The Feminine Mistake: Part 2

Communism has two major strategies for subverting a culture and destroying a country.

  1. Destroy the family
  2. Separate the people from their spirituality

Feminism was an important part of the communist strategy to destroy the family. With women now putting their careers first and their relationships last it made what relationships they did have more unstable and much more likely to be of a short term, transitory nature. That’s what happens when relationships are overwhelmingly focussed on sexual gratification rather than emotional vulnerability, connection and commitment.

 Soaring Divorce Rate

Since the introduction of feminism the divorce rate has soared to well over fifty percent. For the first time since statistics have been kept the single adult population outnumbers the married population. This represents a serious breakdown in the overall health of the society.

The fallout from these statistics is highly disturbing. More children come from broken homes than ever before. Many young pre school children spend their weekdays in day care. In many cases, they are being raised by the state, another goal of communism.  Who really knows how those children are being programmed and imprinted while they are in daycare? Then they go on to public schools where the process of dumbing them down continues.

The Falling Birth Rate

The birth rate in America is another area of concern. Look at the demographic pyramid of the United States and you see that it is middle heavy. There are more older people in previous generations than younger people in newer generations to replace them. With women abandoning family, motherhood and raising children to find “liberation and fulfillment” in career and upward mobility is it any wonder that the birthrate has plummeted?

Gloria Steinem

Many women in their forties who embraced the feminist path and achieved financial success now find themselves lonely, longing for partnership, marriage and children. Ironically, Gloria Steinem, one the founders of Feminism, married later in life and said she’d never been as happy. I see women advertising on dating sites all the time with pictures of their dogs. The captions invariably read, “my best friend” or “the love of my life.”

 We Need Each Other

Put aside all doctrine and dogma and men and women need each other. That’s the way we’re built and no amount of brainwashing, mind control, and ideology is going to change that. Never  let ideology get in the way of  happiness.

Feminism is bad for relationships, bad for families, bad for children, bad for the country and bad for the future. But it’s good for dogs and the Powers That Be. Now that they’ve seduced women into the marketplace in vast numbers they have created another huge source of taxation and through child care they have a direct avenue to imprint and mind control young, impressionable minds. Think that’s ridiculous? Check out  the McMartin Preschool case here. 


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