Our Multidimensional Nature

surrendered ego

Neem Karoli Baba

The Surrendered Soul and Identity

The connection with the soul, of course, is the basis of the surrendered ego’s identity. Because it is conscious of its Divine connection, the surrendered ego knows that it is both a part of all that is and one with all that is at the same time. The surrendered ego, then, is aware that it is the gate to our multidimensional nature. It encompasses the individual and the universal, the temporal and the eternal, the mortal and the immortal, and the finite and the infinite. It speaks to us through our intuition. It is no longer empty, unhappy, and unfulfilled. It has no further need of desire and is free of desires and compulsions. Armed with its ability to love life and accept whatever happens in life, the surrendered ego is sustained by its conscious connection to the Divine. That connection is also the basis of our intuition.

Exclusivity and the Divine Condition

The Divine energy is not at all exclusive. It is available to everyone equally. However, in order to receive the energy of the Divine into our system, we must be ready to hold its power, and must be conscious and whole enough to use that power in a responsible and purposeful manner. If we do not meet the Divine’s criteria, the Divine power will not merge with us. Paramahansa Yogananda, the great Indian spiritual teacher, put it this way. “When He shall be sure that nothing else will claim you, then He will come.” The Divine, after all, created the game of life, and to succeed in life we must play by His rules, not ours. The sooner we understand those rules, the sooner we will be ready to succeed. The main rule in the game of life is clear and simple. The Divine is not exclusive. It is merely our lack of consciousness and intuition that separates us from the Divine. The only barriers between the Divine and the person we are meant to be are those we ourselves erect.

A Quantum Leap

When we succeed in connecting with the Divine, the higher energy of that connection will change our experience and heighten our intuition. This represents a quantum leap forward in our consciousness. It raises our energy, sharpens our acuity, deepens our peace, extends our intuition, and reveals our purpose. Union with the Divine also softens our edges and improves our sense of humor. It may come as a surprise, considering the overly serious and pious nature of most religions, but the Divine is happy and joyful. If more of us took the time to discover who we really were, the world would be a much happier and safer place. The epidemic of imbalance and toxicity that plagues the planet would be over.