Bill Gates, Monsanto and the GM debacle

GMO Investor

Gates Monsanto Investment in GMO Seeds

Bill Gates recently invested approximately twenty seven million dollars in Monsanto stock. Gates feels GMO seeds and crops are the only way to feed the world’s burgeoning population. He wants to see GMO seeds and crops planted throughout Africa, where Monsanto is making a big push. GMO crops are already grown on wildlife and nature refuges in the U.S.

GMO Crops and Sterility

Gates is no fool. I’m sure he’s studied the research and knows that in mice fed GMO crops infant mortality rose hugely in the second generation. By the third generation the males’ testicles had shrunk and they had become sterile. If you want to control the world population feed them GMO foods. If the experimental findings with mice translate to the human population, in the second generation many babies will be stillborn. By the third generation most males will be infertile. GMO foods will reduce the world’s population significantly. Here we have another case of double speak by the PTB. Instead of feeding and sustaining the world’s population GMO foods will reduce the population. By forcing farmers to grow GM foods and consumers to eat GMO foods the PTB will control the world’s food supply and reap huge profits while reducing the world’s population. A perfect double play for the PTB.

GMO and agent orange

Agent Orange

Agent Orange and GM crops

In more GM news, Agent Orange is making a comeback. Originally used in the Vietnam War to defoliate the countryside it also poisoned countless American soldiers and Vietnamese citizens. Now Dow Agroscience has applied to the Dept of Agriculture to spray Agent Orange on GMO corn. Now you will have the opportunity to eat a toxic food topped off with highly toxic pesticide. Lovely!!

Government and Corporate Collusion

Meanwhile the carousel of Monsanto officials inhabiting important government positions keeps on spinning as it has for many years. If you’ve ever doubted government and corporation collusion google Monsanto officials in government. Unless I’m mistaken, that kind of collusion between powerful corporations and government is known as fascism. Monsanto is a prime example of how a corporation uses the federal government to further its goals and policies, in this case the proliferation of GMO crops. Those GMO policies benefit Monsanto, not the citizens of the United States whom the federal government is sworn to protect. Monsanto will grow richer and more powerful in its quest to control the world’s food supply. Americans and everyone else will grow sicker.