Women in Combat

women in combat

Combat and Targeted Killing

On January 23 Obama announced a new policy that will allow women in combat roles. This is insane. First, Obama came out with a new edict saying that American citizens can be the object of targeted killing. Now he says women  in combat is an idea whose time has come. It’s now time for women in combat to kill the enemy, just like men have always done. Well, men and women are inherently different. Both their physiology and psychology are different. Their brains are different. Their hearts are different. And their reproductive systems are obviously different. According to a female psycho-biologist women speak 22,000 to 23,000 words a day. Men only 6,000. Yet feminists insist, over and over again, that all differences between men and women are due to “socialization”.  That’s their mantra and by God, they’re sticking to it.



Why would anyone believe such obvious disinformation and spurious propangada? The answer: Millions of deluded people with NO common sense.   It illustrates how easy it is to brainwash and mind-control vast swatches of the population. Women in combat? Come on Pres. Obama and Sec. of Defense Panetta. Targeting American citizens to be killed and allowing women in combat to kill or be killed? Whatever happened to common sense, honor and the moral high ground? That’s why the world always looked up to America in the past. Now the world despises America. They see us as bullies and terrorists. The days of honor, morality and doing the right thing seem sadly behind us. And our answer is to allow women in combat?

Here’s a great article on why women should NOT be in combat.