The Power of Letting Go: Part 1

Some time ago I conducted an energy healing workshop at Michigan State University. Among the attendees was a student in her second year of medical school. For several months she had had an acute pain in her stomach that no one she consulted in the medical field had been able to find or treat successfully. Finding no help in conventional medicine she turned to the alternative world and tried chiropractic, bodywork, acupuncture, nutrition, and hypnosis. None of these avenues helped her either. That left me. I was the end of the line, her last hope.

Healing Catharsis

We got her on a healing table in the first round of the workshop. I assigned three people to work with her and channel healing energy to specific areas in her abdomen and pelvis that I could see were blocked with toxic energy. Within a few minutes of receiving the healing energy her eyes closed and she became very peaceful, but only momentarily. After a brief reprieve the toxic energy in her liver and intestine erupted and she started thrashing about on the table, screaming and sobbing. Her catharsis went on for nearly forty minutes, then her body grew very peaceful again. I could see that she was out of her physical body floating in a brilliant golden light while her physical body was clear of its former toxicity. The session was essentially over.

Sexual Abuse

When she opened her eyes I asked her what she had experienced during the session. She said that at first all she could see was gold light flooding into her body. The Light relaxed her deeply. However, as soon as her defenses were down a sudden rush of terror and rage surged out of her pelvis area. She found herself back at 9 months old being physically abused by her father. Now that it was over I asked her how she felt. She replied that she had never felt as safe and whole as she had when she was floating in the Gold Light at the end of the session. I asked her if she had always been aware of the early childhood abuse. She said that she hadn’t, but had always felt uncomfortable and uneasy around her father without knowing why. I then asked her about her pain. She answered that it was completely gone.

Amazing Weight Loss

I ran into her two days later in the local food coop. She came running over excitedly when she saw me to share that in the two days since the workshop she had lost twelve pounds.

“So you’ve stopped eating and are living on gold light,” I kidded her. “No,” she said. “I’m eating more than ever. How can I be losing weight?”“There’s a simple explanation for that. The abuse you suffered as a baby locked you up emotionally at that age,” I replied. “When you released the toxic emotional energy that had been hidden in your system you unlocked your emotions. That allowed your body to shed your baby fat.”