The Secret Laws of the Shadow: Part 4

The Purpose of Life

The real purpose of life is to heal ourselves so we may realize who we are at highest level of our being. While this may sound like a simple task the truth is that the fulfillment of this purpose is anything but simple and the time required to reach this goal is anything but short. The fulfillment of this purpose takes hundreds of lifetimes.

Soul Age

While we are all at different physical ages we are also all at different soul ages. See the work of Holly Coleman for a more complete discussion on this fascinating topic.  Soul ages range from infant, baby, young, mature, to old. Each age has seven levels. Seventh level Old Souls are those closest to Self-realization.

Old Souls

The entire Old Soul level makes up no more than 12 to 13% of the world’s population. Seventh level Old Souls are even rarer, making up no more than 1/7th of that 12 to 13%, or approximately 1.85% of the world’s population. Since the soul age of most people on the planet is heavily bunched in the young and early mature brackets our society embodies the values of young and early mature souls. Image and personal success are more important than healing, compassion and service. Old Souls often feel estranged from the conventional world around them because the prevailing societal values are not in alignment with their own.


Regardless of  soul age we can do much to heal our lives, move forward in our growth, and accelerate our evolutionary process. However, if we choose to live our life within the constraints of conventional values and not work to heal our inner landscape our progress will be virtually undetectable. Our shadow will act as a drag on our progress and both the level of success we hoped to experience and the degree of consciousness we wished to attain will remain beyond our reach. Denial of destiny is the fourth secret law of the shadow. As long as the shadow remains intact the negative ego continues to be the dominant player in the psyche and the soul is excluded from having an uplifting impact in our life. When the soul is excluded from participation in our life there can be no healing or movement toward Self- realization.

However, once we decide to transform ourselves we are in position to change our life. The first task of transformation is to tackle the shadow. We do this in a fourfold process:

• First, we must find the hidden traumas in our subconscious.

• Second, we must face them.

• Third, we must feel and express the toxic emotions hidden in our bodies.

• Fourth, we must forgive those who have hurt us as well as ourselves.

When we are able to take all four steps we heal that piece of karma and deactivate that part of our shadow. This process must be repeated for each layer of our karma.

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Medieval Europe

Sam came to a lecture I gave at Michigan State University. At the end of the lecture I channeled healing energy to everyone in the audience to facilitate their healing. Two weeks later I received a call from Sam. He said that he had definitely felt something the night of the lecture and wanted to see if I might be able to help him heal his life over the phone. For many years he had experienced an acute pain in his back that no form of medicine or therapy had been able to alleviate. He had tried conventional medicine, chiropractic, rolfing, physical therapy, and massage. Nothing had worked. We scheduled a session for the next week. When he called I began by sending the healing energy over the phone to relax him and within a few minutes he was deeply relaxed. As the healing light circulated in his body I was able to see the blocked energy in his back and the cause of it. In another life in medieval Europe he had been a soldier. During a battle he had been run through with a broadsword.

I knew that as soon as I told him what I had seen it would elicit a powerful reaction in him. It did. Just mentioning the word broadsword touched the hidden emotions that were stored in his back. He wailed uncontrollably for the rest of that session as his toxicity  poured out of him. At the end of the session he reported that he was burning up, his clothing was soaking wet, and for the first time in more than a decade he had no pain in his back. The healing had begun.

We did a follow up session a week later. The pain had never come back, he was experiencing more peace than he had ever thought possible, and he was even an inch taller!

When I told him about that medieval life we had found the source of his problem. The healing energy pouring through his system had brought the first three steps of the healing cycle together at the same moment. He found the source of his pain, faced it, and felt it simultaneously. By clearing it completely out of his system he had also achieved forgiveness and completion. Healing the shadow often produces miracles, freeing us to have a deeper, richer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Sam did.