What Happens When You Lose Your Soul Connection

soul connection

The Crown Jewels

The Internal Void

Greed and desire are born from our loss of our soul connection and the void that loss creates within our psyche. When we lose our soul connection, we lose our ability to be a source of unconditional love. When we lose the ability to be a channel of unconditional love, we no longer know who we are. Greed and desire then become our response to the pain of losing our soul connection.

If we don’t find the one clear voice of our soul connection and true self, we will find ourselves swamped by the many disingenuous voices of our false selves. All these voices clamor for our attention, each one greedily demanding that we give it what it wants. Each voice claims to be our one true voice, the voice of our soul connection and tells us that if we get it what it wants, it will provide the answer to our unhappiness. However, the manifestation of each desire soon becomes another false hope. Since we don’t know how to reclaim our ability to love unconditionally, we cling instead to greed and desire. We will cling to greed and desire until we integrate the physical and supra-physical aspects of our system and regain our soul connection.

Toxicity and Desire

The strength of our desire nature is determined by the degree of toxic emotion in our system. Toxic emotions create internal distance from our real self and deprive us of our soul connection. Once that internal distance exists, most of us will attempt to close it by using desire rather than unconditional love in seeking fulfillment. Of course, this strategy creates the opposite result of what we intended. Instead of leading to fulfillment and soul connection, desire creates more internal distance between who we really are and what we have become.

Desire does not shorten our way home, but will instead, add many unnecessary detours to our journey. While the pursuit of what we desire will not cure our emptiness, it does add to our desperation.