seminar there was a message on her answering machine from her mother agreeing to move so she could sell her grandmother’s house. The time of the message was 9:12 p.m.

The moment she took responsibility for her situation and really let go everything changed and moved in her direction. She was no longer self destructing and giving all her power to her inner victim.

We all have an inner victim. When we allow it to be the power in our life, life will not support us in getting what we want. The inner victim is hurt, self-righteous, wants its way, and intends to retaliate against whoever it decides has hurt us. It thinks it is after justice but it is really after revenge.

Letting go is more than a conscious decision or an act of will. It is actually a deeply emotional event. To let go we must clear the toxic emotions in our body that are at the core of the inner victim’s existence. When the med student broke into tears she was releasing her toxic anger. When she released those emotions her inner victim had no more power to create havoc in her life. What was in her best interests was free to manifest and it did so immediately!

Life Wants to Support Us

Life wants to support us but it cannot until we let go and get out of our own way. To go forward we must first go back. Clean up the past and the future takes care of itself. Ignore your past and the future will repeat it.

The Power of Letting Go: Part 1


Some time ago I conducted an energy healing workshop at Michigan State University. Among the attendees was a student in her second year of medical school. For several months she had had an acute pain in her stomach that no one she consulted in the medical field had been able to find or treat successfully. Finding no help in conventional medicine she turned to the alternative world and tried chiropractic, bodywork, acupuncture, nutrition, and hypnosis. None of these avenues helped her either. That left me. I was the end of the line, her last hope.

Healing Catharsis

We got her on a healing table in the first round of the workshop. I assigned three people to work with her and channel healing energy to specific areas in her abdomen and pelvis that I could see were blocked with toxic energy. Within a few minutes of receiving the healing energy her eyes closed and she became very peaceful, but only momentarily. After a brief reprieve the toxic energy in her liver and intestine erupted and she started thrashing about on the table, screaming and sobbing. Her catharsis went on for nearly forty minutes, then her body grew very peaceful again. I could see that she was out of her physical body floating in a brilliant golden light while her physical body was clear of its former toxicity. The session was essentially over.

Sexual Abuse

When she opened her eyes I asked her what she had experienced during the session. She said that at first all she could see was gold light flooding into her body. The Light relaxed her deeply. However, as soon as her defenses were down a sudden rush of terror and rage surged out of her pelvis area. She found herself back at 9 months old being physically abused by her father. Now that it was over I asked her how she felt. She replied that she had never felt as safe and whole as she had when she was floating in the Gold Light at the end of the session. I asked her if she had always been aware of the early childhood abuse. She said that she hadn’t, but had always felt uncomfortable and uneasy around her father without knowing why. I then asked her about her pain. She answered that it was completely gone.

Amazing Weight Loss

I ran into her two days later in the local food coop. She came running over excitedly when she saw me to share that in the two days since the workshop she had lost twelve pounds.

“So you’ve stopped eating and are living on gold light,” I kidded her. “No,” she said. “I’m eating more than ever. How can I be losing weight?”“There’s a simple explanation for that. The abuse you suffered as a baby locked you up emotionally at that age,” I replied. “When you released the toxic emotional energy that had been hidden in your system you unlocked your emotions. That allowed your body to shed your baby fat.”