The False Path


Meditating Monk

The Trap

The path that starts in the light, stays in the light, and ends in the light, never finds the bright light of the soul. We don’t evolve by avoiding our darkness. We evolve by facing our darkness, and face it we must. We can’t go up and elevate our life if we are unwilling to go down and eliminate our toxicity. When we clear our darkness we create more room for the light of our soul to shine brightly in our lives. Unconscious toxicity is the fuel of conscious growth.

If we try to “stay” in the light and avoid facing the darkness of our unconscious toxicity, we will not grow further. Our light will not burn brighter, and we will be unable to build the bridge to our soul. We might gain a method to reduce daily stress but not a means to elevate our life. Without clearing our toxic content, we cannot open ourselves to our soul or integrate the higher facets of our nature into our life in any cohesive way. Conquering our inner darkness is the secret to finding our path, our identity, our soul and our purpose.

The Playground Bully

Since the negative ego is rooted in unconscious toxicity and draws its strength from our repressed shame, clearing the toxic shame from our system will deprive the ego of its heavyweight status in the psyche. It will no longer be the playground bully, using fear to bind us in the darkness and suppress the superior voice of the soul. Of course, the negative ego does not fall easily, nor does it fall all at once. That would be far too easy. Usually, we must process several layers of unconscious toxicity before the negative ego begins to lose its strength. Nevertheless, every layer and toxic experience we clear diminishes the power the negative ego has over us until that power is fully deflated.

Defeating the negative ego is a goal that often evades the grasp of dedicated people, who have pursued their growth and spiritual development for years. Much of that failure is not due to lack of effort, level of commitment, or degree of consistent application, but rather to the use of inadequate methods that do not go deep enough, reach far enough, or have enough power to provide the desired results.