The Healthy Ego & Group Consciousness

The Healthy Ego and Group Consciousness

When we develop a healthy ego, taking things personally, creating a closed system, and playing zero sum games no longer interests us. We now know better. If there’s enough success in the world for you, then there’s also enough for me. Even better, if I am whole and successful, it will be easier for you to be whole and successful. The more wholeness and abundance we both generate, the easier it will be for everyone else to find abundance. When we view reality through the lens of I win/you win, reality expands. A win/win model generates communication, cooperation, and teamwork – all elements of the healthy ego and group consciousness. Whenever a healthy ego and group consciousness exists, peace and order flourish, and economic opportunity expands. For a healthy sense of group consciousness to flourish, everyone who participates in the group must have cleared the toxicity from their system and developed a healthy ego. Otherwise the group consciousness will be shallow, false, and short lived. Instead of leading to peace, it will lead to blame, bitterness, and cynicism.

Zero Sum Reality

When we view reality through the traditional lens of I win/you lose, reality contracts. Without a healthy ego structure there is no group consciousness. Life is war, a series of zero sum games. The traditional win/lose model engenders conflict, misunderstanding, and instability. All we have to do is look at the world of today to realize how entrenched we are in this model of reality.

We can never develop a healthy ego, transform our consciousness or begin to change the world until we address the hidden, negative elements in our own system. Every attempt at transformation and change that fails to address our toxicity will fail to meet its objective.

Refusing to Take Things Personally

The good news is that when we develop a healthy ego and  no longer take things personally, we won’t have to react. Reacting negatively is a choice, not an inevitable occurrence. We react negatively when we feel powerless. That is the lesson Barbara learned when she cleared her toxicity and healed her childhood wounds. Once she realized that she didn’t have to suppress her own needs in order to be loved, she found that standing up for her self was empowering and exhilarating. When she stood up for herself, she stood in her own power and her self-pity vanished. Rather than feeling less than everyone else, she recognized herself as the equal of everyone she encountered. Barbara healed her life and in the process developed a healthy ego. Now she’s ready to find a circle of equals and experience group consciousness.