The Feminine Mistake: Part 3

Gender Role Reversal

With the rise of feminism there has been a steady increase in gender role reversal. Feminism has masculinized women and feminized men. I have several young and beautiful woman friends. They are feminine (as opposed to being feminists) and want to remain that way. They all struggle terribly when it comes to attracting a worthy partner. It’s not that they are shunned and ignored. Quite the reverse. Men approach them all the time. Unfortunately, these “men” attempt to qualify these rare and wonderful women for their income potential or try to get them into bed right away. If my friends aren’t making enough money to satisfy these faux men who want to live off of women they are dumped immediately. If my friends won’t sleep with them they move on and find women who will. These men have no insight into the rare qualities of the women they have rejected. They are blind and foolish. Morons of the highest order. They don’t deserve women of this caliber.


Today’s liberated feminist women are often promiscuous. They want to be like men. Promiscuity, however, comes with a price that is either high or exorbitant. Either way it’s not worth paying. The most obvious consequence of a promiscuous lifestyle are STD’s. Easy to acquire, often impossible to cure. From Herpes to AIDS, it’s not a pretty picture. There are other consequences of promiscuity that are more subtle but no less insidious. A woman takes on the energy and frequency of every partner she has ever slept with. The more sex partners she has the more discordant energies and frequencies she takes on.  Those frequencies do not have a short term shelf life, they are life long toxins. Too many frequencies in your psyche that are not your own lead to emotional instability and psychological disorders.


One of the most important things a woman has to offer a life partner is her virtue. Promiscuity is the opposite of virtue and the downfall of stable, enduring relationships. For those few women who have managed to maintain their femininity and virtue while many of their peers have adopted feminist values and a promiscuous lifestyle, finding a suitable partner is a daunting task. Since so many women have devalued their virtue and embraced a promiscuous lifestyle men no longer have to make a commitment to them in order to have sex. When something is devalued it never lasts. Empty sex with many partners is a poor replacement for emotional fulfillment and lasting happiness.
The Heterosexual Contract

There is an implied heterosexual contract that has guided successful relationships for thousands of years. A woman gives up her power for a man’s love. A man gives his love in exchange for a woman’s power. When that contract works as it should the man will protect, provide, care for and love his wife. The woman will nurture the children, care for her man and sacrifice for the well being of her family. They will be loyal and faithful to each other. The woman’s sacrifices lead her children and husband to love her more. She is indispensable to their lives: to their health, well being and success. The heterosexual contract is based on mutual trust and respect. There is little of that now in our world.

 Healthy Feminine Energy

A society and a nation is only as strong and healthy as the health of the feminine energy in that society. Healthy feminine energy is the basis of the family. It is the guiding and nurturing force in the lives of the young. It is the basis of healthy partnership. It is often the foundation of a man’s success. Healthy feminine energy is loving, nurturing, insightful, unifying and healing. In today’s society that too is sorely lacking. Tragically, it has never been more needed. Feminism is not the answer. It’s a part of the problem.

What do you think. Can we bring back and restore healthy feminine energy before it is too late?