You’re in the Middle of a Covert War

The Real Drug War

A covert war rages around you. If you’re like most people you have no idea it even exists. This is a war for your health, your mental stability and your longevity. The pharmaceutical industry wants every American on prescription drugs. According to a CDC report in 2007-2008 “Over the last 10 years, the percentage of Americans who took at least one prescription drug increased from 44% to 48%. The use of two or more drugs increased from 25% to 31%. The use of five or more drugs increased from 6% to 11%.” That was in 2008. In 20013 the numbers are bound to be much higher. The real drug war is not being fought to get hard drugs off our streets but to get pharmaceutical drugs into our bodies and brains.

The medication of America serves several purposes for the controllers of our country. First, it enriches Big Pharma and enfeebles the population. Second a weak, confused citizenry is far easier to control than a strong, vibrant, clear thinking one. Third, it allows those who control the country’s direction to easily brainwash and control the masses. Once you control the media and have people on drugs it’s child play to influence the subconscious mass mind and steer humanity in the direction you want. Do you think the dumbing down, moral degradation, breakup of the family unit, and increasing social instability of America and much of the rest of the world is accidental? It isn’t. It’s part of an ingenious covert agenda for complete domination.

The Rise of the GM Juggernaut

In addition to the proliferation of drugs, we are also assaulted by the rise and omnipresence of GM foods. These foods provide little nutrition when compared to their organic counterparts. For instance, GM corn has less than 2% of the nutrition of organic corn. GM corn, like virtually all GM seeds, is roundup resistant. This means farmers farmers can spray the heck out of their GM crops with roundup to kill bugs. When you eat a GM food you are also ingesting a high dose of roundup. Glycophosate, the toxic ingredient in roundup kills the healthy bacteria in your gut. In its place the pesticide begins to proliferate. This only increases the chance of  cancer. In a study of rats fed a GM diet, by the the time the rats reached the third generation they could no longer reproduce.

GM foods include soy, corn, canola. These crops are all over 90% GM. Less than 10% is organic. When you buy corn chips in the store, go to a Mexican restaurant, or use soy sauce in your cooking the chances are high you’re ingesting GM soy and corn. Read those ingredient labels in the stores very carefully. Your families health depends on it. GM wheat has also been uncovered growing in Colorado and Oregon. GM foods include zucchini, Hawaiian papaya, sugar beets. Many animals in the food chain are fed a diet of GM grain. Shockingly, many vitamins are made from GM foods. For instance, “Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is often made from corn, vitamin E is usually made from soy. Vitamins A, B2, B6, and B12 may be derived from GMOs as well as vitamin D and vitamin K may have “carriers” derived from GM corn sources, such as starch, glucose, and maltodextrin.”

Connceting the Dots

You add drugs and GM foods to fluoride in the water supply, barium, aluminum and many other heavy metals in the chemtrails that litter the skies and then connect the dots. When you do the covert war on our health becomes obvious. If you’re not informed and eating as organically as possible you run the risk of becoming another statistic.


If you haven’t yet read my books I urge you to consider doing so. They are the result of thirty years of private practice as an energetic healer. While they are not about nutrition, they are about freeing yourself and your mind from the toxic influences that exist inside and outside of you. These books are designed with the express intention of helping you elevate your life. There’s no better or more important time for you to embark on this most necessary endeavor than now.  A war is raging for control of your mind and your life. That war starts with the attempt to control your mind. If you just yawn and do nothing to help yourself you lose and the world loses. We all count. No one can change the world by themselves, but together we can certainly do so. The hidden power in your mind and soul is far beyond what you believe possible. You have been lead to believe that you have little power to change anything in your life and that the future is completely beyond your grasp. The best then that you can do is endure, watch TV and divert yourself with empty forms of entertainment, recreational drugs and meaningless sex. These beliefs have been instilled in the mass consciousness to control you and disempower you. My books will show you a far different truth based on the reality of your real power. They will inspire, educate, encourage, and elevate as well as entertain you. They will show you how to overcome and free yourself from false truths and emotional wounds. You will find THE SILENT STEPS OF GRACE and JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? at Order now and you will get a signed copy with a personal inscription.

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