The Moment of Transformation


Opening the Door

Opening the door to our subconscious toxicity may in the beginning prove to be a bit more difficult than we might imagine. After all, we are dealing with the realm of the irrational, the obscure, and the hidden. It is not a realm that most of us are used to dealing with. Its currents are unpredictable and uncertain. The subconscious as a rule does not yield its secrets easily or surrender them on demand. Rather, it laughs at and mocks the conscious affirmations we make asserting we have overcome our subconscious resistance and disarmed our fear, shame, and guilt. The subconscious knows that the toxicity buried in its vaults cannot be disarmed or controlled by the assertions of our conscious mind. We can’t wish ourselves out of the clutches of our toxicity, but with diligent effort we can bring our toxicity to the gates of the conscious mind. The arrival of unconscious toxicity at the doors of the conscious mind is the moment of transformation. While that moment may elicit our deepest fears, facing those fears leads to the integration of the physical and supra-physical aspects of our system.

 Entering the Shadow World

Our initial attempts to enter the shadow world of the subconscious often reveal a formidable opponent who is skilled at hiding and excels in resisting detection. A few screams, kicks, and knocks in the hopes of unleashing a torrent of buried emotion are not always going to be enough to open the barriers separating the conscious mind from the subconscious. Persistence and determination are important qualities to bring to the fight for clarity.

Do not forget that the negative ego’s intention is to hide our pain from us. It invariably exceeds its mandate by hiding itself in our repressed toxicity as well. The secret to the negative ego’s longevity is our fear of facing what we fear most. Our resistance to facing those fears keeps fear alive, increases the negative ego’s authority in our lives, and prevents us from integrating our system. Whenever fear is present and remains unchallenged, the negative ego avoids exposure and maintains its dominion.