Healing the Soul: The Real Art of Letting Go

Some years before the Los Angeles training, I gave a seminar in Virginia on Soul Healing. Among the people in attendance that afternoon was a woman sitting near the front of the room who seemed very uncomfortable in her own skin. As I looked more closely at her from a clairvoyant perspective, I saw that the traumatic events of her last lifetime were visible in her aura. She had died horribly in the Holocaust, burned to death in the furnaces of a concentration camp. This woman was in great need of soul healing.

I began the Soul Healing seminar and talked for a while, but my attention kept being drawn to her. I could see that her unconscious toxicity was ready to “pop” and that her inner being had led her to my soul healing seminar so that she could clear those buried events from her system. I could further see that the manner of her death in her last lifetime had cast a long shadow of fear and terror over her present life and that she knew none of this consciously. Finally, I couldn’t bear her pain anymore. I felt that part of my assignment that day was to free her from her unconscious toxicity through soul healing. So I did the only thing I could think to do. I asked her if she would come up front and lie down on the healing table next to me so I could demonstrate how the soul healing process worked.

She looked all around her, terrified of being singled out and separated from her friends. “Why me?” she asked.
“Because you’re ready for soul healing, and I think you’ll be a very good subject.”

“I don’t feel ready.”

“That’s to be expected. People who are ready are in touch with their fear. Your high level of anxiety just means you’re really ready for soul healing.”

“Well, I’m not so sure of that.”

“I understand. Nobody is ever very sure of anything when they are really ready to let go and undergo soul healing. It sort of feels like the rug is being pulled out from under you and everything in your life is suddenly being turned upside down. But all we’re going to do here is find what you’re ready to let go of and then discharge it. So if you can be a bit brave and take a risk, everything will be fine.”


“I’ll tell you what. If you feel very uncomfortable at any point in the soul healing process, we’ll stop.”



Having a way out convinced her to give soul healing a try. She came up and hesitantly got on the table. I put one hand under the base of her spine, and my other hand under the base of her skull. The energy immediately started flowing out of me into her central nervous system. As I watched the energy flow into her, it surrounded her body with bands of green, blue, gold, and white energy. I could see that the audience was feeling the energy as well. Their restlessness faded away. They became quiet, peaceful, and alert. Within two to three minutes I could tell that Karen was very relaxed. Her eyes closed; her breathing became slow and even. I now moved my hands to her abdomen and her left side where the toxic energy of that terrible death was stored. As I shifted my hands, the soul healing energy flowing from my hands also shifted. It was now a bright, fiery red. Within seconds of the energy shifting, Karen opened her eyes and stared at me in shock.

“It’s Okay,” I said softly, so only she could hear. “Some old stuff from your last life is ready to pop. This is what happens in soul healing. Just make a little sound and it will come pouring out of you.”

“What stuff?” she asked, terrified. I had no chance to respond. With those two words her repressed material came flooding out. She started to cry. Her body shook. She waved her arms and legs frantically, wailed and screamed. After twenty minutes of intense release, her physical movements stopped. Her body became quiet as her system filled with peace. As she shifted from one state of consciousness to another, from a state of cathartic healing to a state of deep peace, the energy going into her changed once more from bright red to pink, lavender, and gold.

I looked out at the audience. The faces in front of me registered fear and terror. “I bet you’re all afraid of getting on the table now.”

They all nodded nervously.

“Soul healing looks pretty dangerous and painful, huh?”

They all nodded again. By this time Karen was back from her experience and had opened her eyes. “Karen, could you tell the people in the audience how you feel?”

“I feel really great. I have never felt as light and peaceful as I feel now.”

“Was it scary and painful to go through that soul healing release?”

“Not at all. I thought it would be, but it wasn’t. Instead, all I could feel was a great sense of relief. I know it probably didn’t look like that, but that is how it felt. It was funny too because once it started happening, I didn’t have any control over it. It just sort of gushed out of me.”

“Did you see any visions or have any insights during the soul healing experience?”

“I just felt like I was being burned alive.”

“Were you afraid?”

“I experienced a brief moment of absolute terror in the beginning, just before that feeling surfaced, but once the feeling of being burned alive surfaced, the sense of terror faded away.”

“Are you still afraid?”

“No. That’s what’s amazing. The fear is completely gone. I feel much lighter than I ever have. What did you see that made you call me up here?”

“I saw that you had been burned to death in your last lifetime, as you correctly felt you had. It was during the Holocaust, and you were incinerated in a concentration camp. That experience was very close to the surface of your being and was ready to be cleared. That’s why I wanted you up here for soul healing. Frankly, it was driving me a bit crazy, and I knew I had to clear it for you before we could go on with the soul healing seminar. I believe you were here today to clear it. How do you react when you see World War Two movies or read about the Holocaust?”

“I’ve never been able to watch anything to do with World War Two or even think about the Holocaust. The thought of it has always tied me up in fear and made me nauseous. Now I know why.”

“It’s always helpful to connect the dots and know why. It’s even better to be free of what has held you back.”

Every time we clear a toxic event from our psyche trough soul healing, we wrest more control and territory away from the negative ego. Each time we clear a toxic event, we expand our light, deepen our inner peace, bring our soul and conscious mind closer to each other, and lead our whole system closer to integration. Facing what we fear and going through some discomfort during the soul healing process is a small price to pay for the freedom to evolve without internal resistance and the joy of becoming the person we were always meant to be.