The Healthy Ego

An Open system

The healthy ego is an open system. It wants to do all it can to help the soul achieve maximum influence in the psyche. The healthy ego is interested in promoting the growth and evolution of the person it serves. It is a true ally and partner in the pursuit of that growth.The healthy ego knows it can accelerate its host’s growth and evolution by merging with the soul and letting the soul be the ultimate authority in the psyche. The healthy ego knows instinctively that when that merger occurs it will strengthen every aspect of the psyche, produce a higher level of systemic integration, and widen its host’s awareness.

A Second Death Experience

The healthy ego also knows that as the evolutionary process goes forward from the Integration Zone and enters the Elevation Zone, it will undergo another upgrade, or death experience. The healthy ego, unlike the negative ego, is not afraid of its own death, because it has died once already when making the transition from the Elimination Zone to the Integration Zone. When it died as the negative ego, the healthy ego was transformed and freed from the chains of unconscious toxicity that bound it in fear and separation.

Seeking Growth

The healthy ego, unlike the negative ego, seeks continued growth and transformation. It understands that as more light enters and integrates the system of its host, the freer and happier it will be. When the ego is upgraded by the influx of spiritual light, all aspects of the individual’s system become freer and brighter. As the ego goes, so goes the individual. The key to personal evolution is to shift the ego toward the pole of the soul and spirit.

The Absence of Fear

The healthy ego is no longer worried about its survival, and no longer dominated by fear. Its goals are no longer antagonistic to the goals of the inner person. Instead, they are the same. The healthy ego is learning to move in harmony with the soul. Where the soul leads, the healthy ego wants to follow.