What Survives the Death of the Body

soul ego

Quan Yin

Karma and Freedom

Not surprisingly, the only significant contribution the negative ego makes that will endure beyond the death of the body is the negative karma it created while it held power. Its legacy is more toxicity that will have to be processed and cleared in other lifetimes. In the time that it is here, the negative ego finds few answers to life and experiences precious little fulfillment. Instead, it tarnishes the soul with its intrigues, contributes to its burdens, causes it to lose its momentum toward the light, and adds to its karmic weight.

The Surrendered Ego

The surrendered ego does just the opposite. It is focused on freedom, knowing that freedom is found only when we move in harmony with the Divine. It realizes that freedom is never strictly an individual or separate phenomenon, but is the result of a union between the individual, his soul, and the Divine. Until the Divine confers its light and power upon us, our experience of our true identity and purpose remains limited to our orientation in time and space, and we will be unable to experience the timeless dimension of our nature. We simply cannot know who we really are when we are only aware of part of ourselves. Without the presence of the Divine in our system, our true identity remains unknown, and we remain unfulfilled.