The Feminine Mistake: Part 1

Communism and Feminism

Communism and Feminism have more in common than you might suspect. They are actually branches of the same tree. Communism came to America as a political doctrine of economic class warfare between owners of business and labor; between capitalists and the proletariat class; between rich and poor. The Communist strategy was to use their ideology of class warfare to take over the unions and use them to bring down capitalism.

The problem the Communists encountered in America was twofold. A growing middle class that saw little reason to buy into Communist propaganda and a frontier spirit of individualism that shunned communist collectivism. As the American economy grew and the country became more affluent there was little reason for the American worker to upset a system that paid him a living wage and more. Communism as a doctrine of economic class warfare was going nowhere and communist party leaders knew it.

Their failure to establish a beach head in America led Communist strategists to retool their message and shift their strategy. Instead of economic warfare they promoted gender warfare. Instead of painting capitalism as the enemy, they designated men as the new enemy and women as the new exploited class.

 Betty Freidan

In 1963 Betty Freidan published the Feminine Mystique and the Age of Feminism began. Betty Freidan was a member of the American Communist Party and had been for many years. Her husband was a successful business executive who provided her with all the domestic help she needed, all the creature comforts she desired and a privileged life style. None of that was enough for Ms Freidan. She was a driven, abrasive personality who resented her husband’s success and wanted power and fame in her own right. It was a predicament rife with irony. On one hand, she was given all she wanted, she was well provided and cared for, but on the other her husband was exploiting her. He was now the enemy, as were all men.


Ms Freidan’s message was the spark that lit a forest fire that still rages through the western world nearly fifty years later. Women didn’t need men to be fulfilled. Career, ambition and upward mobility could replace marriage and family. Sexually liberated women could approach sex like many men did. Have multiple partners; be promiscuous; do not get emotionally involved with or committed to any lover.  Do not be emotionally vulnerable. Ever. Eschew the feminine traits of kindness, understanding, bonding, nurturing, and forgiveness as weaknesses. Believe that differences between men and women are the result of socialization, not inherent biological wiring.

Betty Freidan

With the advent of Feminism came consciousness raising sessions and the policy of political correctness. Both of these techniques come right out of the Communist playbook.  In reality “consciousness raising” is a term for brainwashing and mind control. Political correctness is a tool to silence the opposition and suppress the truth. Women have a hive mentality and Feminism was an easy sell. Particularly, when it centered around “empowering” women. But did it?