Two Sisters part 4: Personalizing Reality

The Cycle of Personalization

Zero sum games are the end product of the cycle of personalization. This cycle has three phases:

1. We take things personally.

2. We create a closed system where it’s us versus them.

3. We are forced by our own foolishness into playing a zero sum game.
A more intelligent and conscious response would be to avoid the inevitable struggle for power that occurs when we personalize events and to turn inward instead to face the toxic energies in our system that need clearing. When we clear our subconscious of its toxicity, we won’t be as likely to fall back into the instinctive reactive patterns and the closed system that first wounded and then weakened us. We will also have enough strength and lucidity to avoid the traps others may set for us in the hope that we will react to their ploys, and allow them to hurt us.

A Lost Opportunity

What the younger sister failed to realize in creating her closed system is that when we turn another person into a scapegoat, we lose an opportunity to advance our growth and evolution. If we are too scared to face ourselves, we are too scared to grow. If we refuse to face our false self, we will not find our true self. Jealousy and envy are always self-destructive. When someone is jealous, they can never be satisfied, content, or find peace. Their moments of vengeance only provide them with temporary relief. When a person’s system is toxic, nothing brings them peace.

The Relative Nature of Personalizing Reality

Taking things personally, then, is always dangerous to our well-being. We take things personally when we view the world relatively, not as it is, but as it affects our own sense of self. If we permit another person to nega- tively impact our self-worth, we will react to that encroachment very personally. We will become hostile and angry, wishing to hurt them as much as, or more than they hurt us. When we react personally, we start a fresh cycle of internal violence in our lives. That violence might never be translated into action, but it will color our thoughts and influence our feelings. It will increase our stress, release toxic chemicals into our bloodstream, and destroy our peace. When we react personally, we lose our objectivity and clarity. We are no longer detached. Our soul connection is severed. We are more interested in retaliation and vindication than in growth and evolution.