The Intersection of Humanity and Divinity

A Dual Role

The surrendered ego stands at the intersection of humanity and divinity, knowing that it has a dual role to play. One role is to keep the door between these two realms open. To do this it must maintain its integrity and openness, remaining centered and in acceptance, rather than being pulled in conflicting directions by waves of negative emotion. It cannot afford to take things personally and fall into reactive behavior. Its job is not to get even or yield to the seductive pull of retaliation. Instead, its task is to forgive all transgressions against its person, so that it might remain centered and connected to the Divine. Its high mission is to bring peace, clarity, and balance, wherever, and whenever, it can.

Teacher and Role Model

The other role the surrendered ego plays is that of teacher and example, leading the way for others to find the door to the Divine within themselves. It is not interested, as is the negative ego, in being the only power on the playing field. Instead, the surrendered ego wants everyone to share equally in the Divine power, for that is our true birthright.

Expanding Joy

The surrendered ego knows that once we have discovered who we really are, the most effective way to deepen and expand our experience of our true self is to help other people discover their real self. The surrendered ego knows that we expand our joy when we share our joy.