The Power of Letting Go: Part 2

Letting Go of Anger

The next night I conducted a seminar. When it came time for Q&A the same med school student brought up a new situation that was deeply troubling her. Her grandmother had recently died and left her house to her. She wanted to sell the house to pay for med school. However, her mother, an alcoholic, was living in the house and had just informed her earlier in the day that she had no intention of moving out. The med student was very upset and angry. I told her that she had to let her anger go. She told me indignantly why she could not. I told her again that she needed to let it go. Again she replied that she could not. Look, I told her, if you don’t let it go you’ll just turn yourself inside out, make yourself smaller, and even more unhappy. What’s the point of doing that to yourself? You’ll just lose your power and your center and your ability to create what you want. Nothing is worth that.

With that she broke into tears. After sobbing for a few minutes she reached an important decision. “If my mother won’t move,” she said, “I’ll just have to find another way to pay for med school.” She was no longer reacting emotionally but taking responsibility for her life. She had let go. The clock in the room said 9:12 p.m.

The 9:12 Express

The next morning on the way to the airport I received a call from her. She said that when she got home from the seminar there was a message on her answering machine from her mother agreeing to move so she could sell her grandmother’s house. The time of the message was 9:12 p.m.

The moment she took responsibility for her situation and really let go everything changed and moved in her direction. She was no longer self destructing and giving all her power to her inner victim.

We all have an inner victim. When we allow it to be the power in our life, life will not support us in getting what we want. The inner victim is hurt, self-righteous, wants its way, and intends to retaliate against whoever it decides has hurt us. It thinks it is after justice but it is really after revenge.

Letting go is more than a conscious decision or an act of will. It is actually a deeply emotional event. To let go we must clear the toxic emotions in our body that are at the core of the inner victim’s existence. When the med student broke into tears she was releasing her toxic anger. When she released those emotions her inner victim had no more power to create havoc in her life. What was in her best interests was free to manifest and it did so immediately!

Life Wants to Support Us

Life wants to support us but it cannot until we let go and get out of our own way. To go forward we must first go back. Clean up the past and the future takes care of itself. Ignore your past and the future will repeat it.