The Path Begins in Darkness

negative emotions

Fighting Our Way Into the Light

There is no obvious, straight, or clear road through the dim maze and negative emotions of the subconscious. We fight our way into the light by challenging the dark and hidden forces inside us. When we finally challenge our inner darkness, we begin to forge our real path. That path does not begin until we face our darkness.

Where We Begin

We start where we feel anxiety, fear, discomfort, grief, sadness, rage, or pain. We start with our most prominent, obvious, and available negative emotions. Those negative emotions are the triggers that will help us unlock the door sealing our toxicity from our conscious mind. If we continue to feel and express those negative emotions until they become mobile and rise to meet our conscious mind, we will defeat the hidden toxic events they conceal.

Mobilizing Negative Emotions

We mobilize our toxicity by feeling our negative emotions as intensely as we can, then giving them a sound that expresses those feelings. That sound may be a guttural Urhhh!, or an Oohh!, or a string of curses. It really doesn’t matter what the sound is as long as it conveys our repressed feelings. By consciously expressing those negative emotions, we will eventually reach the stream of unconscious toxicity that lies behind them. When that toxic stream surfaces, we will no longer have to consciously force the process because those negative emotions will surge through us, and we will feel and express them with unexpected intensity. When that happens, the toxic events associated with the expression of those negative emotions will be released from our system.