Sean’s Amazing Story

Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo

Sean’s Hidden Slave Past

Several years ago when my office was in Austin, Texas, I had a client named Sean whom I only saw once. Sean came because his girlfriend had paid for his session in advance and he hated to waste money. Otherwise, he would never have come. He was quite clear on that point.
When Sean’s session began, I placed one hand under the base of his spine and my other hand under the base of his skull. As the energy coming through my hands flooded Sean’s central nervous system, his eyes opened wide, and he stared at a fixed point on the ceiling. After a long moment of intense concentration, he closed his eyes. He sighed, his face turned ashen gray, and he began to shake his head slowly from side to side. After a few moments, he began shaking all over. Several more minutes passed, and he began to sob. He sobbed for a long time, his sobs becoming deeper and more anguished as he became immersed in his repressed and unconscious toxicity. Finally the sobbing stopped, and Sean’s body began to vibrate from the top of his head right down to the soles of his feet. He vibrated intensely for several minutes then suddenly became ice cold.

It was the middle of summer, but I had to put two heavy blankets over him. The blankets did little good. The cold was coming out of him, ancient, dead energies that had been frozen in his soul a long time ago. He needed to “thaw out” before those old energies would be cleared completely from his system. The freezing and the shaking continued. After a while longer, he came back to normal consciousness and opened his eyes. He was gray, exhausted, and still quite cold. I gave him more time to get his bearings and then asked him what he had experienced.
He said that when he opened his eyes shortly after the session began, he saw a stream of white light flowing from his forehead, culminating in a white cross on the ceiling. The cross was there for only a moment. When it disappeared, he closed his eyes again. No sooner had he closed his eyes than he found himself in another lifetime that was quite foreign to him and to which he could not relate.

Sean had seen himself as a slave in ancient Egypt, one of thousands pulling stones slowly across the desert. He was in a long line of slaves pulling a thick rope attached to a large stone. There were many overseers keeping the slaves organized and working at full capacity. If a slave appeared to weaken or give less than his full effort, an overseer would pull him out of the line and whip him, often quite severely. Many slaves were whipped to death.

As Sean watched the scenes unfolding in his mind’s eye, an angry overseer pulled a woman out of her place in the line of slaves just ahead of him. He whipped her until her blood stained the sand around her feet. She collapsed and soon died. Sean distinctly remembered showing no emotion at the time of her death. He knew that if he were to show emotion, he would bring the overseer down on him, and he would suffer a similar fate. So he bottled whatever emotion he felt at the death of this woman and continued to pull the rock along the sand with the other slaves in his contingent as if nothing had happened.

Now that he had released the emotion frozen in his soul more than twenty-five hundred years ago, he knew without a doubt that the dead woman had been his wife. The fact that his grief was more than two thousand years late was not important now. The only thing that mattered was that he was finally able to feel his ancient wounding and free himself from it’s dominance in his life.

Sean’s Unconscious Governing Beliefs

The legacy of that ancient experience had been a heavy karmic anchor in Sean’s subconscious and had chained him to failure and obscurity in his present life. That karmic anchor contained two unconscious beliefs that controlled his life. The first unconscious belief was the notion that if you loved someone they would die, as his wife had died in ancient Egypt. The second unconscious belief was the notion that it was dangerous to be seen by those in power in the light of day. If you stayed out of sight you would avoid punishment and survive. In alignment with his unconscious governing beliefs, yet without any conscious knowledge of those beliefs, Sean found employment as a bartender, working in the shadows of a darkened bar, and indulged in a series of one-night stands that were meaningless, devoid of love, and went nowhere. In terms of his unconscious governing beliefs, Sean was successful. He wasn’t seen and he stayed alive. He didn’t love anyone, and no one died. Of course, his success at staying alive and having no emotional connection with anyone held no conscious satisfaction for him so he took recreational drugs daily to mask his pain. While he had no conscious awareness about his predicament, he was the prisoner of unconscious governing beliefs more than two millennia old.

Within a few months of releasing the trauma and grief of that lifetime, Sean’s life totally changed. He was freed from living under the spell of his unconscious governing beliefs. He got a sales job with a prestigious high-tech company, gave up drugs and meaningless sex, and be- came engaged to a wonderful girl he cared for deeply. By clearing one ancient lifetime from his system about which he had had absolutely no awareness, Sean was able to elevate his life in a very fast, yet natural way and gain his freedom from the past.

The only irony was that the girl he fell in love with and was engaged to was not the girl who had payed for his session.

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