Another Horrific Mass Killing

Another horrific mass killing of children in our schools. Lives altered and destroyed forever. Every heart in America goes out to grieving parents and families, lost lives and lost potential that will never be realized.

Another socially maladjusted, MEDICATED, brilliant mass murderer. A young man kills his mother and 26 children and teachers. The toll is not final. The count could still rise. Could this be another act of psychological terror perpetrated on the American public so close to Christmas?

People all over this country are feeling traumatized, powerless and in despair over another senseless act of great violence. This is a time when the public is most vulnerable. This is a time when common sense and sound judgment recede. The calls for gun control have started and will only continue. Action is demanded.This is another example of the PRS strategy. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Problem: Too much seemingly random killing. Too many children killed. Reaction: The public demands a response from the gov’t to ensure its safety. Solution: The government may well create legislation to take guns out of its citizens hands. When the guns are gone implementing martial law is a simple matter. 9/11 ushered in the Patriot Act and shredded our rights and libery. What will happen now?

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