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What Did He Do Now?

Every morning I wake up with this question on my lips. What did he do now? That’s the kind of confidence our erstwhile President brings out in me. He was going to deport the bad guys – criminals, murderers, rapists, drug dealers. Instead he’s deported a wife and mother who had been living in America […]

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. Nov. 8, 8 pm est

And the winner is… Robert Wilkinson, astrologer and political analyst returns to discuss the predictions he made 6 months ago regarding the winner of the election for POTUS. Robert will discuss the election results as they unfold in real time. Robert’s analysis is unique and like no other you will hear on any of the […]

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. Nov. 1, 8 pm est

Rheannon Reiss, clinical nutritionist speaks on vaccines, GM foods and drugs. Is this part of a hidden depopulation agenda? Is the system rigged against your health? Join us and find out what’s going down and how to protect your health. Rheannon is a cutting edge clinical nutritionist. This will be a fascinating and important hour. Please […]

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. Oct. 11, 8 pm est

Tuesdays’s guest on the NEXT DIMENSION RADIO show is cutting edge clinical nutritionist Rheannon Reiss. Rheannon will discuss frequency healing: what it is, how it works, and how it affects healing. We will also discuss various illness and nutritional protocols to overcome their harmful effects and restore the body to balance. Listening Instructions To listen […]

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. Sept. 27, 8 pm est

Cutting Edge Clinical Nutritionist on Eating Right for Life 8 pm tonite on THE NEXT DIMENSION radio show. Cutting edge clinical nutritionist Rheannon Reiss on GM foods, vaccines and eating right. Join us for this insightful conversation. Listening Instructions To listen on your computer: go to tunein.com at 8 pm EST. Type BBM in the search […]

Part 2 Amazing Healing Stories

On Tues. Sept 20 at 8 pm EST Alan Mesher will share more amazing healing stories from a 30-year career as an energetic healer. These stories are educational, inspiring, uplifting and elevating. They indicate what is possible. Don’t miss it! If you missed Part 1 last week you can listen to it here. (Show #16 at […]

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. Sept. 13, 8 pm est

Remarkable Transformations Tues night at 8 pm est on THE NEXT DIMENSION RADIO SHOW Alan will share amazing healing stories from his 30yr career as an energetic practitioner. When people’s emotional energies are brought into balance remarkable transformations occur. Don’t miss this fascinating hour! Listening Instructions To listen on your computer: go to tunein.com at […]

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. August 23, 8 pm est

Who are the Jesuits and what is their real agenda? Political Analyst Michael Thomas returns to discuss Hillary’s health issues as well as the hidden role the Jesuits play in American politics and have played in world politics for hundreds of years. Who is the “Black Pope” and what is his role in the globalist […]

THE NEXT DIMENSION Tues. August 16th, 8 pm est

Is It Over? Michael Thomas, political analyst and editor of www.stateofthenation21012.com returns to discuss the presidential race. Is it over? Is Trump done? What are Trump’s connections to Putin and Russia? What about the Clinton Foundation and its possible illicit activities? And what about the number of people who have been murdered after challenging the […]

World War 3: Will it happen? Has already begun?

In 1871 Albert Pike head of the masonic order in the west wrote a letter to Giuseppe Manzini, head of the masonic order in the east. This letter provides the context that allows us to put into perspective what has already begun to happen in the world. It is a very serious document. I have […]