The Great Secret


The great secret of the surrendered ego is acceptance. It knows that the more it loves unconditionally, the easier it will be to accept whatever situations may come its way. Being in a state of acceptance allows the surrendered ego to remain emotionally centered and connected to the timeless dimension of its nature. As long as the surrendered ego stays in acceptance, it will maintain its connection to the Divine, and the power of the negative will not be able to distract it from its path.

The Channel of Unconditional Love

The surrendered ego further recognizes that when it is in acceptance mode it is both a channel for unconditional love to enter the world and a vehicle for prayers to flow up to the Divine world. Whether Divine energy flows down through the open door of the surrendered ego or prayers flow up through it, the result is the same. Good things happen. We all win when Divine power is brought to bear in the world.