When the Old Order Crumbles

The Final Transformation

Before reaching the final transformation where it merges with the soul, the surrendered ego has already been through two prior transformational cycles. In clearing the toxicity it once contained, the negative ego died and became lighter. In standing up to the many challenges to its integrity, the healthy ego became strong, stable, sure of itself, and capable of containing more inner light. In letting go of attachment and desire, the surrendered ego became brighter, more conscious and powerful. As the surrendered ego quickens in the light and pulls down the Divine power to complete its quickening, it becomes one with the underlying unity of all life and realizes its true identity.

Acts of Grace

The death of the negative ego, and the opening up of the path of light are major acts of grace in the life of the individual. They change everything. Through their auspices the individual undergoes an internal revolution in which the forces of inner darkness are overcome, the ceiling of growth is raised, and the path of personal evolution becomes accessible.