The Death Pulse

Forty Eight Hours

I’m in Austin Tx for a few days. I lived here in the 1980’s and have many dear friends from that era in my life. Over the weekend I had a long lunch with Dr. Alan Berman, a brilliant doctor who has been very involved in Chinese medicine for many years. He told me an interesting story about one of the many pulses a trained acupuncturist and herbalist can read on the inside of a patient’s wrist. This particular pulse is called the death pulse and it only appears forty-eight hours before a person dies. His teacher  told him this story. The teacher had a patient who came in to see him on a monthly basis to maintain his health. This patient was a successful businessman who was very healthy and blessed with great vitality. When this patient came to his doctor, the doctor read the businessman’s pulses. On this occasion there was a pulse that the doctor had never seen with this particular patient – the death pulse.


The doctor asked his patient how he was feeling. The patient answered that he was feeling great. The doctor then asked the man if was planning to travel soon. The businessman answered that he was flying to Okinawa the next day. The doctor continued with his treatment. The next day the businessman left for Okinawa. The plane crashed and the businessman died in the wreckage. What we can postulate from this story  is that the coming crash was in the businessman’s energy field at least 24 hours before the crash, and probably much longer than that. How else can we account for the presence of the death pulse? It had never been there before in any of the businessman’s prior consultations with the  doctor.

Enlightened Knowledge

Another thing we can postulate  is that the businessman knew he was about to die on a deep, subtle layer of his soul, but that his conscious mind was unable to access the information. It is said that an enlightened being knows the hour of his death. The story of the death pulse suggests that we all know the hour of our death but since we are not as conscious as an enlightened being we are not in touch with the information or able to access that information.       I